Hansen gets gold, U.S. earns three bronze medals in Gi at UWW Grappling World Championships

By Mike Willis, USA Wrestling | Sept. 23, 2019, 10:08 a.m. (ET)

John Hansen (in blue). Photo by Bin Lin.

The U.S Gi Grappling squad brought home one gold medal and three bronze medals from the 2019 World Grappling Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Leading the way for the Americans was World champion in the 100 kg+ weight class, John Hansen (Omaha,Nebraska). Hansen defeated Poland’s Michael Piwowarski, 11-6 to claim gold.

Piowowarski earned the first points of the match with a takedown, but it was all Hansen from there. He used his superb ground game to earn 11 points and claim the victory. Hansen also earned a submission victory in his semifinal match over Evgenii Slesarenko of Kyrgyzstan and a 5-4 decision in his opening match over Saulet Abusslikhov of Kazakhstan.

Hansen made the bronze medal match of the No-Gi tournament as well, but forfeited out to focus on his Gi finals match.

At 77 kg, Michael Kelly (Hebron, Ill.) earned a bronze medal when he received a forfeit over Adria Perez Carne of Spain. Kelly is a seven-time No-Gi World medalist, with two World silver medals and five World bronze medals. This is his first Gi World medal.

Next up, was Jonathan Becerra (Santa Anna, Calif.) at 84 kg. Becerra defeated Riccardo Berti of Italy, 4-2 to claim bronze. Becerra wrestled Berti in the bronze medal match in the No-Gi division as well and was defeated, 9-0.

The third bronze medalist was Mary Niedrauer (West Lafayette, Ind.), at 71 kg. Niedrauer went 2-1 on the day with a 9-2 win over Marian Kadyrbekova of Kazakhstan and a 15-6 victory in the bronze medal match over Irene Mungai of Italy.

The U.S. earned two silvers and one bronze in No-Gi Grappling to bring the total medal count to seven grappling medals.

U.S. Men’s Gi Grappling

62 kg – Aaron Johnson, Greenwood, Ind.
LOSS Dmytro Baranov (Ukraine), 6-0
LOSS Vladislav Mukhortov (Kazakhstan), Submission

66 kg - Luis Quinones, Los Angeles, Calif., 5th
WIN Mariusz Spac (Romania), 2-0
LOSS Gazimagomed Tagaev (Russia), 2-0
LOSS Ramazi Kvetenadze (Georgia), 2-0

71 kg - William Kroegher, Lafayette, Ind., 5th
WIN Danill Shtanko (Ukraine), Submission, :21
LOSS Gairbeg Ibragimov (Russia) 11-4
LOSS Jakub Witkowski (Poland), 5-3

77 kg – Michael Kelly, Hebron, Ill., Bronze
LOSS Mateusz Szczecinski (Poland), Submission,:54
WIN Adria Perez Carne (Spain), FFT

84 kg - Jonathan Becerra, Santa Ana, Calif., Bronze
LOSS Abdurahmanhaji Murtazaliev (Kyrgyzstan), Submission, 4:40
WIN Riccardo Berti (Italy) 5-2

92 kg - Jeff Anderson, Zeeland, Mich.
LOSS Piotr Baginski (Poland), Submission, 3:19

100kg+ - John Hansen, Omaha, Neb.
WIN Michael Piwowarski (Poland), 11-6
WIN Saulet Abusslikhov (Kazakhstan), 5-4
WIN Evgenii Slesarenko (Kyrgyzstan), Submission, 4:18

U.S. Women’s Gi Grappling

71 kg – Mary Niedrauer, West Lafayette, Ind., Bronze
WIN Marian Kadyrbekova (Kazakhstan), 9-2
LOSS Marian Urdabyaeva (Kazakhstan), Submission, 1:58
WIN Irene Mungai (Italy), 15-6

+71 kg – Laree Callihan, Burke, Va.
LOSS Halyna Kovalska (Ukraine), Submission, :56
LOSS Clare France Thevenon (France), Submission. 2:25

Men’s Gi Grappling Placements

62 kg
Gold – Anthony De Oliveria (France)
Silver – Dmytro Baranov (Ukraine)
Bronze - Vladislav Mukhortov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Akhmed Magomedov (Russia)
5th – Asor Shlomo (Israel)
5th – Cristofer Martin Barrios (Spain)
Gold- De Oliveria def Baranov, Submission
Bronze – Murkhortov def Shlomo, Submission
Bronze – Magomedov def Barrios, Forfeit

66 kg
Gold – Yurii Cherkaliuk (Ukraine)
Silver – Gazimagomed Tagaev (Russia)
Bronze –Dzhimsher Razmadze
Bronze – Wojciech Pajak
5th – Luis Quinones (USA)
5th – Matteo Patrone (Italy)
Gold – Cheraliuk def Tagaev, 3-3
Bronze - Razmadze def Quinones, 2-2
Bronze – Pajak def Patrone Italy, Submission

