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5 things to know about the Captains' Cup draft on Jan. 23

By Titan Mercury Wrestling Club | Jan. 16, 2021, 6:53 p.m. (ET)

The women’s freestyle Captains’ Cup, held on Feb 13-14 and broadcast live on FloWrestling, is poised to be biggest Senior-level women’s dual meet competition in recent history. Developed through the partnership between USA Wrestling, FloWrestling and Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, the Captains’ Cup will feature six U.S. teams battling for the team title. How teams will be decided will be determined by next week’s draft, which will be broadcast by FloWrestling on Saturday, Jan. 23. Prior to next week’s draft, here are 5 things you will want to know about the draft.

#1: Captains will draft in a snake draft. There are a total of 30 available spots on the line, with 5 of the spots being drafted per Olympic weight: 50kg, 53kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, and 76kg. The captain with the highest wrestling accolades will earn the first draft pick and the order will continue in the format listed below. The draft itself will be held virtually and each captain will be able to select any weight that want to begin with until their team is completed.


Snake Draft

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Captain #1

1st pick

12th pick

13th pick

24th pick

25th pick

Captain #2

2nd pick

11th pick

14th pick

23rd pick

26th pick

Captain #3

3rd pick

10th pick

15th pick

22nd pick

27th pick

Captain #4

4th pick

9th pick

16th pick

21st pick

28th pick

Captain #5

5th pick

8th pick

17th pick

20th pick

29th pick

Captain #6

6th pick

7th pick

18th pick

19th pick

30th pick


#2: Captains will be competing in the duals. So far, World Champions Tamyra Mensah-Stock and Jacarra Winchester of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club have committed to being captains. World silver medalist Sarah Hildebrandt of the NYAC and World Team member Kayla Miracle from Sunkist Kids will also serve as captains. The position for the two remaining captains will be finalized early next week.


#3: Captains and draft eligible wrestlers will be featured on the draft show. During the virtual draft, all captains will be asked to give insights into why they chose who they drafted. Along with the captains, several drafted wrestlers will be on the show to discuss their excitement of being part of the Captains’ Cup.


#4: Many veterans and the future of USA will be on display at the Captains’ Cup. The six captains will be drawing from a pool of over 50 draft-eligible wrestlers to make their teams. Some of those athletes include former World Team members, National Team members and World medalists at all age divisions. Some key names signed up for the draft are Whitney Conder, Alyssa Lampe, Jenna Burkett, Mallory Velte and Victoria Francis. They will be joined by up-and-coming stars such as age group World champions Emily Shilson and Ronna Heaton, along with two-time Senior National champion Precious Bell and many more.


#5: With 6 weights in the duals, every point matters. As the captains draft their wrestlers, they will need to be very strategic in their picks. Once teams are selected every single point in the competition will count. The six teams will be slotted into pools of three and will cross bracket for the medal rounds. If we learned anything from the RTC Cup, it was that many of the duals team points came down to criteria in which the team wins were split 3-3 and moved down to the next criteria, which is classification points. As we prepare for the Captains’ Cup, more information will be released on the point classification and dual meet scoring.


Don’t miss the Captains’ Cup draft on Jan. 23 live on FloWrestling.