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Jack Mueller vs Roman Bravo-Young added to Flowrestling's July 25th Card

By Dan Lobdell, Flowrestling | July 09, 2020, 10:31 a.m. (ET)

Graphic courtesy of Flowrestling

Make that four matches on July 25th. FloWrestling is very excited to announce that Jack Mueller and Roman Bravo-Young have signed to wrestle on the undercard before Dake vs. Chamizo.

This matchup was not originally proposed for the card, but both athletes expressed interest after a few people began tweeting about it, chief among them Jacob Hewgley of Home Mat Advantage.

It took about a week, but everything got cleared and the bout is going to happen! It will be in freestyle and they have agreed on a weight of 137 pounds.

Both wrestlers made age level world teams, with RBY making the 2016 Cadet squad and Mueller wrestling for U23 bronze in 2018.

In addition to winning two Fargo titles, Mueller made another Junior Fargo final, wrestled in the challenge tournament finals of Junior trials in 2015 and finished third in the challenge tournament of the 2017 Junior trials.

Meanwhile, Bravo-Young took home a couple Cadet stop signs and made the finals of the Junior Open last year. He also took home a gold from Junior Pan Ams in June of 2019.

Mueller recently signed with the NYC RTC, reuniting with his childhood coach Kendall Cross. RBY will obviously be representing the Nittany Lion WC here, along with David Taylor, who will be competing against Pat Downey.

While an opponent has not been finalized for Luke Pletcher, a replacement for Anthony Ashnault is expected to be announced soon.