Loiuve, Page win golds; Team USA nets eight medals at Klippan Lady Open in Sweden

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Jan. 19, 2020, 12:17 p.m. (ET)
Lauren Louive competition portrait from Final X by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

KLIPPAN, Sweden – Led by individual champions Lauren Louive (Massillon, Ohio/New York AC) at 57 kg and Jennifer Page (Colorado Springs, Colo./Titan Mercury) at 62 kg, the United States won eight medals and placed second in the team standings at the respected Klippan Lady Open.

Louive, a 2019 Final X runner-up, won her two round robin matches on Saturday, including a pin of American Cameron Guerin in 3:44. Louive must beat Sofia Phakdeeyut of Sweden in her final round robin match on Sunday, an athlete who Guerin beat by technical fall on Saturday.

Page, a 2014 and 2017 U.S. Open champion and 2013 Junior World bronze medalist, won three matches, including two by technical fall. Because of the cross-bracketed semifinal system in the tournament, Page has a rematch in the gold-medal match against 2019 European U23 bronze-medalist Emma Johansson of Sweden, the other semifinal winner. Page beat Johannson 4-0 in her first pool match on Saturday.

It was Page’s first international gold medal since winning the Dave Schultz Memorial in January 2017. Page has recovered from injuries in time to make a run at an Olympic team berth.

Silver medals were captured by Cameron Guerin (Yakima, Wash./Titan Mercury) at 57 kg, Abigail Nette (St. Rose, La./Tiger WC) at 59 kg and Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif/Titan Mercury) at 72 kg.

Guerin went 2-1 in a three-athlete roundrobin, losing only to Louive. She finished off the silver medal on Sunday with a pin over Caroline Kvist of Sweden.

Nette, a Senior Nationals champion in December, reached the finals with three wins on Saturday. She was beaten in the finals by 2018 U23 World champion Grace Bullen of Norway, 10-0.

Guilford, a Senior Nationals runner-up in December and 2019 WCWA national champion, had a rematch in the finals with 2019 Junior World champion and two-time Cadet World champion Yuka Kagami of Japan. Kagami edged Guilford 2-1 to claim the gold. In their pool competition, Kagami beat Guiford, 3-0. Guilford won an impressive three matches in the tournament.

Bronze medals went to Erin Golston (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) at 50 kg, Alex Hedrick (Fair Oaks, Calif./Titan Mercury) at 55 kg and Iman Kazem (Pleasanton, Calif./Menlo WC) at 72 kg.

Golston scored a 10-0 technical fall in her bronze-medal bout over Angelica Zettervall of Sweden. Hedrick pinned Othelie Hoie of Norway in 2:29 in her bronze-medal match, her second pin over Hoie in the tournament. Kazem finished 1-2 in a four-athlete round robin.

The USA finished with 24 points, just two points behind team champion Japan with 26 points. Host Sweden was third. Japan had five champions, Norway with one and Lithuania with one.

At Klippan, Sweden, January 18-19

Women’s freestyle medalists

50 kg
Gold - Umi Ito (Japan)
Silver - Felicia Gallo (France)
Bronze - Nelly Johansson (Sweden)
Bronze - Erin Golston (USA)

53 kg
Gold - Rino Kataoka (Japan)
Silver - Ellen Riesterer (Germany)
Bronze - Jonna Malmgren (Sweden)
Bronze - Jessica Blaszka (Netherlands)

55 kg
Gold - Tsugumi Sakurai (Japan)
Silver - Sofia Mattsson (Sweden)
Bronze - Alex Hedrick (USA)

57 kg
Gold - Lauren Louive (USA)
Silver - Cameron Guerin (USA)
Bronze - Sofia Phakdeeyut (Sweden)

59 kg
Gold - Grace Bullen (Norway)
Silver - Abigail Nette (USA)
Bronze - Agnes Nygren (Sweden)
Bronze - Johanna Lindborg (Sweden)

62 kg
Gold - Jennifer Page (USA)
Silver - Emma Johansson (Sweden)
Bronze - Luzie Manzke (Germany)

65 kg
Gold - Ami Ishii (Japan)
Silver - Rin Teramoto (Japan)
Bronze - Deborah Lawnitzak (Germany)

72 kg
Gold - Danuté Domikaityté (Lithuania)
Silver - Mizuki Nagashima (Japan)
Bronze - Iman Kazem (USA)

