Miranda gets redemption, Hancock makes a statement, U23 Greco-Roman Team Trials Finals Results

By Mike Willis, USA Wrestling | May 31, 2019, 9:05 p.m. (ET)

Randon Miranda seconds after clinching a spot on the U23 World Team. Photo by Sam Janicki.

Taylor LaMont kept Randon Miranda off the Senior National Team when he defeated him in the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament true second match, 2-0, earlier this May in Raleigh, North Carolina. Miranda evened the score when he took two-out-of-three matches this evening at the U23 World Team Trials in Akron, Ohio. This is the second-straight U23 World Team Miranda has made.

“I’m more excited this year going into it,” he said. “I got a taste of it last year, and my performance wasn’t good. I’ve been training as hard as I can, and I’m excited for it. I’m ready to go back out there.”

G’Angelo Hancock was another wrestler who made back-to-back U23 World Teams. He rolled through the 97 kg bracket with five technical falls, and was awarded the tournament’s outstanding wrestler award. Hancock had the option to delay a wrestle-off with the U23 Tournament Champion since he is wrestling for a Senior Team spot in Final X. However, he opted to compete in the tournament anyways.

“I didn’t see the point in that,” he said. “I’m here to wrestle. I love wrestling. I’m here to get matches, and that’s what it’s all about. I don’t think that I’m special enough to say “you wrestle me here”. I’m not special enough to make my own qualifications. I wanted to come here and be fair, and I wanted to wrestle.”

Other wrestlers that made the U23 World Team were Dalton Roberts at 63 kg, Peyton Omania at 67 kg, Lenny Merkin at 72 kg, Andrew Berreyesa at 82 kg, and Matthew Finesilver at 87 kg.

Several wrestlers who won the Trials Tournament could still face a delayed wrestle-off with a current U23 eligible wrestler who is competing for a spot on the Senior World Team in Final X. These include 57 kg champion Liam Cronin, who could see Brady Koontz, 77 kg champion Jesse Porter, who could face Kamal Bey, and 130 kg champion Tate Orndorff, who could be challenged by Cohlton Schultz.

Finals Results

57 kg

Liam Cronin (IND) DEF Cevion Severado Mizzou 2-0

Match 1: Cronin dec Severado (5-0)

Match 2: Cronin dec Severado (3-0)

60 kg

Randon Miranda (NYAC/NMU) DEF Taylor Lamont (Sunkist Kids) 2-1

Match 1: Miranda dec Lamont (6-3)

Match 2: Lamont dec Miranda (2-1)

Match 3: Miranda dec Lamont (6-2)

63 kg

Dalton Roberts (NYAC/NMU) dec Dylan Gregerson (Utah Valley RTC) 2-0

Match 1: Roberts dec Gregerson (4-0)

Match 2: Roberts FALL Gregerson (1:45)

67 kg

Peyton Omania (MSU) DEF Nolan Baker (NIRTC) 2-1

Match 1: Omania dec Baker 14-9

Match 2: Baker fall Omania 3:27

Match 3: Omania dec Baker 6-3

72 kg

Lenny Merkin (NJRTC) DEF Britton Holmes 2-0

Match 2: Merkin dec Holmes 5-2

Match 3: Merkin FALL Holmes: 53

77 kg

Jesse Porter (NYAC) DEF Fritz Schierl (TMWC/ORTC) 2-0

Match 2: Porter dec Schierl 5-1

Match 3: Porter dec Schierl 4-1

82 kg

Andrew Berreyesa (Cornell) DEF Chandler Rogers (OKRTC/TMWC)

Match 1: Berreyesa TF Rogers 10-1

Match 2: Berreyesa dec Rogers 7-2

87 kg

Matthew Finesilver (BBWC) DEF Blake Smith (OTC-AZ) 2-0

Match 1: Finesilver TF Smith 8-0

Match 2 Finesilver dec Smith 7-0

97 kg

G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids) DEF Chad Porter (Sunkist Kids) 2-0

Match 1: Hancock TF Porter 9-1

Match 2: Hancock TF Porter 8-0

130 kg

Tate Orndorf (Utah Valley RTC) DEF Hadyn Maley 2-0

Match 1: Orndorf TF Maley 9-0

Match 2:  Orndorf TF Maley 8-0

Placement Matches

55 kg
Third: King Sandoval Waldorf, MD (Terrapin Wrestling Club) VFA Dylan Koontz Plover, WI (TMWC/Ohio RTC), 4-0 1:06

Fifth:Drew West Riverside, IA (Northern Illinois RTC) VSU Samuel Braswell S CHESTERFLD, VA (Cougar Wrestling Club), 8-0 1:33

Seventh: Sean Sesnan WMS COLLEGE, AR (Williams Baptist University) VFA Anthony Molton Crest Hill, IL (Colt Wrestling), 11-8 1:45

60 kg
Third:Jacob Cochran Pensacola, FL (NMU-OTS) FALL Bruce Hrynciw Camp Lejeune, NC (Marines), 6-4 0:57

Fifth:David Stepanian Macomb, MI (NMU-OTS) DEF Dalton Duffield Oklahoma City, OK (NYAC/NMU) INJ DEF

Seventh:Nathaneal Rankin Clarksville, AR (River Valley Wrestling Club) FALL Joshua Wright WMS COLLEGE, AR (Williams Baptist University), 17-11 3:50

63 kg
Third: Jaden Enriquez Tulare, CA (Michigan State) dec Joshua Saunders St. Louis, MO (TMWC), 6-3

