USA Wrestling #GivingTuesday: A le...

#GivingTuesday: A letter from Olympic champion Steve Fraser

By USA Wrestling | Dec. 04, 2020, 12:39 p.m. (ET)

Growing from a young novice wrestler to Olympic champion was really a dream come true. I was quite terrible in the beginning. Because of caring and loving coaches and mentors and a supportive mother, I developed as an athlete and was inspired and encouraged to go for my dream.

There are plenty ups-and-downs in a wrestler’s career. With the help of many, and the mindset of, “why not go for it all.” I never stopped when the going got tough. Overcoming the many obstacles that we all must face, made me durable as leather and resilient as rubber!

Dreams do come true, when accompanied by a relentless intensity and a smile. Of course, to be the best in the world it also takes financial support. Please help support our current athletes by providing them the necessary resources that make their dreams come true. Your contribution will make a difference and is tax deductible.

As Americans, we will all take huge pride when our dedicated wrestlers reach the top of the podium at the world’s greatest sports stage… the Tokyo Olympic Games!

Please consider donating to USA Wrestling for Giving Tuesday now:

Thank you for being a big part of Team USA’s success! We so appreciate you,

Steve Fraser
Olympic Champion 1984
World Team Champions 2007