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USA’s three World champions all win, but USA falls to Japan 7-3 in World Cup Final

By Ryan Johnson, USA Wrestling | Nov. 17, 2019, 3:02 a.m. (ET)

Team USA after receiving their second-place awards at the 2019 Women's World Cup in Japan. Photo by Ikuo Higuchi.

All three 2019 World Champions, Jacarra Winchester (55 kg), Tamyra Mensah-Stock (68 kg), and Adeline Gray (76 kg), defeated their opponents from the world’s best women’s freestyle team. However those would be the only victories for Team USA, as Japan won the dual by a score of 7-3.

A silver medal is a great achievement for this team though. They were without a few World team members but still managed to get over the hump against a Mongolia team that had kept USA off the podium each of the last three years. This is the first top three finish for the women’s freestyle team since 2011.

“Finally!,” shouted an exuberant Tamyra Mensah-Stock when asked about how she felt about beating Mongolia and advancing to the finals. “I’m so proud of how this team fought this weekend,” she continued. “We were without some of our top wrestlers but it didn’t matter, this team came together and fought hard in every match. Beating Mongolia was huge and although we didn’t beat Japan we wrestled tough and we feel like we’re closing the gap.”

Mensah-Stock scored an 8-1 decision over Naruha Matsuyuki in the dual meet. Winchester stopped Akie Hanai, 5-1. Gray pinned Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki in 5:04. Gray and Mensah-Stock finished the weekend with a perfect 3-0 record in their matches.

With the Olympic Games on the horizon, having an opportunity to compete in Japan is a tremendous opportunity for the athletes’ preparation. “I plan on being back here next summer and winning gold,” says Mensah-Stock. “This is the fifth time I’ve competed in Japan so when we come back next summer it will be like ‘Ok I was just here, we can do this.’ That’s huge for our preparation.”

China placed third with a 7-3 win over Mongolia in their medal match. Ukraine was fifth, claiming a 5-5 criteria decision over Russia in their final bout.

For many of these athletes the next domestic competition will be either the Senior Nationals Dec. 20-22 in Fort Worth, Texas, or the U.S. Olympic Trials – Wrestling April 4-5. As far as international competition is concerned, the ranking series event in Rome on January 15-18 is the next time they will suit up for Team USA.

At Tokyo, Japan


50 kg – Yui Susaki (JPN) def. Whitney Conder (USA) | 10-0
53 kg – Haruna Okuno (JPN) def. Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) | 10-0
55kg – Jacarra Winchester (USA) def. Akie Hanai (JPN) | 5-1
57 kg – Risako Kawai (JPN) def. Kelsey Campbell (USA) | 11-0
59 kg – Yuzuka Inagaki (JPN) def. Desiree Zavala (USA) | 10-0
62 kg – Yukako Kawai (JPN) def. Macey Kilty (USA) | 7-0
65 kg – Naomi Ruike (JPN) def. Forrest Molinari (USA) | 5-1
68 kg – Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA) def. Naruha Matsuyuki (JPN) | 8-1
72 kg – Yuka Kagami (JPN) def. Victoria Francis (USA) | 3-1
76 kg – Adeline Gray (USA) def. Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (JPN) | Fall


50 kg - Chun LEI (CHN) tech. fall Chimgee BUYANDALAI (MGL), 10-0
53 kg - Qianyu PANG (CHN) tech. fall Anudari NANDINTSETSEG (MGL), 10-0
55 kg - Bolortuya BAT OCHIR (MGL) dec. Jiawei CHEN (CHN), 12-10
57 kg - Yongxin FENG (CHN) tech. fall Battsetseg ALTANTSETSEG (MGL), 10-0
59 kg - Qi ZHANG (CHN) dec. Shoovdor BAATARJAV (MGL), 8-2
62 kg - Gantuya ENKHBAT (MGL) tech. fall Juan KANG (CHN), 12-2
65 kg - Purevsuren ULZIISAIKHAN (MGL) pin Yaru WU (CHN), 2:03
68 kg - Feng ZHOU (CHN) pin Delgermaa ENKHSAIKHAN (MGL), 1:15
72 kg - Juan WANG (CHN) dec. Davaanasan ENKH AMAR (MGL), 9-2
76 kg - Qiandegenchagan QIANDEGENCHAGAN (CHN) pin Ariunjargal GANBAT (MGL), 0:23

UKRAINE 5, RUSSIA 5 (criteria to Ukraine)

50 kg - Mariia VYNNYK (UKR) dec. Daria LEKSINA (RUS), 8-7
53 kg - Solomiia VYNNYK (UKR) dec. Milana DADASHEVA (RUS), 16-14
55 kg - Olga KHOROSHAVTSEVA (RUS) tech. fall Anastasiya KRAVCHENKO (UKR), 13-2
57 kg - Olena KREMZER (UKR) pin Marina SIMONYAN (RUS), 2:43
59 kg - Liubov OVCHAROVA (RUS) dec. Sofiia BODNAR (UKR), 6-1
62 kg - Tetiana RIZHKO (UKR) inj. dft. Uliana TUKURENOVA (RUS)
65 kg - Natalia FEDOSEEVA (RUS) dec. Oksana CHUDYK (UKR), 5-3
68 kg - Anastasiia BRATCHIKOVA (RUS) dec. Alina RUDNYTSKA LEVYTSKA (UKR), 4-1
72 kg - Alla BELINSKA (UKR) pin Evgeniia ZAKHARCHENKO (RUS), 1:34
76 kg - Ekaterina BUKINA (RUS) tech. fall Romana VOVCHAK (UKR), 10-0

U.S. Group B dual meets

50 kg – Whitney Conder (USA) def. Namuuntsetseg Tsogt Ochir (MGL) | 4-3
53 kg – Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) def. Anudari Nandintsetseg (MGL) | Fall
55kg – Bolortuya Bat Ochir (MGL) def. Jacarra Winchester (USA) | Fall
57 kg – Battsetseg Altantsetseg (MGL) def. Kelsey Campbell (USA) | 8-0
59 kg – Shoovdor Baatarjav (MGL) def. Desiree Zavala (USA) | 12-2
62 kg – Macey Kilty (USA) def. Gantuya Enkhbat (MGL) | 4-2
65 kg – Forrest Molinari (USA) def. Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (MGL) | 6-2
68 kg –Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA) def. Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan (MGL) | Fall
72 kg – Davaanasan Enkh Amar (MGL) def. Victoria Francis (USA) | 13-7
76 kg – Adeline Gray (USA) def. Ariunjargal Ganbat (MGL) | Fall

50 kg – Whitney Conder (USA) def. Daria Leksina (RUS) | 7-0
53 kg – Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) def. Milana Dadasheva (RUS) | 10-7
55kg – Jacarra Winchester (USA) def. Olga Khoroshavtseva (RUS) | 5-4
57 kg – Marina Simonyan (RUS) def. Kelsey Campbell (USA) | 10-0
59 kg – Liubov Ovcharova (RUS) def. Desiree Zavala (USA) | 10-0
62 kg – Macey Kilty (USA) def. Uliana Tukurenova (RUS) | injury default
65 kg – Forrest Molinari (USA) def. Natalia Fedoseeva (RUS) | fall
68 kg –Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA) def. Anastasiia Bratchikova (RUS) | 8-0
72 kg – Victoria Francis (USA) def. Evgeniia Zakharchenko (RUS) | fall
76 kg – Adeline Gray (USA) def. Ekaterina Bukina (RUS) | 11-6

Other Group B dual meet
MGL 6, RUS 4

Group A dual meets
JPN 9, UKR 1
CHN 9, UKR 1
JPN 6, CHN 4