Fifth: Kyle Evans Beaver, UT (Western Wyoming) FALL Savion Haywood Bloomington, IL (Virginia Beach Regional Training Center), 4-0 1:11

Seventh:Luis Hernandez Ithaca, NY (Finger Lakes RTC) DEF Nathan Cervantez (CYC), INJ DEF

67 kg
Third: Benjamin Peak Elkhorn, WI (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) VSU1 Domonick Demas Norman, OK (Oklahoma), 13-4 0:57

Fifth: Dominic Damon Seattle, WA (NMU-OTS) VSU1 Delon Kanari Volo, IL (NMU-OTS), 11-1 3:35

Seventh: Marcus Abreu Marietta, GA (Life University) VSU1 Bryce Thurston DeKalb, IL (Northern Illinois RTC), 16-8 4:15

72 kg
Third: Anthony Artalona Philadelphia, PA (PRTC) dec Tyler Eischens Andover, MN (Stanford - California RTC), 7-5

Fifth:Connor Myers Fort Carson, CO (U.S. Army) TF Riley Briggs Brentwood, CA (NMU-OTS), 8-0 1:28

Seventh: Jake Drexler Stratford, WI (Wisconsin) DEF Duncan Nelson Wheaton, IL (Williams Baptist University), INJ DEF

77 kg

Third: Zachary Tolver Harvey, MI (NMU-OTS) dec Eddie Smith Dubuque, IA (Dubuque Wrestling Club), 4-3

Fifth: Billy Higgins iii Greeley, CO (Northern Colorado) NC Jake Hendricks Philadelphia, PA (PRTC), 0-0

Seventh: Zachary Grimes (NMU-OTS) VSU Brett Johnson Indianapolis, IN (Knights Wrestling Club), 8-0 0:47

82 kg
Third: Spencer Woods College Park, MD (NYAC/NMU) VPO1 Thomas Brackett Memphis, TN (NMU-OTS/Wave Wrestling Club), 6-3

Fifth: Brady Vogel Dubuque, IA (Dubuque Wrestling Club) TF Caleb Spears Rutherfordton, NC (Strong & Courageous), 10-1 2:11

Seventh: Tommy Dantzler Colorado Springs, CO (Front Range Twisters) DEF Jose Acosta Manitowoc, WI (X-Factor Elite), INJ DEF

87 kg
Third:George Hooker Nashville, TN (NMU-OTS) dec Christian Dulaney Shakopee, MN (Minnesota Storm), 7-5

Fifth: Bear Hughes OK (Unattached) DEF George Sikes Fort Pierce, FL (NYAC/NMU) No Contest

Timothy Eubanks WMS COLLEGE, AR (Williams Baptist University) DF Keaton Fanning (NMU-OTS) FFT

97 kg
Third: Roy Nash Marquette, MI (NMU-OTS) TF Devon Amburgy WMS COLLEGE, AR (Williams Baptist University), 8-0 0:41

Fifth: Kaden Russell Kent, OH (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) DEF Jeremiah Imonode West Point, NY (West Point RTC), FFT

Seventh:Ross Sealby DeKalb, IL (Northern Illinois TF VSU Kaleb Gaede Limon, CO (NMU-OTS), 8-0 0:40

130 kg:
Third: Thomas Helton Elmhurst, IL (Southern Illinois) TF Kaleb Reeves Sigourney, IA (Kohawk Wrestling Club), 8-0 3:27

Fifth: James Ford Columbus, OH (Columbus Wrestling Club) VPO1 Cornelius Putnam Chatham, IL (Cowboy RTC/TMWC), 4-3

Seventh: Jerhett Lee Clarksville, AR (River Valley Wrestling Club) VPO1 Max Darrah Foristell, MO (Xtreme Training), 8-3

Semifinals Results


Liam Cronin (IND) TF Samuell Braswell (CWC) 8-0

Cevion Severado (Mizzou) dec Drew West (NIRTC) 10-9

60 kg

Taylor LaMont (Sunkist) TF King Sandoval (TWC) 10-2

Randon Miranda (NYAC/NMU) TF Dylan Koontz (TMWC/ORTC) 8-0

63 kg

Dylan Gregerson (UVRTC) TF Jaden Enriquez (MSU) 9-0

Dalton Roberts (NYAC/NMU) dec Kyle Evans W. Wyoming

67 kg

Nolan Baker (NIRTC) TF Benji Peak (Sunkist) 8-0

Peyton Omania (MSU) dec Dom Demas (OKRTC) 6-3

72 kg

Lenny Merkin (NJRTC) dec Anthony Artalona (PRTC) 6-1

Britton Holmes (NMU-OTS) dec Tyler Eischens (CARTC)

77 kg

Jesse Porter (NYAC) dec Jake Hendricks (PRTC) 3-2

Fritz Schierl (TMWC/ORTC) TF Billy Higgins (UNCO) 11-3

82 kg

Andrew Berreyesa (Cornell) dec Tommy Brackett (NMU-OTS) 3-2

Chandler Rogers (CRTC/TMWC) TF Spencer Woods (NYAC/NMU) 8-0

87 kg

Matthew Finesilver (BBWC) dec Bear Hughes (Unattached) 12-5

Blake Smith (OTCCO-AZ) dec George Sikes (NYAC/NMU) 1-1

97 kg

G’Angelo Hanock (Sunkist) TF Devon Amburgy (WBC) 10-0

Chad Porter FALL Roy Nash (NMU-OTS) 2:27

130 kg

Tate Orndorff (UVRTC) dec James Ford (CWC) 6-0

Haydn Maley (CARTC) Fall Thomas Helton (So Ill) 5:42