Men's Freestyle Junior World Team set

By Mike Willis | May 18, 2019, 10:53 p.m. (ET)

Brayton Lee is the 70 kg Junior World Team member. Photo by Justin Hoch

The Men’s Freestyle Junior World team is a mix of new faces and seasoned veterans with international experience. 

At 57 kg, Vito Arujau made his third World Team by defeating Malik Heinselman two-matches-to-none. Arujau made last year’s U23 Team, but did not compete. He took silver at the 2016 Cadet World Championships.

Elite Accelerator Program athlete Gabe Tagg, defeated his future Tar Heel teammate, Jaime Hernandez two matches to none. This is his first World Team.

Northwestern’s Yahya Thomas shut out Keegan O’Toole in two straight matches at 65 kg, 7-0, and 2-0 to make his first World Team.

Brayton Lee avenged his 2019 UWW Junior Nationals loss to Sammy Sasso by beating him twice in a row, 11-8, and 8-1 in the 70 kg finals to make his first world team. Sasso won by a 10-0 technical fall in the Junior Nationals Finals. 

2016 Cadet World bronze medalist David Carr made his second World Team. He defeated Shane Griffith at 74 kg in two matches, 6-3 and 6-4.

Returing Junior World silver medalist Aaron Brooks made his third straight World Team defeating Parker Keckeisen, 10-0, 10-1. Brooks took gold at the 2017 Cadet World Championships. 

NC State Redshirt Freshman Trent Hidlay brought the Wolfpack crowd to their feet when he earned his World Team spot at 86 kg. He defeated Vincent Marcelli, 12-7 and 11-4. Hidlay’s older brother, Hayden competed in the Senior Men’s Freestyle tournament at 70 kg but did not place.

Northwestern put their second wrestler on the Junior World Team when Lucas Davison earned the spot at 92 kg. He defeated Brandon Whitman, 9-0 and 5-0.

97 kg was another UWW Junior Nationals Final rematch. Tanner Sloan reversed the result from Junior Nationals and defeated Sam Schuyler in two matches, 7-6 and 6-4.

125 kg was the only series that went to three matches. Trent Hillger defeated Mason Parris in the first match 7-6, but it was all Parris from there. He took the next two by technical fall 10-0 and by fall in 39 seconds.

The Junior World Team will wrestle in the Junior World Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, this August.

57 kg
Vito Arujau (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club) df. Malik Heinselman (Ohio RTC) Two matches to none
Round One: Arujau dec Heinselman, 13-5
Round Two: Arujau TF Heinselman, 11-1
61 kg
Gabe Tagg (EAP) df. Jaime Hernandez (Tar Heel WC) Two matches to none
Round One: Tagg TF Hernandez, 10-0
Round Two: Tagg dec Hernandez, 12-3 
65 kg
Yahya Thomas (Chicago RTC/ Wildcat WC) df. Keegan O’Toole (Askren Wrestling Academy) Two matches to none
Round One: Thomas dec O’Toole, 7-0
Round Two: Thomas dec O’ Toole 2-0
70 kg:
Brayton Lee (Minnesota RTC) df. Sammy Sasso (Ohio RTC) Two matches to none
Round One: Lee dec Sasso 11-8
Round Two: Lee dec Sasso 8-1
74 kg
David Carr (TMWC) df. Shane Griffith (California Regional Training Center) Two matches to none
Round One: Carr dec Griffith 6-3
Round Two: Carr dec Griffith 6-4 
79 kg
Aaron Brooks (TMWC) df. Parker Keckeisen (Askren Wrestling Academy) Two matches to none
Round One: Brooks TF Keckeisen 10-0
Round Two: Brooks dec Keckeisen 10-1
86 kg
Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack WC) df. Vincent Marcelli (Old Hickory Wrestling Club) Two matches to none
Round One: Hidlay dec Marcelli, 12-7
Round Two: Hidlay dec Marcelli, 11-4
92 kg
Lucas Davison (Chicago RTC/Wildcat WC) df. Brandon Whitman (Tarheel WC) Two matches to none
Round 1: Davison dec Whitman, 9-0
Round 2: Davison dec Whitman, 5-0 
97 kg
Tanner Sloan (Jackrabbit WC) df. Sam Schuyler (BWC) Two matches to none
Round One: Sloan dec Schuyler, 7-6
Round Two: Sloan dec Schuyler, 6-4
125 kg
Mason Parris (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club) df. Trent Hillger (Unattached) Two matches to none
Round One: Hillger dec Parris, 7-6
Round Two: Parris TF Hillger, 10-0
Round Three: Parris FALL Hillger, :39

Third place matches

57 Eric Barnett (Unattached) VFO Patrick Mckee (Minnesota Regional Training Center)
61 Jarrett Trombley (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) dec Jevon Parrish (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 9-8
65 Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) dec PJ Oqunzanya (West Point Wrestling Club), 4-1
70 Jared Franek (Bison Wrestling Club) dec Harold Mauller (Unattached), 5-1
74 Philip Conigliaro (Unattached) dec Travis Wittlake Jr. (Cowboy RTC), 9-4
79 Dustin Plott (Tuttle Wrestling Club) TF Michael O'Malley (Pennsylvania RTC), 18-8 4:57
86 Christopher Foca (RedNose Wrestling School, LLC.) dec Zachary Braunagel (Illinios RTC), 10-8
92 Joel Shapiro (Cyclone Regional Training Center C-RTC) dec Dakota Howard (Unattached)
97 Jake Boyd (Unattached) dec Tyler Bagoly (Clarion Wrestling Club), 11-2
125 John Borst (Unattached) dec Zachary Knighton-Ward (Blue & Gold Wrestling Club), 10-1