Rider stops Virginia, 20-12, to win National College Division in 40th Virginia Duals

Jan. 11, 2020, 10:37 p.m. (ET)
Rider University, the 2020 Virginia Duals National College Division champion. Photo courtesy of Jason Bryant.

HAMPTON, Va. – Second seeded Rider won six of 10 matches to defeat top-seed Virginia, 20-12 in the championship match of the National College division at the 40th Virginia Duals on Saturday.

Rider won four straight matches in the middle weights, two of them with bonus points, to pull away in the dual meet. The streak included Jesse Dellavecchia (157), Joe Casey (165), Dean Sherry (174) and George Walton (184). Dellavecchia scored an 8-0 major decision over Justin McCoy, and Casey added a 10-0 major decision over Sam Martino.

In the last NWCA Coaches Poll (Dec. 17), Virginia was ranked No. 23 in the nation and Rider was ranked No. 25

No. 3 seed Fresno State edged Kent State 16-15 to claim third place. Both teams won five matches, and nine of the matches ended as decisions. However, at heavyweight, All-American Josh Hokit of Fresno State secured a 13-3 major decision over Spence Berthold, giving Fresno State the additional bonus point and the victory. Fresno State lost its first match in the tournament to Maryland, 22-18, but won three straight to close out the third place finish, including consolation wins over Duke and Old Dominion.

Old Dominion placed fifth with an 18-16 win over Maryland. Seventh place went to Penn, a 48-3 winner over Duke.

The semifinals included Rider defeating Maryland, 24-8, winning seven of the 10 bout. Virginia was also in command of its semifinal win over Old Dominion, 23-9, winning the first four lightest weights and finishing with seven wins in the dual meet.

The champion in the Virginia Duals American College Division was Kutztown, a 19-13 winner over Ferrum.

At Hampton, Va.
(Seeds listed)

1st place – No. 2 Rider 20, No. 1 Virginia 12
125 Jonathon Tropea (Rider) over Patrick McCormick (Virginia) SV-1 6-4
133 Louie Hayes (Virginia) over Anthony Cefelo (Rider) Dec 11-5
141 Pete Lipari (Rider) over Brian Courtney (Virginia) Dec 10-5
149 Michael Murphy (Virginia) over Gino Fluri (Rider) SV-1 7-1
157 Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider) over Justin McCoy (Virginia) Maj 8-0
165 Joe Casey (Rider) over Sam Martino (Virginia) Maj 10-0
174 Dean Sherry (Rider) over Victor Marcelli (Virginia) Dec 7-6
184 George Walton (Rider) over Michael Battista (Virginia) Dec 7-3
197 Jay Aiello (Virginia) over Ethan Laird (Rider) Dec 6-1
285 Quinn Miller (Virginia) over Ryan Cloud (Rider) Dec 1-0

3rd place – No. 3 Fresno State 16, Kent State 15
125 Tomas Gutierrez (Kent State) over Destiny Summers (Fresno State) Dec 4-0
133 Tim Rooney (Kent State) over Gary Joint (Fresno State) Dec 5-2
141 DJ (Durbin) Lloren (Fresno State) over Cory Simpson (Kent State) Dec 3-2
149 Lawrence Saenz (Fresno State) over Kody Komara (Kent State) Dec 6-3
157 Conan Becker (Kent State) over Beau Colombini (Fresno State) Dec 13-8
165 Adam Kemp (Fresno State) over Kade Byland (Kent State) Dec 7-2
174 Andrew McNally (Kent State) over Ricky Padilla (Fresno State) Dec 7-2
184 Hunter Cruz (Fresno State) over Tyler Bates (Kent State) Dec 4-2
197 Colin McCracken (Kent State) over Isaiah Perez (Fresno State) Dec 7-3
285 Josh Hokit (Fresno State) over Spencer Berthold (Kent State) Maj 13-3

5th place – Old Dominion 18. Maryland 16
7th place – Penn 48, Duke 3


Virginia 23, Old Dominion 9
125 Patrick McCormick (Virginia) over Kilian Cardinale (Old Dominion) Dec 7-4
133 Louie Hayes (Virginia) over Shannon Hanna (Old Dominion) Dec 8-1
141 Brian Courtney (Virginia) over Sa`Derian Perry (Old Dominion) Maj 12-4
149 Michael Murphy (Virginia) over Kenan Carter (Old Dominion) Dec 3-2
157 Larry Early (Old Dominion) over Justin McCoy (Virginia) Dec 7-3
165 Shane Jones (Old Dominion) over Sam Martino (Virginia) Dec 2-1
174 Victor Marcelli (Virginia) over Alex Cramer (Old Dominion) Dec 9-6
184 Antonio Agee (Old Dominion) over Michael Battista (Virginia) SV-1 3-1
197 Jay Aiello (Virginia) over Timothy Young (Old Dominion) Dec 6-1
285 Quinn Miller (Virginia) over Jacob Bullock (Old Dominion) Maj 15-1

Rider 24, Maryland 8
125 Jonathon Tropea (Rider University) over Brandon Cray (University of Maryland) Dec 5-2
133 Anthony Cefelo (Rider University) over King Sandoval (University of Maryland) Dec 3-2
141 Pete Lipari (Rider University) over Hunter Baxter (University of Maryland) Dec 7-1
149 Michael Doetsch (University of Maryland) over Gino Fluri (Rider University) Dec 2-0
157 Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider University) over Jahi Jones (DQ) (University of Maryland) DQ
165 Kyle Cochran (University of Maryland) over Gary Dinmore (Rider University) Dec 6-0
174 Dean Sherry (Rider University) over Philip Spadafora (University of Maryland) Dec 11-6
184 Kyle Jasenski (University of Maryland) over George Walton (Rider University) Dec 6-3
197 Ethan Laird (Rider University) over Jaron Smith (University of Maryland) Dec 3-1
285 Ryan Cloud (Rider University) over Parker Robinson (University of Maryland) Dec 8-2
-1 against Maryland - 157 Post Match: Flagrant (Punch)


1st place - Kutztown 19, Ferrum 14
125 Joseph Renne (Kutztown) over JD Mcmillin (Ferrum) Dec 6-4
133 Levi Englman (Ferrum) over Connor Yourkavitch (Kutztown) Dec 7-3
141 Michael Albergo (Kutztown) over Hayden Funck (Ferrum) Dec 7-1
149 Austin Smith (Ferrum) over Robbie Hazard (Kutztown) Maj 10-2
157 Mike Cusick (Kutztown) over Elijah Martin (Ferrum) Dec 5-3
165 Angelo Bencivenga (Kutztown) over Galilee Kissell (Ferrum) Dec 10-4
174 Malik Barr (Ferrum) over Connor Rogovich (Kutztown) TB-1 6-5
184 James Potts (Kutztown) over Jacob Grady (Ferrum) Dec 7-6
197 Braden Homsey (Ferrum) over Anthony Emig (Kutztown) Dec 13-11
285 Andrew Dunn (Kutztown) over Carlos Leyva (Ferrum) Maj 11-1

3rd place - Waynesburg 20, Alderson-Broaddus 19
5th place - Liberty 26, Averett 15
7th place - Apprentice School 25, Emmanuel 20