USA Wrestling NCAA Div. 1 Rankings

Ranked On: 11/27/2001
Ranked By: Wrestling Report

COMMENTARY: Top 20 Teams
Minnesota begins the season as the odds on favorite to repeat as NCAA tournament champions. The Golden Gophers are talented and deep, however, Iímm sure coach Robinson will be disappointed if a few of his men donítt make the NCAA finals this year! Jack Spates has the Sooners of Oklahoma U. ready for prime time. OUíss second ten might also be ranked in the top 20. Michigan just can’t wait to show off their prized recruits from the past few yearsótthey are young, hungry and not intimidated. Oklahoma State signed the nationíss top two recruits during the early period, but they have enough firepower to make lots of noise while they develop. Word out of Columbus says Ohio State is also thinking about ten All-Americans this year, hey, they are tough from top to bottom. Iowa had to reload five starters, but should move up as the year progresses since they have that “Hawkeye Attitude.” Iowa State will ride the backs of their two stars hoping some of their supporting cast develop into top 8 by March. Illinois is in a similar situation as the Cyclones, returning some top front-line guys. The University of Pennsylvania from the Ivy League makes their earliest appearance in the top 10 and also received commitments from two stellar recruits. Rounding out the top 10 from the Eastern Wrestling League is Lock Haven fresh off their upset of Lehigh on their home mats.
Teams to watch: Northern Iowa- vvery solid throughout line-up, Missouri- team really coming together; great job by coach Smith, West Virginia-young guns developing quickly.
Teams ready to make a move: VA Tech, Hofstra, Rider, Cleveland State.

TOP 20 [Team (Conf.) -- #top 20 ranked]
1-Minnesota (Big 10) ñ 10
2-Oklahoma U (Big 12) -- 8
3-Michigan (Big 10) ñ 9
4-Oklahoma State (Big 12) ñ 7
5-Ohio State (Big 10) ñ 9
6-Iowa (Big 10) ñ 8
7-Iowa State (Big 12) ñ 6
8-Illinois (Big 10) ñ 5
9-Univ. of Penn (EIWA/IVY) ñ 7
10-Lock Haven (EWL) ñ 5
11-Lehigh (EIWA) ñ 6
12-Arizona State (PAC 10) ñ 7
13-Nebraska (Big 12) ñ 5
14-Northern Iowa (West Regional) ñ 5
15-West Virginia (EWL) ñ 8
16-Missouri (Big 12) ñ 6
17-Purdue (Big 10) -- 5
18-Oregon State (PAC 10) ñ 5
19-Oregon (PAC 10) ñ 4
20-Indiana (Big 10) -- 4

COMMENTARY: Top 20 Individuals
Several strong performances from newcomers have spiced-up the early season tournaments, specifically, wins by Purdueíss Chris Fleeger, VA Tech’s David Hoffman, UPenn’s Matt Feast and Iowa’s Steve Mocco have college wrestling fans buzzing. Feast will entertain Mocco at The Palestra this Friday, Nov 30thóaa dual being netcast by Fresno State is still trying to secure a 6th year for AA Hwt Billy Blunt, while Cal Poly’s Cedric Haymon, ranked most of the last year at 149, has dropped to 141 and may have an impact there. Lehigh’s Rob Rohn has looked real sharp in defeating two top 15 wrestlers and appears to have shaken the nagging injuries that plagued him a year ago.

1-Stephen Abas, Fresno State
2-LeRoy Vega, Minn.
3-A.J. Grant, Michigan
4-Matt Ridings, Oklahoma
5-Ben Vombaur, Boise State
6-Jason Powell, Nebraska
7-Chris Fleeger, Purdue
8-Trap McCormack, Lock Haven
9-Greg Schaefer, Indiana
10-Mason Lenhard, UPenn
11-Sklar Holman, Oklahoma State
12-Mario Stuart, Lehigh
13-Shawn Williams, Oregon
14-Luke Eustice, Iowa
15-Tony Black, Wisconsin
16-Tom Noto, Hofstra
17-Rocco Mansueto, Cleveland State
18-Ricky LaForge, West Virginia
19-Mark Bader, Missouri
20-Mike May, Pitt

1-Johnny Thompson, Oklahoma State
2-Witt Durden, Oklahoma
3-David Douglas, Arizona State
4-Kevin Black, Wisconsin
5-Zach Roberson, Iowa State
6-Jeff Ratliff, Ohio State
7-Ryan Lewis, Minn.
8-Foley Dowd, Michigan
9-Derrick Hayes, Fresno State
10-Nathan Navarro, Oregon State
11-Travis Drake, Appalachian State
12-Cory Ace, Edinboro
13-Rad Martinez, Clarion
14-Marc Juergens, Iowa
15-Josh Moore, Penn State
16-Kelly McConnville, Wyoming
17-Chad Hay, Illinois
18-David Hoffman, VA Tech
19-Brandon Lauer, West Virginia
20-Shawn Amistade, Pitt

1-Eric Larkin, Arizona State
2-Mark Conley, Navy
3-Chad Erickson, Minn.
4-Sean Gray, VA Tech
5-Mike Maney. Lock Haven
6-Robert Sessley, Ohio State
7-Clark Forward, Michigan
8-Cedric Haymon, Cal Poly
9-Shane Cunanan, West Virginia
10-Aaron Holker, Iowa State
11-Jason Mester, Central Mich.
12-Gabe Vigil, Boise State
13-Coyte Cooper, Indiana
14-Luke Moffitt, Iowa
15-Brian Watson, Oregon
16-Grant Hoerr, Wisconsin
17-John Giacche, NíWWestern
18-Ralph Lopez, Fresno State
19-Dylan Long, Northern Iowa
20-Scott Moore, Penn State


