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USA women's freestyle Cadets and Juniors collect 11 medals at Berlin Open in Germany

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | Nov. 09, 2019, 4:45 p.m. (ET)

BERLIN, Germany – 11 U.S. women’s freestyle wrestlers won medals at the Berlin Open in Germany, including six gold, four silver and one bronze.

The event featured a Cadet division and a Junior division.

Winning medals in Cadet action was Sterling Dias, Alex Szkotnicki, Skylar Hattendorf and Kylie Welker.

Two-time Cadet World medalist Dias secured the title at 43 kg, defeating U.S. teammate and U15 World champion Szkotnicki in the finals.

Hattendorf, a 2019 Cadet World silver medalist, registered four pins and one decision en route to the gold at 57 kg.

2019 Cadet World bronze medalist Welker pinned and tech falled her way to the title at 61 kg.

Claiming gold medals in the Junior division was Tiare Ikei, Michaela Beck and Kenya Sloan.

Ikei, a 2018 Cadet World bronze medalist, recorded two pins and two tech falls for the gold at 53 kg.

Beck, who represented the USA at the 2019 Junior World Championships, dominatedher way to gold at 62 kg without giving up a single point.

At 76 kg, 2019 Junior Pan American champion Sloan navigated a round-robin bracket, picking up four wins for the title.

Putting together silver-medal finishes were Estrella Dorado-Marin at 50 kg, Xochitl Mota-Pettis at 55 kg and Tiffani Baublitz at 72 kg.

Wrestling at 53 kg, Melanie Mendoza finished with a bronze medal.

Below are the completed results.

at Berlin, Germany (Nov. 9, 2019)

U.S. women’s freestyle results

Cadet division
43 kg: Sterling Dias(Henderson, Nev.) – GOLD
WIN Hilda Forare Berg, 10-3
WIN Maja Majdunka, 10-0
WIN Alex Szkotnicki, 7-0

43 kg: Alexandra Szkotnicki(Riva, Md.) – SILVER
WIN Nina Brosch, 10-0
WIN Hedda Ophaug, 10-0
LOSS Sterling Dias, 7-0

53 kg: Adriana Dorado-Marin(Denver, Colo.)
WIN Vanja Gersak-Perez, fall
WIN Teuta Biscan, 12-0
LOSS Olha Padoshuk, fall

57 kg: Skylar Hattendorf (Hooksett, N.H.) – GOLD
WIN Sophia Rohl, fall
WIN Ariana Schulin, fall
WIN Aleksandra Witos, fall
WIN Mea Laakso, fall
WIN Patricia Strelczyk, 3-1

61 kg: Skye Realin(Mililani, Hawaii)
WIN Anna Fotiadou, fall
WIN Camille Burlet, 13-0
LOSS Sophie Kraus, injury default

61 kg: Kylie Welker(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – GOLD
WIN Hedda Holm, 10-0
WIN Mikalea Viebke, fall
WIN Saga Soro, 10-0
WIN Sophie Kraus, fall
WIN Nicola Wasilewska, fall

Junior division
50 kg: Estrella Dorado-Marin (Denver, Colo.) - SILVER
WIN Amanda Tomczyk, fall
WIN Ebba Soderquist, fall
WIN Maria Ferone, 11-6
WIN Nelly Johansson, 14-4
LOSS Taru Vainionpaa, 10-0

50 kg: Lizette Rodriguez(Fremont, Calif.)
WIN Xenia Paul, 12-1
LOSS Nelly Johansson, fall

53 kg: Melanie Mendoza (Selma, Calif.) – BRONZE
WIN Monika Kuznekova, fall
LOSS Tiare Ikei, fall
WIN Natalia Walczak, fall

53 kg: TiareIkei(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – GOLD
WIN Natalia Walczak, 10-0
WIN Sophie Seimetz, fall
WIN Melanie Mendoza, fall
WIN Angelina Purschke, 10-0

55 kg: Xochitl Mota-Pettis(Humble, Texas) – SILVER
WIN Veronika Dragas, 10-0
WIN Amel Rebiha, fall
LOSS Veronika Ryobovolova, fall

59 kg: Mia Macaluso(Otisville, N.Y.)
LOSS Oksana Moskalova, 7-5

62 kg: Michaela Beck (Iowa City, Iowa) – GOLD
WIN Nora Svensson, 11-0
WIN Savana Pinset, 10-0
WIN Karolina Horbik, 11-0

72 kg: Tiffani Baublitz(Stewartstown, Pa.) – SILVER
WIN Viktoria Fulep, 10-0
LOSS Kamila Kulwicka, 10-0
WIN Jennifer Rosler, fall
LOSS Kamila Kulwicka, fall

76 kg: Kenya Sloan(Knoxville, Tenn.)– GOLD
WIN Selina Wuhr, fall
WIN Ewelina Kaczynska, 14-9
WIN Amelia Frisbee, 10-0
WIN Lilly Schneider, 11-2