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Ikei, Guerin, Figueroa, Kilty among big winners at UWW Junior Women’s Nationals finals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Nov. 13, 2020, 7:35 p.m. (ET)

Tiare Ikei takes down Felicity Taylor in the 53 kg finals. Photo by Mark Lundy, LutteLens.

OMAHA, Neb. – Two returning UWW Junior National champions were able to repeat, and one was defeated in the finals, in the women’s freestyle division at the UWW Junior Nationals on Friday night.

The returning champions earning victories were Cameron Guerin of the Titan Mercury WC at 57 kg and Macey Kilty of the Sunkist Kids at 62 kg.

Guerin defeated 2020 Senior Nationals runner-up Xochitl Mota-Pettis in the finals. The match was close, tied at 2-2 at the break and 3-3 early in the second period. Guerin countered Mota-Pettis on the edge to get four points, and when the Mota-Pettis corner challenged, it was denied, making it 8-3. Although Guerin was hobbled a bit with a leg injury, she held on for the victory. Guerin is a two-time Junior World Team member.

In a battle of Wisconsin natives, Macey Kilty, a five-time age-group World medalist, stopped high school star Kylie Welker, 8-2. The match was tied at 2-2 at the break, but Kilty kept up her low single leg attack and was able to turn Welker on the mat in the second period. Kilty is a member of Senior National team, while Welker, a 2019 Cadet World bronze medalist is ranked No. 1 in the nation on the high school level.

Knocking off a returning champion was five-time age-group World Team member Gracie Figueroa of the Titan Mercury WC, who beat 2019 UWW Junior Nationals champion Michaela Beck of the Sunkist Kids, 4-2. Figueroa was leading 2-1 in the second period, when she iced the win with an ankle pick takedown. Beck was 2018 Senior Nationals runner-up.

The Outstanding Wrestler was 2019 Senior Nationals champion Tiare Ikei of the Titan Mercury WC, who scored a 12-1 technical fall over college national champion and 2019 U23 World Team member Felicity Taylor of the McKendree Bearcat WC. Ikei, a U.S. Olympic Training Center resident athlete, was dominant on her feet throughout the bout. The 53 kg weight class was one of the deepest in quality within the tournament.

Claiming the UWW Junior National title at 50 kg was 2018 Cadet World and Youth Olympic Games champion Emily Shilson of the Titan Mercury WC, who stopped tough high school star Salyna Shotwell of the Ford Dynasty WC, 4-2. Shotwell led 2-0 on an early takedown, but Shilson added two of her own for the win.

Four of the other finals ended with technical falls from Nanea Estrella of the American Falls WC at 55 kg, Marisol Nugent of the Lehigh Valley WC at 65 kg, Kennedy Blades of Wyoming Seminary at 72 kg and Tristan Kelly of Colorado Mesa WC at 76 kg.

Estrella, the 2020 Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award winner, defeated Vayle Baker of the Twin Cities RTC) 11-0. Nugent got her offense untracked in a 14-3 technical fall over Katerina Lange of the Twin Cities RTC, 14-3. Blades, a 2019 Cadet World Team member and a No. ranked high school wrestler, stopped college All-American Joye Levendusky of the McKendree Bearcat WC, 11-0. In a battle of tough college wrestlers, Kelly beat Yelena Makoyed of the Cardinal WC, 10-0.

Winning a five-athlete round robin at 68 kg with a 4-0 record was Alexis Gomez of the Grand View WC, who won all of her bouts by technical fall, including a 10-0 win over runner-up Leilani Hernandez of the Texas Pride WC.

At Omaha, Neb., November 13

UWW Junior Women’s freestyle results

50 kg
1st- Emily Shilson (TMWC/Twin Cities RTC) dec. Salyna Shotwell (FordDynastyWrestlingClub), 4-2
3rd - Ava Bayless (Wyoming Seminary) pin Ashley Gooman (Warrior WC), 1:53
5th - Samara Chavez (Spartan Mat Club) pin Anja Tschohl (Colorado Mesa WC), 2:03
7th - Sydney Petzinger (Unattached) pin Emma Cochran (Grand View WC), 5:51

