USA Wrestling Greco-Roman seeds re...

Greco-Roman seeds released for World Team Trials Challenge Tournament

By USA Wrestling | May 16, 2022, 5:56 p.m. (ET)

Cohlton Schultz tosses an opponent.

Below are the seeds in Greco-Roman for the World Team Trials Challenge tournament as determined by the seeding committee on Monday, May 16.

The Club/RTC affiliations will be updated as needed prior to the competition.

Seed/First Name/Last Name/Club

55 kg
1 Max Nowry Army (WCAP)
2 Brady Koontz Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
3 Dalton Duffield Army (WCAP)
4 Drew West Illinois
5 Jacob Cochran NMU-National Training Center
6 Camden Russell MWC Wrestling Academy
7 Jakason Burks MWC Wrestling Academy
8 Cole Smith Army (WCAP)
9 Jonathan Gurule NMU-National Training Center
10 Dominic Robertson All Navy Wrestling

60 kg
1 Dalton Roberts Army (WCAP)
2 Ildar Hafizov Army (WCAP)
3 Dylan Koontz Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
4 Randon Miranda Rise RTC
5 Max Black Colorado
6 Mitchell Brown Air Force Regional Training Center
7 Phillip Moomey Spartan Combat RTC

63 kg
1 Sammy Jones New York Athletic Club
2 Jesse Thielke Army (WCAP)
3 Mason Carzino-Hartshorn West Coast Greco RTC
4 David Stepanian New York Athletic Club
5 Corbin Nirschl MWC Wrestling Academy
6 We Rachal Illinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC
7 Aidan Nutter New York Athletic Club
8 Logan Savvy New York Athletic Club
9 Ty Lydic Knights Wrestling Club
10 Diego Romero Florida

67 kg
1 Alejandro Sancho Army (WCAP)
2 Alston Nutter Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
3 Lenny Merkin New York Athletic Club
4 Peyton Omania New York Athletic Club
5 Nathan Moore Northern Colorado Wrestling Club
6 Morgan Flaharty New York Athletic Club
7 Jessy Williams Spartan Combat RTC

72 kg
1 Patrick Smith Pinnacle Wrestling Club
2 Benjamin Peak Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
3 Michael Hooker Army (WCAP)
4 Jamel Johnson Marines
5 Brody Olson NMU-National Training Center
6 Eddie Smith Pickaxe Wrestling Club
7 Ryan Wheeler Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club
8 Noah Wachsmuth COBRA ALL-STARS / Cobra Wrestling Systems LLC

77 kg
1 RaVaughn Perkins New York Athletic Club
2 Jesse Porter New York Athletic Club
3 Kamal Bey Army (WCAP)
4 Britton Holmes Army (WCAP)
5 Alec Ortiz Minnesota Storm
6 Payton Jacobson Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
7 Tyler Eischens California Regional Training Center (CA RTC)
8 Fritz Schierl Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
9 Jack Ervien, Jr. Viking Wrestling Club (IA)

82 kg

1 Ben Provisor New York Athletic Club
2 Spencer Woods Army (WCAP)
3 Tyler Cunningham MWC Wrestling Academy
4 Ryan Epps Minnesota Storm
5 Tommy Brackett Tennessee
6 Ben Lee Viking Wrestling Club (IA)

87 kg
1 Alan Vera New York Athletic Club
2 Timothy Young Illinois
3 George Sikes New York Athletic Club
4 Tyler Hannah Combat W.C. School of Wrestling
5 Christian DuLaney Minnesota Storm
6 Austin Craig All Navy Wrestling

97 kg
1 Nicholas Boykin Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
2 Braxton Amos Wisconsin Regional Training Center
3 Lucas Sheridan Army (WCAP)
4 Khymba Johnson New York Athletic Club
5 Haydn Maley Beaver Dam Wrestling Regional Training Center
6 Guy Patron Dubuque Wrestling Club
7 Brady Vogel Dubuque Wrestling Club
8 Chad Porter Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
9 Timothy Eubanks Nevada

130 kg
1 Cohlton Schultz Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
2 Tanner Farmer New York Athletic Club
3 West Cathcart New York Athletic Club
4 David Tate Orndorff Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
5 Courtney Freeman Marines
6 Kaleb Reeves Iowa
7 Ronald Dombkowski Bad Karma Wrestling Club
8 Tom Foote New York Athletic Club