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Spartan Combat RTC and Cliff Keen WC advance to semifinals of FloWrestling’s RTC Cup

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | Dec. 04, 2020, 9:42 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Vito Arujau wraps up a leg lace against Jack Mueller. Photo by Sam Janicki.

CINCINNATTI, Ohio – Pool action of the FloWrestling RTC Cup presented by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club wrapped up today, setting up for Saturday’s quarterfinals through medal matches.

Going undefeated on the day, Spartan Combat RTC and Cliff Keen WC advanced to the event’s semifinals.

Pool A featured Ohio RTC (Columbus, Ohio), Spartan Combat RTC (Ithaca, NY) and NJRTC/SERTC (Princeton, NJ; Blacksburg, Va). All three teams went head-to-head-to-head on Friday, with the Spartan Combat RTC coming out on top with two team wins.

In its first dual of the day, the Spartan Combat RTC split the six matches with Ohio RTC, each winning three. It came down to the types of wins, which gave Spartan Combat the edge as Vito Arujau and Yianni Diakomihalis collected technical falls in their bouts, while the Ohio RTC only had one tech fall.

Against the combined squad of New Jersey RTC and Southeast RTC, the Spartan Combat RTC won on matches, 4-2. Arujau and Diakomihalis kept their records perfect, defeating some big names. Arujau, a Cadet and Junior World silver medalist, took out 2018 World Team Trials champion and 2015 NCAA champion Nahshon Garrett in an exciting 14-9 match. Diakomihalis, a two-time NCAA champ for Cornell and two-time Cadet World champion, won on criteria, 3-3, against James Green, a five-time World Team member and two-time World medalist.

Others going undefeated on the day were Kollin Moore of Ohio RTC at 97 kg and Dom Bradley of Spartan Combat RTC at 125 kg.

Two-time age-group World silver medalist Moore spent only 1:26 on the mat today, wrapping up both of his matches with quick 10-0 technical falls against 2017 U23 World bronze medalist Ty Walz (SERTC/NJRTC) and Jacob Cardenas (Spartan Combat RTC).

Bradley, who is a 2009 Junior World champion, picked up decisions against 2014 Junior World champion for Canada Amar Dhesi (Ohio RTC) and 2014 Cadet World silver medalist Jordan Wood (SERTC/NJRTC).

In the other dual in Pool A, the Ohio RTC defeated the SERTC/NJRTC, four matches to two. Notable matches from that dual include a late comeback tech fall for Green over Anthony Echemendia. Green trailed 4-3 with less than one minute left. He scored a takedown and went right into a leg lace for several turns for an eventual 14-4 victory.

Pool A standings
1st - Spartan Combat RTC, 2-0
2nd - Ohio RTC, 1-1
3rd - SERTC/NJRTC, 0-2

Ohio RTC defeats SETRC/NJRTC on matches, 4-2
57 kg: Jack Mueller (Ohio RTC) df. Nahshon Garrett (NJRTC/SERTC), 6-4
65 kg: James Green (NJRTC/SERTC) TF Anthony Echemendia (Ohio RTC), 14-4
74 kg: Carson Kharchla (Ohio RTC) df. Mekhi Lewis (NJRTC/SERTC), 9-2
86 kg: Nate Jackson (NJRTC/SERTC) TF Sammy Brooks (Ohio RTC), 12-2
97 kg: Kollin Moore (Ohio RTC) TF Ty Walz (NJRTC/SERTC), 10-0
125 kg: Amar Dhesi (Ohio RTC) df. Jordan Wood (NJRTC/SERTC), 4-2

Spartan Combat RTC defeats Ohio RTC on technical falls, 2-1
57 kg: Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Jack Mueller (Ohio RTC), 11-0
65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Sammy Sasso (Ohio RTC), 12-2
74 kg: Carson Kharchla (Ohio RTC) df. Jevon Balfour (Spartan Combat RTC), 6-0
86 kg: Sammy Brooks (Ohio RTC) df. Drew Foster (Spartan Combat RTC), 9-8
97 kg: Kollin Moore (Ohio RTC) TF Jacob Cardenas (Spartan Combat RTC), 10-0
125 kg: Dom Bradley (Spartan Combat RTC) df. Amar Dhesi (Ohio RTC), 5-2

