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#FreestyleFriday: UWW Junior and U23 Nationals champions by RTC

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | Nov. 20, 2020, 4:51 p.m. (ET)

Photo of Will Lewan (Cliff Keen RTC). Photo by Tony Rotundo,

Hundreds of athletes gathered for the UWW Junior and U23 Nationals, which were held in Omaha, Nebraska, last weekend. The large majority of participants were college athletes, representing their school’s Regional Training Center.

Several RTCs came away with multiple freestyle champions across the Junior and U23 divisions, including Cliff Keen WC (3), Tiger Style RTC (3), Cyclone RTC (2), Oklahoma RTC (2), Panther Train RTC (2) and Pennsylvania RTC (2). Additionally, the Tiger Style, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania RTCs each had an additional finalist on the weekend.

Below is a list of champions by RTC.

*denotes U23 athletes that have finished their NCAA eligibility.

Cliff Keen Wrestling Club (Univ. of Michigan)
• Will Lewan, U23 champion at 70 kg
• Youssif Hemida, U23 champion at 125 kg*
• Dylan Ragusin, Junior champion at 57 kg

Tiger Style RTC (Univ. of Missouri)
• Brock Mauller, U23 champion at 65 kg
• Joshua Edmond, Junior champion at 65 kg
• Keegan O’Toole, Junior champion at 70 kg

Cyclone RTC (Iowa State)
• Ramazan Attasauov, U23 champion at 57 kg
• Joel Shapiro, Junior champion at 86 kg

Oklahoma RTC (Univ. of Oklahoma)
• Jake Woodley, U23 champion at 92 kg
• Joshua Heindselman, Junior champion at 125 kg

Panther Train RTC (Northern Iowa)
• Taylor Lujan, U23 champion at 86 kg*
• Tyrell Gordon, Junior champion at 97 kg

Pennsylvania RTC (Univ. of Penn & Drexel Univ.)
• David McFadden, U23 champion at 79 kg*
• Michael O’Malley, Junior champion at 79 kg

Central Coast RTC (Cal Poly)
• Bernie Truax, Junior champion at 74 kg

Cowboy RTC (Oklahoma State)
• AJ Ferrari, Junior champion at 92 kg

Gopher WC RTC (Univ. of Minnesota)
• Mitchell McKee, U23 champion at 61 kg*

Jackrabbit WC (South Dakota State)
• Tanner Sloan, U23 champion at 97 kg

Nebraska WTC (Univ. of Nebraska)
• Ridge Lovett, Junior champion at 61 kg

Wisconsin RTC (Univ. of Wisconsin)
• Evan Wick, U23 champion at 74 kg