USA Wrestling Martin beats Lujan t...

Martin beats Lujan to win FloWrestling 195-pound 8-Man Challenge and pocket $20,000 first-place prize money

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 31, 2020, 10:48 p.m. (ET)

Myles Martin takes down Taylor Lujan in the finals of the Flo 8-Man 195-Pound Challenge and wins $20,000 first prize. Photo by Sam Janicki.

AUSTIN, Texas – Myles Martin scored three first-period takedowns, and added two second-period takedowns for a 10-0 technical fall over Taylor Lujan in the finals to secure the FloWrestling 8-Man 195-pound Challenge on Saturday night

Martin received $20,000 for the victory, with $10,000 to Lujan. More than $40,000 was awarded in the 195-pound bracket, an exciting new concept which Flowrestling launched to celebrate Halloween.

“I felt good. My weight was under control. I feel I can jump more levels. This wasn’t my best, but I wrestled really well, so who cares,” said Martin in his post-event interview with Mike Malinconico.

Martin was in control of both of his bottom half-bracket bouts. He opened with an 8-0 decision over Drew Foster in his opening match, then won the key positions in a 5-2 semifinal win over Nate Jackson.

Lujan was the unexpected winner of the top half-bracket. In his first match, he trailed Gabe Dean 8-0, when he stepped over a gut wrench and secured a pin on the edge. He also showed great poise in the semifinals, winning the key scrambles to defeat 2013 World Team member and Pitt head coach Keith Gavin, 7-2.

In the third-place bout, Nate Jackson scored three takedowns to defeat Keith Gavin, 6-2. Jackson secured $5,000 and Gavin won $2,500.

Losing in the first round, and leaving with $1,000 were Drew Foster, Gabe Dean, Shakur Rasheed and Sammy Brooks. Two women’s matches were held, with Macey Kilty and Emily Shilson winning their bouts. (Click for women’s match story).


First Place Match – Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) tech. fall Taylor Lujan (Panther WC), 10-0, 4:08

Martin quickly hit an arm drag takedown to lead 2-0. Martin followed with a head-outside leg attack for another takedown to lead 4-0 in the first 45 seconds. Martin hit a deep double, Lujan hit a strong chest wrap, but Martin kept going and secured the finish to lead 6-0.

In the second period, a Martin re-attack led to another takedown and an 8-0 lead. A Martin double leg takedown closed the door to make it 10-0 with just 1:52 left in the period.

Third Place Match – Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 6-2

Jackson scored a quick leg attack takedown to lead 2-0. Next, Jackson secured a high single leg takedown to lead 4-0. Gavin almost got behind on an arm drag late in the period, but the score remained 4-0 at the break.

Gavin got in on a leg attack, but Jackson grabbed a cradle and ended up with takedown and a 6-0 lead. With 50 seconds left, Gavin forced a caution and one (fleeing call) against Jackson to close it to 6-1. Another step out forced by Gavin with 25 seconds left made it 6-2. Jackson held position for the 6-2 win.

Semifinal – Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC), 5-2

Jackson hit an explosive double leg, which Martin somehow avoided getting taken down. Martin also had a good attack which did not finish. Jackson was put on the shot clock with 1:00 to go, and he was unable to score, giving Martin a 1-0 lead, which was the score at the break.

Jackson took a double leg shot, which Martin did a re-shot and secured a takedown for a 3-0 lead. From the edge of the mat, during a Jackson attack, Martin secured another leg attack takedown for a 5-0 lead. Jackson kept coming and secured a takedown with a few seconds left, but it was not enough, with Martin winning 5-2.

Semifinal –Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 9-2

A quick, clean single leg takedown for Lujan gave him a 2-0 in the first 30 seconds of the bout. Lujan countered Gavin as he tried to get a big finish to a takedown from a tripod, which became a Lujan tilt and a 4-0 lead. No other points were scored in the first period.

Gavin hit his slick, tricky takedown attempt but was unable to finish it in a scramble, with Lujan ultimately getting behind him for a takedown and a 6-0 lead. Gavin’s corner challenged, but it was denied, making it 7-0 with 90 seconds left. Gavin scored two on a chest lock to make it 7-2. Lujan scored a last second takedown for a 9-2 decision.

Quarterfinal - Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Shakur Rasheed (Rare Breed), 9-7

Rasheed opened with a high crotch takedown to lead 2-0, and added another takedown after Gavin was unable to score on a counter for a 4-0 lead. Gavin hit a tricky attack for a slick takedown, but Rasheed was able to get the reversal to lead 5-2 at the break.

In the second period, after a Rasheed shot, Gavin hit a head pinch for two points, then nailed two high gut wrenches to lead 8-5. Rasheed’s corner challenged, which was denied, making it 9-5. Rasheed hit a far side duck under closes it to 9-7 with about one minute left. Rasheed was unable to get a final takedown and Gavin came out with a two-point victory

Quarterfinal - Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) pin Gabe Dean (Spartan Combat RTC), 3:58

Dean opened scoring by hitting a double-leg takedown to lead 2-0, then tilted Lujan, followed by a gut wrench to make it 6-0 with 1:21 left in the first period. Dean blocked a nice Lujan shot that end up a stalemate, and the first period ended 6-0.

Dean secured a spin behind counter takedown to make it 8-0 early in the period. Dean tried to close it out with a gut wrench, but Lujan stepped over and caught him on his back, and pinned him on the edge of the mat. It was a complete turnaround from a few weeks ago when Dean scored a 10-0 technical fall over Lujan on his way to the national title.

Quarterfinal - Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC) tech. fall Sammy Brooks (Hawkeye WC), 11-1, 2:56

Jackson opened with a quick takedown for a 2-0 lead. Jackson was able to secure a side bodylock and converted to a takedown for a 4-0 lead. Jackson continued controlling position, getting Brooks off balance for another bodylock takedown, making it 6-0. Jackson next nailed a blast double for an 8-0 lead with 1:00 to go in the period. Jackson secured a step out during an attack to make it 9-0, but his corner challenged, asking for a takedown. The lost challenge made it 9-1. Jackson came back immediately with a double leg takedown with 4 seconds left for the 11-1 technical fall.

Quarterfinal - Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Drew Foster (Panther WC), 8-0

The first two points went to Martin on a nice exchange, with a Martin attack, Foster re-attack, counter spin behind by Martin for the takedown. Martin once again re-attacked for a takedown to make it 4-0, which held until the break.

Foster had a nice leg attack early in the second period, but Martin was able to counter and come out on top for a 6-0 lead. Martin added another counter spin behing to make it 8-0 with about 30 seconds left. No more scoring occurred.

At Austin, Texas, October 31

Finals - Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) tech. fall Taylor Lujan (Panther WC), 10-0, 4:08
*** Martin receives $20,000, Lujan receives $10,000

Third Place - Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 6-2
*** Jackson receives $5,000, Gavin receives $2,500

Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) dec. Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC), 9-2
Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Nate Jackson (New Jersey RTC), 5-2


Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Shakur Rasheed (Rare Breed), 9-7
Taylor Lujan (Panther WC) pin Gabe Dean (Spartan Combat RTC), 3:58
Nate Jackson (NJRTC) tech. fall Sammy Brooks (Hawkeye WC), 11-1, 2:56
Myles Martin (Ohio RTC) dec. Drew Foster (Panther WC), 8-0
*** Rasheed, Dean, Brooks, Foster each receive $1,000