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USA Wrestling launches “Featured Event of the Week,” highlighting sanctioned event opportunities for members

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Nov. 20, 2020, 11:34 a.m. (ET)

Photo from the 2020 USA Wrestling National Clubs Cup by Stacy Schiesl.

Next week, USA Wrestling will launch a “Featured Event of the Week” article on its website, highlighting an event which is providing opportunity for wrestlers to compete within the next two weeks. This will appear on Monday afternoons moving forward.

With the current pandemic limiting options for wrestlers to compete, USA Wrestling seeks to inform its members of possible competitions which might meet their needs at this time.

The featured event each week, which will be held two weekends after the article (to allow people to plan to attend), will be selected based upon the following factors:
* Availability for participants from other states to attend
* Multiple age divisions included
* Competition for boys and girls (and/or men and women)
* Commitment to using USA Wrestling’s Return to Events protocols and procedures
* An event graphic or event flyer which will allow for a nice promotional image for the article
* Within their event plan, space for more athletes to enter (it can not be already full in regard to entries)

Based upon this information, an event will be selected and highlighted. It is not required that all of the factors are included, but the decision will be based upon the ability to provide opportunity for more people to participate.

Information on other USA Wrestling sanctioned events during that specific weekend will also be included.

USA Wrestling will email sanctioned event directors each Friday, asking them to respond if they would like their event to be considered for this regular feature.

USA Wrestling will continue to post its list of sanctioned events for the next three months each Monday morning, highlighting all of the competitive opportunities being provided on the state and local levels for wrestlers to compete within the USA Wrestling program.