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New Mexico wrestler Canaan Bower, 16, takes down kidnapping suspect and pins him until police arrive

By Various sources | March 28, 2020, 3:21 p.m. (ET)

Photo of Canaan Bower with a wrestling medal posted to Facebook by his mother, Kara Garrett Bower. Image of Canaan Bower on the mat posted by his father, Troy Bower.

The U.S. wrestling community has a new hero, Canaan Bower, a district wrestling champion from Mayfield High School in New Mexico, took down and held a suspected kidnapper in gas station store in Las Cruces, N.M. on Friday.

His mother Kara Garrett Bower, made the following Facebook post, along with a photo of her son with a wrestling medal.

This morning around 9:00 AM at Chucky's gas station (Dona Ana) on Thrope Road in Las Cruces. My 16 year old son Canaan Bower heard screaming while pumping gas from across the street. A lady and three kids got off the Greyhound bus where a man in his 20's tried to kidnap her baby and three year old child. Canaan ran across the street where this man is now inside of Chucky's and is completely out of control. The man has hit several people in the gas station and has created a bloody mess. The gas station clerk said that people were trying to help to no avail, they tried hitting him with a broom and throwing things at him, but it was not working. With no regards for his own safety Canaan grabbed the man and threw him to the ground, where he kept him pinned until the police arrived about five minutes later. Canaan is a very big kid who recently took 1st place for Mayfield High School in the District Wrestling Championship. There is a very good chance that Canaan saved many lives today and he definitely protected the kids from harm. The gas station clerk told (Canaan's dad), "we were hitting him with brooms and bottles and it didn't slow him down. Another guy tried and got his face caved in. Your son shows up and boom it was over right away."

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