76 kg
Gold - Yuka Kagami (Japan)
Silver - Dymond Guilford (USA)
Bronze - Iselin Solheim (Norway)

U.S. women Seniors/Juniors division results

50 kg: Erin Golston (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC), bronze medal
WIN Samara Chavez (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Ramona Eriksen (Norway), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Umi Ito (Japan), tech fall 10-0
WIN Angelica Zettervall (Sweden), tech. fall 10-0

50 kg: Samara Chavez (Arlington, Texas/Arlington Martin), 7th place
LOSS Erin Golston (USA), tech. fall 10-0

53 kg: Camille Fournier (Weatherford, Texas/ Weatherford HS), 5th place
WIN Emma Luttenauer (France), pin 4:05
LOSS Ellen Riesterer (Germany), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Jonna Malmgren (Sweden), pin 3:33

55 kg: Alisha Howk (River Falls, Wis./Sunkist Kids), 5th place
LOSS Alex Hedrick (USA), 3-1

55 kg: Dominique Parrish (Scotts Valley, Calif./Sunkist Kids), 6th place
LOSS Sofia Mattsson (Sweden), pin 0:36
LOSS Tsugumi Sakurai (Japan), 6-0

55 kg: Alex Hedrick (Fair Oaks, Calif./Titan Mercury), bronze medal
WIN Alisha Howk (USA), 3-1
WIN Othelie Hoie (Norway), pin 4:28
LOSS Sofia Mattsson (Sweden), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Othelie Hoie (Norway), pin 2:29

57 kg: Lauren Louive (Massillon, Ohio/New York AC), gold medal
WIN Cameron Guerin (USA), pin 3:44
WIN Caroline Kvist (Sweden), tech fall 10-0
WIN Sofia Phakdeeyut (Sweden), tech. fall 10-0

57 kg: Cameron Guerin (Yakima, Wash./Titan Mercury), silver medal
LOSS Lauren Louive (USA), pin 3:44
WIN Sofia Phakdeeyut (Sweden), tech. fall 12-2
WIN Caroline Kvist (Sweden), pin 1:18

59 kg: Abigail Nette (St. Rose, La./Tiger WC), silver medal
WIN Agnes Nygren (Sweden), pin 0:15
WIN Kelsey Campbell (USA), inj. dft
WIN Evelina Hulthen (Sweden), tech. fall 11-0
LOSS Grace Bullen (Norway), tech fall 10-0

59 kg: Kelsey Campbell (Scottsdale, Ariz./Sunkist Kids), injury withdrew/7th place
WIN Sofia Aak (Norway), 10-4
LOSS Abigail Nette (USA), inj. dft.

62 kg: Jennifer Page (Colorado Springs, Colo./Titan Mercury), gold medal
WIN Emma Johansson (Sweden), 4-0
WIN Miciel Wennstrom (Sweden), tech fall 13-0
WIN Jennica Kallberg (Sweden), tech fall 10-0
WIN Emma Johansson (Sweden), pin 3:41

72 kg: Iman Kazem (Pleasanton, Calif./Menlo WC), bronze medal
WIN Ariana Pereira (USA), tech. fall 11-0
LOSS Danute Domikaitye (Lithuania), tech. fall 11-1
LOSS Mizuke Nagashima (Japan), pin 4:35

72 kg: Ariana Pereira (Newark, Calif./Newark WC), 4th place
LOSS Iman Kazem (USA), tech fall 11-0
LOSS Mizuke Nagashima (Japan), tech. fall 11-0
LOSS Danute Domikaitye (Lithuania), tech. fall 10-0

76 kg: Tristan Kelly (Erie, Colo./Betterman Elite), 6th place
LOSS Dymond Guilford (USA), tech fall 12-2
LOSS Yuka Kagami (Japan), tech. fall 10-0

76kg: Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif/Titan Mercury), silver medal
WIN Tristan Kelly (USA), tech. fall 12-2
WIN Pauline LeCarpentier (France), 2-1
LOSS Yuka Kagami (Japan), 3-0
WIN Iselin Solheim (Norway), pin 2:59
LOSS Yuka Kagami (Japan), 2-1

Team Standings
1. Japan 26
2. USA 24
3. Sweden 8
4. Norway 7
5. Germany 7
(Of 21 national teams and clubs)