71 kg
Gold – Gairbeg Ibragimov (Russia)
Silver – Abdyldabked Kekenov (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze – Francisco Alcalde Torreblanca (Spain)
Bronze – Jakub Witkowski (Poland)
5th –Marvin Belecciu (Romania)
5th – William Kroegher (USA)
Gold – Ibragimov def Kekenov, 16-2
Bronze – Alcalde Torreblanca def Belecciu, Submission
Bronze – Witkowski def Kroegher, 5-3

77 kg
Gold – Maeusz Szczencinski (Poland)
Silver – Rasul Mamedbekov (Russia)
Bronze – Michael Kelly (United States)
Bronze Matteo Ronca (Italy)
5th – Adria Perez Carne (Spain)
5th - Osmer Emanueli (Israel)
Gold – Szczencinski def Mamedbekov, 7-3
Bronze – Kelly def Perez Carne, Forfeit
Bronze – Ronca def Emanueli, 9- 7

84 kg
Gold – Abdurahmanhaji Murtazaliev (Kyrgyzstan)
Silver – Pawel Nedzi (Poland)
Bronze – Magomed Abdulkadriov (Russia)
Bronze – Jonathan Becerra (United States)
5th – Herman Hordoetskyi (Ukraine)
5th –Riccardo Berti (Italy)
Gold – Murtazaliev def Nedzi, Submission
Bronze – Abdulkadirov def Hordoetskyi, 8-1
Bronze –Becerra def Berti, 5-2

92 kg
Gold – Abu Gudanatov (Russia)
Silver – Alan Bentancur Garcia (Spain)
Bronze – Bruno Tomasetti (Italy)
Bronze- Myhylo Muzychenko (Ukraine)
5th – Eugen Preda (Romania)
5th – Tilek Mashrapov
Gold – Gudanatov def Bentacur Garcia, Submission
Bronze Tomasetti def Predi, 2-2
Bronze – Muzychenko def Marshrapov, 6-4

100 kg
Gold – Abdula Isaev (Russia)
Silver – Eduardo Riego Gonzalez (Spain)
Bronze- Bakdaulet Abyzov (Kazakhstan)
4th – Nurbek Ismailov (Kyrgyzstan)
Gold – Isaev def Gonzalez, 5-1
Bronze – Abyzov def Ismailov, 3-2

100+ kg
Gold – John Hansen (United States)
Silver – Michael Piwowarski (Poland)
Bronze – Saulet Abussalikhov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Alessandro Frezza (Italy)
5th – Evgenii Slesarenko (Kyrgyzstan)
5th – Antatolie Ciumac (Romania)
Gold – Hansen def Piwowarski, 11-6
Bronze – Abussalikhov def Slesarenko, Submission
Bronze – Frezza def Ciumac, Submission

Women’s Gi Grappling Placements

53 kg
Gold - Anna Augustyn Mitkowska (Poland)
Silver – Svitlana Skrypnyk (Ukraine)
Bronze – Ana Marques Dias (Portugal)
Bronze – Polina Krupskaia (Russia)
5th – Maybelline Masuda (Philippines)
5th – Galiya Seidldayeva (Kazakhstan)
Gold – Augustyn Mitkowska def Skrypnyk, 8-2
Bronze- Marques Dias def Masuda
Bronze –Krupskaia def Seidildayeva, 5-2

58 kg
Gold - Zofia Szawernowska (Poland)
Silver – Barbara Cariani (Italy)
Bronze – Margarita Tchvetkova (Russia)
4th – Arailym Mekenbayeva (Kazakhstan)
Gold – Szawernowska def Cariani (6-4)
Bronze – Tchvetkova def Mekenbayeva (6-4)

64 kg
Gold – Meshi Rosenfeld (Israel)
Silver – Irina Gromova (Russia)
Bronze – Tetiana Hrynko (Ukraine)
4th – Silvia Gallini (Italy)
Gold – Rosenfeld def Gromova, 7-4
Bronze –Hrynko def Gallini, Submission

71 kg
Gold – Magdalena Loska (Poland)
Silver - Marian Urdabayeva (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Olha Chaliuk (Ukraine)
Bronze – Mary Niedrauer (United States)
5th – Oksana Kirllova (Russia)
5th – Irene Mungai (Italy)
Gold – Loska def Urdabayeva, Submission
Bronze – Chaliuk def Kirllova, Submission
Bronze – Niedrauer def Mungai, 15 -6

71 kg+
Gold – Halyna Kovalska (Ukraine)
Silver – Daria Nikolaeva (Russia)
Bronze – Markhabbat Akylbayeva (Kazakhstan)
4th – Claire Thevenon (France)
Gold – Kovalska def Nikolaeva, 6 -1
Bronze – Akylbayeva def Thevenon, Submission