USA Wrestling #GrecoMonday: Ten hi...

#GrecoMonday: Ten high-flying matches to watch

By Mike Willis, USA Wrestling | March 23, 2020, 5:20 p.m. (ET)

Over the past year there have been thousands of great U.S. Greco-Roman matches in tournaments all over the country. Check out just a few of them below and be sure to browse through the USA Wrestling YouTube channel for even more Greco action!

145 lbs. Fargo Junior finals – Anthony Echemendia Arizona vs. Edward Scott Pennsylvania
Anthony Echemendia burst onto the scene at Fargo last year, winning both the Junior men's freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments. Watch his win over two-time Pa. state champion Ed Scott.


113 lbs. Fargo Junior finals – Billy Sullivan vs. Sheldon Seymour
Another fun one from Fargo.


130 kg World Team Trials Challenge Tournament Finals – Cohlton Schultz vs. Jacob Mitchell
Schultz punches ticket to Final X and shows he can hang with the men.


67 kg Senior Nationals 3rd place – Xavier Johnson vs. Nolan Baker
Final score was 13-13. What more could you ask for?


97 kg Bill Farrell finals – G’Angelo Hancock vs. Ahmed Hassan
Hancock takes care of buisness.


77 kg Bill Farrell prelims – Jesse Porter vs. Davor Stefanek
Porter stuns the 2016 Olympic champion.


67 kg Senior Nationals consolation round – Taylor Zippe vs. Christopher Rodgers
This match will not leave you wanting for more action.


63 kg U.S. Open round of 16 – Jarod Maes vs. Reid Johnson
It's not often you see 32 points put up on the board in any style


63 kg U.S. Open Finals – Ryan Mango vs. Sammy Jones
Points go up in a hurry in this one.


Pat Smith vs Kamal Bey Series
This budding rivalry gave us some fantastic matches this year. Watch Smith and Bey battle in the U.S. Open finals and then check out some bonus matches with the best-of-three series at Final X: Rutgers
77 kg U.S. Open Finals


77 kg - Final X Match 1


77 kg - Final X Match 2


77 kg Final X Match 3