USA Wrestling #GrecoMonday: Five b...

#GrecoMonday: Five big pins to start your week

By Mike Willis, USA Wrestling | Aug. 10, 2020, 4:44 p.m. (ET)

Does anyone not enjoy a good pin? For the past several months, USA Wrestling has been featuring a “Pin of the Week” every Friday. Below, are five Greco-Roman matches that have earned pin of the week honors. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled this Friday for the Pin of the Week (It’s going to be another Greco Match), and enjoy the five falls below!

Pin of the Week: Jacob Barnes goes big in the Fargo 16U Greco finals (July 24)


Pin of the Week: G'Angelo Hancock launches Eric Twohey in the 2019 Dave Schultz semifinals (June 19)


Pin of the Week: Sam Stoll launches his way to Junior World Bronze (May 29)


Pin of the Week: Dalton Duffield pins his way to a U23 World Team (May 8)


Pin of the Week: Adam Coon pins Robby Smith to make his first World Team (April 17)