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USA Wrestling Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals girls high school field includes 56 nationally ranked stars

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 23, 2020, 3:40 p.m. (ET)

No. 1 ranked Samara Chavez of Texas, shown at the 2019 Girls Folkstyle Nationals, will be competing at the Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa next week. Photo by Dana Strange, Wrestling Texas

The USA Wrestling Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals is developing into one of the best events of the year for high school girls. Set for next weekend in Des Moines, Iowa, the girls high school field features 56 athletes who were ranked in the National Girls High School Preseason Rankings.

This event will play an important part in determining the next Girls High School Rankings, set to be announced in November.

No. 1 ranked wrestlers in the field include Samara Chavez of Texas, entered at 112 and Olivia Brown of Oklahoma, competing at 200.

No. 2 ranked wrestlers who are registered are Montana Delawder of Pennsylvania (competing at 127), London Houston of Washington (competing at 132), Brittyn Corbishley of Texas (competing at 180), Eliana Bommarito of Michigan (competing at 200) and Hannah Francis of Texas (ranked at 225, but competing at 200).

Every weight class has at least one ranked wrestlers. Two weight classes have seven ranked athletes in their draw, 127 pounds and 152 pounds.

The only weight with a No. 1 and No. 2 is at 200 pounds. Olivia Brown of Oklahoma is No. 1 and Eliana Bommarito of Michigan is at No. 2 at 200 pounds. Also in the weight is Hannah Francis of Texas, ranked No. 2 at 225, but wrestling at 200 next week.

The tournament has reached its capacity, a sell-out in the girls high school division for the first time in this event.

This event will be broadcast live by Trackwrestling. Click here to order Brian Keck Memorial Preseason Nationals broadcast.

Nationally Ranked Girls High School wrestlers entered in the Brian Keck Preseason Nationals

100 pounds

No. 6 at 100 - Morgan Johnson, sophomore, Greeley, Colo., Loveland High School
No. 13 at 100 - Olivia DeGeorgio, junior, Conroe, Texas, Woodlands College Park High

106 pounds
No. 3 at 112 - Faith Cole, junior, Pacific, Mo., Wildwood High School
No. 14 at 106 - Torie Buchanan, junior, West Terre Haute, Ind. West Vigo High School 
No. 23 at 100 - Brittany Cotter, senior, Texas, Mortan Ranch High School
No. 24 at 100 - Riley Banyas, sophomore, Amherst, Ohio, Elyria High School

112 pounds
No. 1 at 112 - Samara Chavez, senior, Arlington, Texas, Arlington Martin High School
No. 4 at 106 - Nyla Valencia, junior, Morgan Hill, Calif., Ann Sobrato High School
No. 7 at 112 - Shea Reisel, junior, Somonauk, Ill. Somonauk High School
No. 12 at 106 - Alexis Miller, senior, Wagoner, Okla., Wagoner High School
No. 19 at 106 - Caitlyn Kelley, sophomore, Florence, Wis. Florence High School 
No. 22 at 112 - Paige Denke, senior, Rapid City, S.D., Stevens High School

117 pounds
No. 12 at 122 - Alyssa Randles, sophomore, Couer d’Alene, Idaho, Couer d’Alene High School
No. 13 at 112 - Salyna Shotwell, senior, Puyallup, Wash., Rogers High School
No. 17 at 112 - Rose Ann Marshall, senior, Stoughton, Wis., Stoughton High School
No. 24 at 117 - Aireaana Gavere, sophomore, Northfield, Minn. Northfield High School

122 pounds
No. 3 at 117 - Charlotte Kouyamtijian, senior, Porterville, Calif., Monache High School
No. 13 at 117 - Shelby Moore, sophomore, Buckley, Wash., White River High School
No. 15 at 112 - Kailey Rees, junior, Orlando, Fla., Freedom High School
No. 18 at 127 - Sydney Harper, senior, Hurst, Texas, Euless Trinity High School
No. 19 at 117 - Iyazely Barraza, senior, Othello, Wash., Othello High School
No. 23 at 117 - Esther Levendusky, senior, Avon, N.Y., Avon-Geneseo High School

127 pounds
No. 2 at 127 - Montana Delawder, senior, Gettysburg, Pa., Gettysburg High School
No. 9 at 127 - Nonnie Justice, senior, Harrisonville, Mo., Harrisonville High School
No. 9 at 132 - Madyson Gray, junior, Lawrence, Kan., Lawrence Free State High School
No. 12 at 112 - Adrienna Turner, senior, Davis, Calif., Davis High School
No. 13 at 127 - Sylvia Pierce, senior, Lasalle, Mich., Bedford High School
No. 19 at 127 - Aubrey Yauger, junior, Burleson, Texas, Centennial High School
No. 20 at 127 - Lauren Walton, freshman, Lexington, Ky., Carr Academy

132 pounds
No. 2 at 132 - London Houston, senior, Federal Way, Wash., Federal Way High School
No. 3 at 127 - Devin Patton, senior, Plano, Texas, Coppell High School
No. 7 at 132 - Hanna Errthum, sophomore, Mount Horeb, Wis. Mt. Horeb High School
No. 11 at 132 - Yele Aycock, senior, Gallup, N.M., Miyamura High School
No. 13 at 122 - Janida Garcia, sophomore, Lathrop, Calif., Lathrop High School
No. 21 at 122 - Ruby Rios, sophomore, Toppenish, Wash., Toppenish High School

138 pounds
No. 10 at 127 - Savannah Cosme, junior, Denver, Colo., Chatfield High School 
No. 12 at 138 - Alicia Pieper, senior, Waterford, Mich. Waterford Ketterning High School
No. 13 at 138 - Madison Sandquist, senior, Humble, Texas, Kingwood Park High School 
No. 15 at 122 - Elise Rose, senior, Marysville, Kan., Maryville High School
No. 17 at 138 - Marissa Jimenez, junior, Caldwell, Idaho, Caldwell High School
No. 23 at 138 - Celina Cooke, junior, Sparks, Nev., Reed High School

144 pounds
No. 3 at 132 - Maddie Kubicki, sophomore, Kansas City, Mo., Park Hill South High School

152 pounds
No. 5 at 144 - Leilani Hernandez, senior, Coppel, Texas, Plano West High School
No. 8 at 152 - Hannah Thompson, senior, Burlington, Ky., Cooper High School
No. 11 at 152 - Shannon Workinger, junior, Quincy, Wash., Quincy High School
No. 12 at 164 - Maggie Graham, sophomore, Bartlett, Tenn., Bartlett High School
No. 21 at 152 - Maritza Gallegos, senior, Salem, Mich. Salem High School
No. 23 at 152 - Brynn Green, sophomore, Howell, Mich., Howell High School
No. 25 at 144 - Rose Cassioppi, senior, Hononegah, Ill., Hononegah High School

164 pounds
No. 6 at 152 - Katelyn Lewis, junior, Peshtigo, Wis., Peshtigo High School

180 pounds
No. 2 at 180 - Brittyn Corbishley, senior, The Woodlands, Texas, College Park High School
No. 7 at 180 - Jayleen Sekona, senior, Anchorage, Alaska, South Anchorage High School
No. 8 at 180 - Sabrina Nauss, freshman, Brighton, Mich., Brighton High School

200 pounds
No. 1 at 200 - Olivia Brown, senior, Tulsa, Okla., Broken Arrow High School
No. 2 at 200 - Eliana Bommarito, junior, Brighton Mich. Hartland High School
No. 2 at 225 - Hannah Francis, senior, Coppell, Texas, Coppell High School