1-Mike Zadick, Iowa
2-JaMarr Billman, Lock Haven
3-Jared Lawrence, Minn.
4-Jared Fryer, Oklahoma
5-Mike Kulczycki, Michigan
6-Keaton Anderson, Ohio State
7-Billy Maldanado, Iowa State
8-Jesse Jantzen, Harvard
9-Jon Mark Bentley, Oklahoma State
10-Marc Hoffer, American
11-Ryan Berger, Illinois
12-Collin Robertson, Boise State
13-Jeremy Spates, Missouri
14-Karl Nadolsky, Mich. State
15-Jake Percival, Ohio U.
16-Billy Smith, West Virginia
17-Scott Frohardt, Air Force
18-Jody Guiricich/Joe Henson, UPenn
19-Jason DeBruin, Hofstra
20-Greg Austin, Rutgers


1-Bryan Snyder, Nebraska
2-Shane Roller, Oklahoma State
3-Luke Becker, Minn.
4-Yoshi Nakamura, UPenn
5-Scott Owen, Northern Iowa
6-Griff Powell, Illinois
7-Coug Cieleski, Oklahoma
8-Josh Janson, Ohio State
9-Rocky Smart, Arizona State
10-Gray Maynard, Mich. State
11-Ryan Bertin, Michigan
12-Joe Carr, West Virginia
13-Matt Anderson, Iowa
14-Derek Jenkins, Rider
15-Adam Britt, VMI
16-Dave Bolyard, Central Mich.
17-Drew Kelly, Northern Iowa
18-Clovis Crane, Purdue
19-Ryan Smith, Ohio U
20-Jason Gilligan, Lock Haven


1-Joe Heskett, Iowa State
2-Matt Lackey, Illinois
3-Tyrone Lewis, Oklahoma State
4-Chris Vitale, Lehigh
5-Robbie Waller, Oklahoma
6-Noel Thompson, Hofstra
7-Charles Martelli, Michigan
8-Tyrone Woodley, Missouri
9-Johnny Clark, Ohio State
10-Carl Fronhofer, Pitt
11-John Hardy, Minn.
12-Tony Denke, Nebraska
13-Nick Frost, Arizona State
14-Eugene Harris, Oregon
15-Nate Lawrenz, Northern Iowa
16-Dave Guarino, Buffalo
17-Jed Pennell, Oregon State
18-Tom McMath, West Virginia
19-Josh Henson, UPenn
20-Pierre Pryor, NC State

1-Josh Koscheck, Edinboro
2-Otto Olson, Michigan
3-Rick Springman, UPenn
4-Jacob Volkman, Minn.
5-Jim Stanec, Cornell
6-Nathan Coy, Oregon State
7-Greg Jones, West Virginia
8-John Kopnisky, Missouri
9-Michael Barger, Oklahoma
10-Ty Wilcox, Oklahoma State
11-Jeff Rusak, Old Dominion
12-Tyler Nixt, Iowa
13-Matt Erwin, VMI
14-Ryan Lange, Purdue
15-Greg Parker, Princeton
16-Luke Moore, Ohio U
17-Gerald Harris, Cleveland State
18-Curtis Owen, Arizona State
19-Ryan Hieber, Ohio State
20-Brad Dillon, Lehigh


1-Josh Lambrecht, Oklahoma
2-Viktor Sveda, Indiana
3-Andy Hrovat, Michigan
4-Rob Rohn, Lehigh
5-Damian Hahn, Minn.
6-Travis Pascoe, Nebraska
7-Kyle Hanson, Northern Iowa
8-Jessman Smith, Iowa
9-Pat Popolizio, Oklahoma State
10-Scott Justus, VA Tech
11-Jeremy Wilson, Portland St.
12-Austen Palmer, Iowa State
13-Dan Stine, Pitt
14-Anton Talamantes, Ohio State
15-Tom Tanis, Rutgers
16-Clint Wattenberg, Cornell
17-Isaac Webber, Oregon State
18-Jake Stork, Maryland
19-Tom Ciezki, NíWWestern
20-Mark Becks, Penn State


1-Cael Sanderson, Iowa Sate
2-Jon Trenge, Lehigh
3-Owen Elzen, Minn.
4-Nick Preston, Ohio State
5-Dave Shunamon, Edinboro
6-Erik Gladish, Arizona State
7-Justin Ruiz, Nebraska
8-Ty Matthews, Indiana
9-Nik Fekete, Mich. State
10-Scott Barker, Missouri
11-Matt Huebner, NíWWestern
12-Dave Sandberg, Pitt
13-Jon Bush, Purdue
14-Eric Mausser, Clarion
15-Sean Stender, Northern Iowa
16-Avery Zerkle, Lock Haven
17-Michael Faust, UPenn
18-Matt Greenberg, Cornell
19-Greg Sawyer, Rider
20-Brent Miller, West Virginia


1-John Lockhart, Illinois
2-Leonce Crump, Oklahoma
3-Tom Rowlands, Ohio State
4-Garrett Lowney, Minn.
5-Matt Brink, Michigan
6-Jake Vercelli, Purdue
7-Steve Mocco, Iowa
8-John Testa, Clarion
9-Russ Davie, Cleveland Sate
10-Dawid Rechul, Harvard
11-Paul Hynek, Northern Iowa
12-Eric Webb, Oregon
13-Shawn Laughlin, Lehigh
14-Kellan Fluckiger, Arizona State
15-Matt Feast, UPenn
16-Kevin Hoy, Air Force
17-Ryan Kehler, West Virginia
18-Jason Cooley, Oregon State
19-Kevin Herron, Missouri
20-Bronson Ligamfelter, Brown