Matches tied 3-3
Most falls tied 0-0
Most tech falls 2-1 Spartan Combat RTC

Spartan Combat RTC defeats SERTC/NJRTC on matches 4-2
57 kg: Vitali Arujau (Spartan Combat RTC) df. Nahshon Garrett (NJRTC/SERTC), 14-9
65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC) df. James Green (NJRTC/SERTC), 3-3
74 kg: Mekhi Lewis (NJRTC/SERTC) TF Jevon Balfour (Spartan Combat RTC), 12-2
86 kg: Drew Foster (Spartan Combat RTC) df. Nate Jackson (NJRTC/SERTC), 4-3
97 kg: Ty Walz (NJRTC/SERTC) df. Jacob Cardenas (Spartan Combat RTC), 10-1
125 kg: Dom Bradley (Spartan Combat RTC) TF Jordan Wood (NJRTC/SERTC), 6-0

Pool B recap
Wrestling in Pool B was Cliff Keen Wrestling Club (Ann Arbor, Mich.), Gopher Wrestling Club (Minneapolis, Minn.) and Wolfpack RTC (Raleigh, NC). Coming out on top in Pool B was Cliff Keen, which dominated Gopher WC and edged out the Wolfpack WC.

To start off Pool B action, Cliff Keen defeated Gopher WC five matches to one with wins from Seth Gross, Alec Pantaleo, Logan Massa, Myles Amine and Mason Parris.

The dual between Cliff Keen WC and Wolfpack WC went down to the wire, ending in dramatic fashion. Going into the final bout, Cliff Keen led on matches, 3-2. The heavyweight match pitted 2019 Junior World champion Mason Parris of CKWC against two-time Senior World bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski (WRTC). Parris got off to a fast start against the vet, racking up eight unanswered points; however, Gwiazdowski proved why he has two World medals. Scoring a takedown, Gwiz went right into a leg lace for five turns to take the lead 12-8. He went on to add three more takedowns for an 18-8 technical fall.

With the dual knotted at three matches apiece at the conclusion, the win was ultimately decided on the fourth criteria, which is individual points scored in the dual. It was Cliff Keen with the edge, outscoring Wolfpack 46-45.

In Pool B’s last dual between Gopher WC and Wolfpack RTC also came down to points scored in the dual with Gopher WC getting the advantage, 37-36. All eyes were on the heavyweight finale of this dual, too, as Gwiazdowski went up against two-time Cadet World champion and 2017 Junior World champ Gable Steveson. It was a rematch of the 2019 Final X series and a glimpse ahead at a potential Olympic Trials finals. Steveson, wrestling his first match of the day, picked up two takedowns and held off Gwiz for a 4-1 win, helping the Gophers to a victory.

Competition continues tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET with quarterfinals live on FloWrestling.

Pool B standings
1st: Cliff Keen WC, 2-0
2nd: Gopher WC, 1-1
3rd: Wolfpack WC, 0-2

Cliff Keen WC defeats Gopher WC on matches 5-1
57: Seth Gross (Cliff Keen WC) df. Zach Sanders (Gopher WC), 12-4
65: Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC) TF Brayton Lee (Gopher WC), 10-0
74: Logan Massa (Cliff Keen WC) df. Evan Wick (Gopher WC), 5-2
86: Myles Amine (Cliff Keen WC) df. Brett Pfarr (Gopher WC), 8-2
97: Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC) TF Timothy Dudley (Cliff Keen WC), 11-1
125: Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC) df. Anthony Nelson (Gopher WC), 8-2

Cliff Keen WC defeats Wolfpack RTC on criteria, technical points 46-45
57: Seth Gross (Cliff Keen WC) TF Darian Cruz (Wolfpack RTC), 13-2
65: Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC) df. Kevin Jack (Wolfpack RTC), 7-2
74: Logan Massa (Cliff Keen WC) df. Hayden Hidlay (Wolfpack RTC), 8-8
86: Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack RTC) df. Domenic Abounader (Cliff Keen WC), 10-6
97: Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack RTC) df. Timothy Dudley (Cliff Keen WC), 5-4
125: Nick Gwiazdowski (Wolfpack RTC) TF Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC), 18-8

Matches tied 3-3
Most falls tied 0-0
Most tech falls tied 1-1
Technical points 46-45 Cliff Keen WC

Gopher WC defeats Wolfpack WC on criteria, technical points 37-36
57: Jakob Camacho (Wolfpack RTC) df. Sean Russell (Gopher WC), 12-6
65: Mitch Mckee (Gopher WC) df. Kevin Jack (Wolfpack RTC), 15-6
74: Thomas Gantt (Wolfpack RTC) df. Evan Wick (Gopher WC), 7-2
86: Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack RTC) df. Brett Pfarr (Gopher WC), 6-2
97: Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC) df. Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack RTC), 8-4
125: Gable Steveson (Gopher WC) df. Nick Gwiazdowski (Wolfpack RTC), 4-1

Matches tied 3-3
Most falls tied 0-0
Most tech falls tied 0-0
Technical points 37-36 Gopher WC