Semifinals set at Junior Men's Freestyle World Team Trials

By Mike Willis | May 17, 2019, 2:12 p.m. (ET)

Eric Barnett, photo by Justin Hoch

The Junior Men’s Freestyle World Team Trials did not lack action or upsets in the opening rounds.

At 57 kg, No. 6 seed Eric Barnett, a high school senior, knocked off Michigan State’s sophomore All-American No. 3 Rayvon Foley in the quarterfinals, 10-9. Unseeded Kyle Biscoglia took out No. 2 Sam Latona in the opening round, 13-2. He fell to No. 7 Michael Colaiocco, 10-3, in the quarterfinals.

Coming in as the No. 7 seed at 61 kg, Frankie Tal-Shahar defeated No. 2 Jevon Parish 10-0 to punch his ticket to the semifinals.

At 65 kg, unseeded Lucas Revano pulled arguably the biggest upset of the morning when he beat No. 2 Josh Saunders, 8-6. Saunders represented Team USA at the Cadet and Junior World Championships last year.

No. 6 Philip Conigliaro defeated No. 3 Travis Wittlake at 74 kg, 6-5. Wittlake is a Cadet World bronze medalist.
Another No. 6 knocking off a No. 2 occurred at 79 kg, where Jake Hendricks upset Tyler Dow, 9-8. Both wrestlers are known for their Greco-Roman chops. Hendricks was a 2017 Cadet World Team member, and Dow was on the 2018 Junior World Team.
At 86 kg, the No. 2 and No 3. wrestlers in the bracket both fell in their opening matches. No. 6 Jack Jessen defeated No. 3 Gavin Hoffman, 11-1, and No. 7 Chris Foca beat No 2. Cameron Caffey, 8-8.

The winners of today’s tournament finals will wrestle in the best-of-three series tomorrow against the winners of the 2019 U.S. Open to earn a spot on the Junior World Team.

Semifinals Matches 

57 kg
Vito Arujau (FLWC) vs. Wyatt Henson (Sunkist Kids)
Michael Colaiocco (Unattached) vs. Eric Barnett (Unattached)

61 kg
Roman Bravo-Young (NLWC) vs. Teague Travis (Unattached)
Jaime Hernandez (Tarheel WC) vs. Frankie Tal-Shahar (SWAT)

65 kg
Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) vs. Keegan O'Toole (AWA)
P.J.Ogunsanya (West Point) vs.Lucas Revano (Unattached)

70 kg
Brayton Lee (MNRTC) vs.Jacori Teemer (Sunkist Kids)
Peyton Robb (NWTC) vs. Brock Mauller (Unattached)

74 kg
Daniel Braunagel (IRTC) vs. DJ Shannon (EAP)
Philip Conigliaro (Unattached) vs. Shane Griffin (CRTC)

79 kg
Dustin Plott (TWC) vs. Jake Allar (MNRTC)
Jake Hendricks (PRTC) vs. Parker Keckeisen (AWA)

86 kg
Zachary Braunagel (IRTC) vs. Victor Marcelli (OHTC)
Jack Jessen (CRTC) vs. Chris Foca (RNWS)

92 kg
Jake Woodley (Unattached) vs. Dakota Howard (Unattached)
Kordell Norfleet (Sunkist Kids) vs. Brandon Whitman (Tarheel WC)

97 kg
Tanner Sloan (JRWC) vs. Jake Boyd (Unattached)
Kyle Lightner (Sunkist Kids) vs. Aric Bohn (Unattached)

125 kg 
Trent Hillger (Unattached) vs. Zachary Knighton-Ward (BGWC)
Mason Parris (CKWC) vs. John Borst (Unattached)

Quarterfinal Results

57  Vitali Arujau (Finger Lake WC) TF Matthew Ramos (Unattached), 12-0 3:35
57  Wyatt Henson (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) dec Justin Cardani (Unattached), 16-7
57  Michael Colaiocco (Unattached) dec Kyle Biscoglia (Unattached), 10-3
57  Eric Barnett (Unattached) dec Rayvon Foley (Michigan State RTC), 10-9
61  Roman Bravo-young (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club) TF Timothy Decatur-luker (Freco), 12-1 1:31
61  Teague Travis (Unattached) TF Jarrett Trombley (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 14-4 3:51
61  Jaime Hernandez (Tarheel Wrestling Club) dec Jordan Decatur (Cvca), 12-6
61  Frankie Tal-shahar (SWAT (Sheldon Wrestling Academy Training)) TF Jevon Parrish (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 10-0 3:38
65  Keegan O'toole (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country) TF Edward Scott (M2 Training Center), 10-0 4:10
65  Lucas Revano (Unattached) dec Joshua Saunders (Eap), 8-6
70  Brayton Lee (Minnesota Regional Training Center) TF Justin Mccoy (Cavalier Wrestling Club), 13-3 6:00
70  Jacori Teemer (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) TF Jaden Van maanen (Bison Wrestling Club), 10-0 3:30
70  Harold Mauller (Unattached) dec Jared Franek (Bison Wrestling Club), 5-4
74  DJ Shannon (Eap) dec Jarrett Jacques (Unattached), 4-2
74  Philip Conigliaro (Unattached) dec Travis Wittlake jr. (Cowboy RTC), 6-5
74  Shane Griffith (California Regional Training Center (CRTC)) TF Aaron Bancroft (Backyard Wrestling Club), 11-0 2:21
79  Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania RTC) dec Tyler Dow (Wisconsin RTC), 9-8
79  Jake Allar (Minnesota Regional Training Center) dec Michael O'Malley (Pennsylvania RTC), 6-4
79  Parker Keckeisen (Askren Wrestling Academy North Shore) TF Jackson Turley (Virginia Team Predator), 13-1 4:55
86  Zachary Braunagel (Illinios RTC) TF Beau Yineman (Unattached), 15-5 5:47
86  Victor Marcelli (Old Hickory Wrestling Club) TF Peter Acciardi (Bulls Wrestling Club), 10-0 4:29
86  Jack Jessen (Chicago Regional Training Center/Wildcat WC) TF Gavin Hoffman (Ohio Regional Training Center), 11-1 2:53
86  Christopher Foca (RedNose Wrestling School, LLC.) dec Cameron Caffey (Michigan State RTC), 8-8
92  Dakota Howard (Unattached) dec Joel Shapiro (Cyclone Regional Training Center C-RTC), 6-3
97  Jake Boyd (Unattached) dec Tyler Bagoly (Clarion Wrestling Club), 11-5
97  Kyle Lightner (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) dec Owen Trephan (Blairstown Wrestling Club), 7-4
125  Zachary Knighton-Ward (Blue & Gold Wrestling Club) dec Austin Emerson (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 6-2