Gilman wins gold at Yusup Abdusalamov International in Botlikh, Dagestan, Russia

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 07, 2019, 9:32 a.m. (ET)
Thomas Gilman of the USA competing at the Yusup Abdusalamov International in Botlikh. Photo courtesy of Murad Kanaev.

BOTLIKH, Dagestan, Russia – 2017 World silver medalist Thomas Gilman (Iowa City, Iowa /Titan Mercury WC/Hawkeye WC) won all five matches on the way to a gold medal at 57 kg/125.5 lbs. at the Yusup Abdusalamov International this past weekend.

Gilman defeated Russian Salikh Muradov of Khasvuyurt in the championship finals.

Gilman trained with wrestlers in Vladikavkaz prior to entering this tournament. He was the only U.S. entry to win a medal.

The competition featured only the six Olympic weight classes. Three of the champions were not representing Russia, Gilman plus Zhavrail Shapiev of Uzbekistan at 86 kg and Yusup Batyrmurzayev of Kazakhstan at 125 kg. Shapiev and Batymuzayev are natives of Dagestan before joining their current national teams.

Gilman will join a large delegation of U.S. wrestlers at the Continental Cup in Khasavyurt on October 11-13.

Event results courtesy of

At Botlikh, Dagestan, Russia

57 kg
Gold - Thomas Gilman (USA)
Silver - Salikh Muradov (Khasavyurt, UOR)
Bronze - Magomedrasul Magomedov (St. Petersburg)
Bronze - Amirkhan Guvazhokov (Kabardino-Balkaria)

65 kg
Gold - Gadzhimurad Omarov (Makhachkala, school A. Sadulaeva);
Silver - Akhmed Asadulaev (Khasavyurt, RBM)
Bronze - Magomed Magomedov (Botlikh region)
Bronze - Astemir Kuantov (Kabardino-Balkaria).

74 kg
Gold - Magomed Khizriev (Khasavyurt, RBM)
Silver - Rasul Shapiev (Makhachkala, school. A. Sadulaeva)
Bronze - Ramazan Ramazanov (Moscow, CSKA)
Bronze - Gadzhimurad Alikhmaev (Khasavyurt, school. Sh. Umakhanova).

86 kg
Gold - Zhavrail Shapiev (Uzbekistan)
Silver - Abdulmuslim Temirbulatov (Khasavyurt, school M. Batyrova)
Bronze - Habib Hajiyev (Tsumadinsky district)
Bronze - Sebastian Jezerzhansky (Poland).

97 kg
Gold - Rasul Magomedov (Makhachkala, school. G. Hamidova)
Silver - Tazhudin Mukhtarov (Makhachkala, school. G. Hamidov)
Bronze - Hasan Shamkhalov (Makhachkala, school. G. Hamidova)
Bronze - Gadzhimagomed Tazhudinov (Khasavyurt, RBM).

125 kg
Gold - Yusup Batyrmurzayev (Kazakhstan)
Silver - Minatula Kurbanov (Makhachkala, Dynamo)
Bronze - Shamkhan Zhabrailov (Moldova)
Bronze - Gamzat Alizhudinov (Khasavyurt, UOR).

Thanks to Murad Kanaev, as well as the website for information on Gilman and the tournament in Botlikh.