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A message from USA Wrestling’s National Coaches Council about moving forward when the time is right

By USA Wrestling Coaches Council | April 05, 2020, 2:48 p.m. (ET)

Photo of a USA Wrestling coach and athlete by John Sachs,

The USA Wrestling National Coaches Council is made up of two groups, a Development Council and a Pool Coach Council. The Council responsibly promotes amateur wrestling in the United States and serves as an advocate for recommendations to USA Wrestling on all matters relating to coaching wrestling.

The Coaches Council voices the achievements, concerns and needs of member coaches in order to develop and maintain the highest levels of education and professionalism. It represents the second largest demographic for wrestling in our country; the coaches. Within that coaching demographic are parents, club directors, tournament directors, and many other roles within the sport of wrestling.

Emma Jameson said, "Circumstances don’t make a person, they REVEAL a person”. As wrestlers, we pride ourselves on seeking opportunities to reveal our individual and group character. The spring of 2020 offers us what could be our greatest moment.

While we are all facing difficult challenges in this new environment, we do know that the characteristics of resiliency and fortitude of our wrestling community will sustain our passion for the World’s oldest and greatest sport, during this period of delay. Our sport has been blessed in the past and we will return better and stronger as a result of these current challenges.

We will return to practice and competitions before you know it. We will be competing and reunited with our coaches when the time is right, the coaches who are always there for you win or lose, every weekend. We want to encourage everyone to follow local and national recommendations for safety, but also to be confident in the return to wrestling when the time is right. Your optimism can be contagious, spread it! Take a leap of faith, bet on wrestling, be part of the return when the environment is right!

Current members of the USA Wrestling National Coaches Council include:
Zac Dominguez (President and Northern Plains Regional Rep)
Rick Gumble (Northeast Region)
Danny Struck (Central Region)
Chris Owens (West Region)
Rusty Davidson (Southern Plains Region)
JD Robbins (Southeast Region)
Randall Balch (Women’s Age Group Rep).
Pool Coaches include:
Lou Rosselli
Kerry McCoy
Troy Nickerson
Lee Pritz
Eric Guerrero
Mike Hagerty.

USA Wrestling NCEP Manager, Mike Clayton serves the Council as staff liaison.

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