53 kg
1st - Tiare Ikei (TMWC) tech. fall Felicity Taylor (McKendree Bearcat WC), 12-1, 4:02
3rd - Alleida Martinez (TMWC) dec. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa WC), 3-2
5th - Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC) dec. Sophia Mirabella (Team Tornado WC), 4-2
7th - Melanie Mendoza (Team Tornado WC) pin Emalie Olson (Greater Heights Wrestling), 0:39

55 kg
1st - Nanea Estrella (American Falls WC) tech. fall Vayle Baker (Twin Cities RTC), 11-0, 4:48
3rd - Isabella Amaro (All-Phase WC) tech. fall Asia Nguyen-Smith (Cardinal WC), 10-0 2:42
5th - Claire Dicugno (Takedown Express WC) pin Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Twin Cities RTC), 2:08
7th - Grace Pauls (Unattached) pin Nanen Aguilar CO (Colorado Mesa WC), 1:18

57 kg –
1st - Cameron Guerin (TMWC) dec. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC), 8-3
3rd - Emily Se (Lion WC) pin Mia Macaluso (Unattached), 12-6 3:19
5th - Karoline Ortiz (Missouri Baptist WC) dec.Tatum Pine (Choker Wrestling Club), 6-0
7th - Mea Mohler (Spartan Mat Club) tech. fall Jamae Barnes (Colorado Mesa WC), 10-0 1:05

59 kg
1st - Gracie Figueroa (TMWC) dec. Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids), 4-2
3rd - Jordan Suarez (Texas Panhandle WC) dec. Tiera Jimerson (Northview High School Wrestling), 5-0
5th - Phoenix Dubose (Team Tornado WC) dec. Paige Respicio (Warrior WC), 3-0
7th - Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Warrior WC) tech. fall Amor Tuttle MN (Twin Cities RTC), 12-1, 3:22

62 kg –
1st - Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy) dec, Kylie Welker (Higher Level Wrestling), 8-2
3rd - Chloe Ogden (Lake Highland Prep) dec. Kendall Bostelman (Wyoming Seminary), 13-4
5th - Emmily Patneaud (McKendree Bearcat WC) dec. Liana Souza (Unattached), 11-4
7th - Sara Schmoker (Lions WC) pin Julia Padilla (Lion WC), 5:07

65 kg
1st - Marisol Nugent (Lehigh Valley WC) tech. fall Katerina Lange (Twin Cities RTC), 14-3, 2:09
3rd - Brianna Csontos (TMWC) pin Viktorya Torres (Team Tornado WC), 2:16
5th - Piper Staniford (Wyoming Seminary) tech fall Ellisa Jimenez (TMWC), 11-0 1:33
7th - Emma Cole (Unattached) pin Madeline Frick (Colorado Mesa WC), 0:46

68 kg
1st - Alexis Gomez (Grand View WC)
2nd - Leilani Hernandez (Texas Pride WC)
3rd - Aaliyah Fisher (Bronco WC)
4th - Julia Lhotellier (Lion WC)
5th - Jacqueline Carreras (Bronco WC)
Round robin results
Fisher dec. Lhotellier, 6-6
Gomez tech Carreras, 10-0 0:23
Hernandez pin Fisher, 2:05
Lhotellier pin Carreras, 1:16
Hernandez pin Carreras, 0:14
Gomez tech Lhotellier, 10-0, 0:54
Gomez tech. Hernandez, 11-0, 1:35
Fisher tech. Carreras, 10-0, 0:37
Hernandez tech. Lhotellier, 10-0, 1:08
Gomez tech Fisher, 10-0, 1:20

72 kg 
1st - Kennedy Blades (Wyoming Seminary) tech. fall Joye Levendusky (McKendree Bearcat WC), 11-0, 4:21
3rd - Marlynne Deede (Twin Cities RTC) dec. Gianna Anaya (Lion WC), 7-2
5th - Caylee Collins (Colorado Mesa WC) dec. Destynie Pacheco (Twin Cities RTC), 5-2
7th - Jordan Roberts (Missouri Baptist WC) pin Kennadee Vaughn (Bronco WC), 2:30

76 kg
1st - Tristan Kelly (Colorado Mesa WC) tech. fall Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC), 10-0, 1:42
3rd - Brittyn Corbishley (Spartan Mat Club) pin Kaylynn Albrecht (Unattached), 1:51
5th - Anastasia Hardin (Unattached) dec. Kamilla Montenegro (Choker Wrestling Club), 10-8