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Tokyo watch for Tuesday: Four nations have qualified three Greco-Roman weight classes for Olympics

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Sept. 17, 2019, 10:14 a.m. (ET)

2019 World champion Tamas Lorincz of Hungary celebrates a big semifinals win at 77 kg. Photo by Martin Gabor, UWW

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – USA Wrestling is keeping a running score of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualification process, as the 2019 World Championships continue in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan this week.

The 2019 World Championships serves as the first qualifying event for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in the 18 Olympic weight classes. The top six place winners in each of the Olympic weights will qualify their nation for the Olympic Games at that weight.

Tuesday was the second night of medal competition featuring Olympic weight classes, with the final three Greco-Roman weights completed: 60 kg/132 lbs., 77 kg/169.5 lbs. and 130 kg/286 lbs. This completes the Greco-Roman qualification opportunity for the 2019 World Championships, which is the first phase of qualification.

On Tuesday, Iran had a very strong day, qualifying athletes in all three weight classes contested. No other nation was able to get three Greco-Roman athletes into the top six on Tuesday.

Overall in Greco-Roman, there are four nations with three Olympic qualification spots in Greco-Roman based upon the World Championships: Germany, Iran, Russia and Uzbekistan. Eight other nations were able to secure two Olympic qualification berths in Greco-Roman at this year’s Worlds.

The next phase of Olympic qualification in Greco-Roman will be the continental Olympic qualifiers, which will be held in March of 2020.

There are currently 20 nations which have qualified at least one spot in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in wrestling, based upon the Greco-Roman results.

Ultimately, there will be 16 nations qualified to compete in each weight class at the Tokyo Games.

On Wednesday, there will be two women’s freestyle Olympic weight classes completed, 50 kg/110 lbs. and 53 kg/116.5 lbs.

Updated Olympic Qualification by nation, all styles
(as of September 17, 2019)

Germany, 3 (67kgGR, 87kgGR, 130kgGR)
Iran, 3 (60kgGR, 77kgGR, 130kgGR)
Russia, 3 (60kgGR, 67kgGR, 97kgGR)
Uzbekistan, 3 (60 kgGR, 77kgGR, 87kgGR)
Armenia, 2 (77kgGR, 97kgGR)
Cuba, 2 (67kgGR, 130kgGR)
Georgia, 2 (97kgGR, 130kgGR)
Hungary, 2 (77kgGR, 87kgGR)
Kazakhstan, 2 (60kgGR, 77kgGR
Serbia, 2 (67kgGR, 97kgGR)
Turkey, 2 (97kgGR, 130kgGR)
Ukraine, 2 (60kgGR, 87kgGR)
Belarus, 1 (87kgGR)
Denmark, 1 (67kgGR)
Estonia, 1 (130kgGR
Egypt, 1 (67kgGR)
Japan, 1 (60kgGR)
Kyrgyzstan, 1 (87kgGR)
Poland, 1 (97kgGR)
Sweden, 1 (77kgGR)

Olympic qualification by weight class for Tuesday
(with athlete who qualified the weight)

Greco-Roman 60 kg/132 lbs.
2019 World champion - Japan (Kenichiro Fumita)
2019 World silver medalist - Russia (Sergey Emelin)
2019 World bronze medalist - Kazakhstan (Mirambek Ainagulov)
2019 World bronze medalist - Iran (Ali Reza Ayat Ollah Nejati)
2019 World fifth place - Ukraine (Lenur Temirov)
2019 World fifth place - Uzbekistan (Elmurat Tasmuradov)

Greco-Roman 77 kg/169.5 lbs.
2019 World champion - Hungary (Tamas Lorincz)
2019 World silver medalist - Sweden (Alex Bjurberg Kessidis)
2019 World bronze medalist - Iran (Mohammadali Abdolhamid Geraei)
2019 World bronze medalist - Uzbekistan (Jalgasbay Berdimuratov)
2019 World fifth place - Armenia (Karapet Chalyan)
2019 World fifth place - Kazakhstan (Askhat Dilmukhamedov)

Greco-Roman 130 kg/286 lbs.
2019 World champion - Turkey (Riza Kayaalp)
2019 World silver medalist - Cuba (Oscar Pino Hinds)
2019 World bronze medalist - Estonia (Heiki Nabi)
2019 World bronze medalist - Georgia (Iakobi Kajaia)
2019 World fifth place - Iran (Amir Mohammadali Ghasemimonjezi)
2019 World fifth place - Germany (Eduard Popp)

Previous Greco-Roman Olympic qualifications

Greco-Roman 67 kg/147.5 lbs.
2019 World champion - Cuba (Ismael Borrero Molina)
2019 World silver medalist - Russia (Artem Surkov)
2019 World bronze medalist - Serbia (Mate Nemes)
2019 World bronze medalist - Germany (Frank Staebler)
2019 World fifth place - Denmark (Fredrik Bjerrehuus)
2019 World fifth place - Egypt (Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayed)

Greco-Roman 87 kg/191.5 lbs.
2019 World champion - Ukraine (Zhan Beleniuk)
2019 World silver medalist - Hungary (Viktor Lorincz)
2019 World bronze medalist - Germany (Denis Kudla)
2019 World bronze medalist - Uzbekistan (Rustam Assakalov)
2019 World fifth place - Belarus (Mikalai Stadub)
2019 World fifth place - Kyrgyzstan (Atabek Azisbekov)

Greco-Roman 97 kg/213.75 lbs.
2019 World champion - Russia (Musa Evloev)
2019 World silver medalist - Armenia (Artur Aleksanyan)
2019 World bronze medalist - Serbia (Mihail Kajaia)
2019 World bronze medalist - Turkey (Cenk Ildem)
2019 World fifth place - Poland (Tadeusz Michalik)
2019 World fifth place - Georgia (Giorgi Melia)