USA Wrestling #GrecoMonday: Which ...

#GrecoMonday: Which U23 and UWW Junior Nationals place winners are affiliated with D1 colleges

By Mike Willis, USA Wrestling | Nov. 23, 2020, 6:40 p.m. (ET)

Feature photo of Penn’s Jake Hendricks courtesy of Sam Janicki. Hendricks won the Junior division and placed runner-up in the U23 division.

Earlier this month, the U23 and UWW Junior Nationals took place in Omaha, Nebraska, in all three international styles. While many Greco-Roman wrestlers forego the Division 1 college route, a number of them juggle Greco aspirations while wrestling folkstyle almost full-time at the highest level. Below, check out which D1 college affiliated wrestlers placed in Omaha.


55 kg
2nd – Brendon Garcia (Wyoming)

60 kg
1st – Taylor LaMont (Utah Valley)

63 kg
1st – Dylan Gregerson (Utah Valley RTC only)
3rd – Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State)
4th – Jackson Renicker (Michigan State)
5th – Clay Carlson (South Dakota State)
7th – Matt Santos (Michigan State)

67 kg
1st – Peyton Omania (Michigan State)
3rd – Lenny Merkin (Princeton)
6th – Thomas Lisher (Little Rock)

72 kg
5th – Seth Vosters (Wisconsin)

77 kg
2nd – Tyler Dow (Wisconsin)
4th – Augustine Garcia (Cal Bakersfield)
5th – Fritz Schierl (Ohio State)
7th - Jack Ervien, Jr. (Campbell)

82 kg
2nd – Jake Hendricks (UPenn)

87 kg
1st – Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)
4th – Bear Hughes (Little Rock)

130 kg
2nd – Zach Schrader (Cal Baptist)


55 kg
1st – Connor Knopick (Committed to Iowa State)
4th – Andrew Chambal (Michigan State)
5th – Eric Barnett (Wisconsin)

60 kg
1st – Chayse LaJoie (Cornell)
3rd – Keegan Slyter (Little Rock)
5th – Jordan Hamdan (Michigan State)
7th – Caleb Gross (South Dakota State)

63 kg
6th – Austin Keal (Little Rock)

77 kg
2nd - Jack Ervien (Campbell)
3rd - Guillermo Escobedo (Wyoming)

82 kg
1st- Jake Hendricks (UPenn)

87 kg
4th – Zane Davis (Little Rock)

97 kg
1st – Isaac Trumble (NC State)

130 kg
1st – Spencer Trenary (South Dakota State)
2nd - Josiah Hill (Little Rock)
7th - Caspian Grabowski (Little Rock)