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U23 World Team decided at final day of 2019 Women's Nationals

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | May 12, 2019, 7:10 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Macey Kilty takes down Jayden Laurent in 68 kg finals. Photo by Wrestling Texas.

IRVING, Texas – Three past age-group World champions help make up the 2019 U23 World Team, which was decided on Sunday afternoon on the final day of the Women’s National Championships in Irving, Texas.

The 2019 U23 Worlds are set for October 28-November 3 in Budapest, Hungary.

Leading the squad is 2017 Junior World champion Maya Nelson at 65 kg and 2018 Cadet World champions Emily Shilson at 50 kg and Macey Kilty at 68 kg.

Junior World champ Nelson, who sat out the 2018 season, returned to the mat this year and eased her way to a U23 World Team with four technical fall wins on the day. In the finals, she went through 2016 Cadet World Team member Ashlynn Ortega.

At 50 kg, Shilson, a 2018 Youth Olympic champion, bounced back from a tough best-of-three finals loss in the Junior World Team Trials earlier this weekend to claim spot on the U23 Team.

After teching her way to the finals, Shilson finished off an impressive day with two solid performances against two-time WCWA All-American Maria Vidales in the finals.

2019 Cadet World champion and Junior World silver medalist Kilty made her second World Team of the weekend after earning a bid to Junior Worlds on Friday.

Bumping up to 68 kg, Kilty faced off against fellow 2019 Junior World Teamer Jayden Laurent in the best-of-three series for the U23 spot. Kilty was dominant, producing a pair of tech falls, 11-0 and 12-2.

Also making her second World Team of the weekend was Alyvia Fiske, who is the USA’s Junior and U23 representative at 72 kg.

Fiske, who earned a bid to Final X last month, scored three first-period tech falls to get to the finals. There, she won by pin and a 4-0 decision against Jerzie Estrada.

Two women made their third-straight U23 World Teams in Kayla Miracle and Dominique Parrish.

Fresh off winning the U.S. Open, Miracle owned the 62 kg bracket to make her eighth-career age-group World Team. Miracle is a three-time U23, three-time Junior and two-time Cadet World Team member.

From her multiple trips to the World stage, Miracle owns two Junior World bronzes and one Cadet World silver.

Two-time Senior National Team member Parrish edged out Areana Villaescusa in the finals series, bouncing back from a first-round loss and taking the second and third rounds to claim the crown at 55 kg.

Also returning to U23 Worlds is Abigail Nette, who did not surrender a single point on Sunday, outscoring her opponents 40-0 to win the spot at 59 kg.

Rounding out the 2019 U23 women’s freestyle World Team is Felicity Taylor at 53 kg, Arian Carpio at 57 kg and Precious Bell at 76 kg.

at Irving, Texas

50 kg
1st – Emily Shilson (Minnesota) df. Maria Vidales (Georgia), two matches to none
Round one: Shilson dec. Vidales, 11-5
Round two: Shilson dec. Vidales, 12-10

3rd - Jaslynn Gallegos (Team Colorado) df. Vanessa Ramirez (Team Indiana), fall 1:09
5th - Aleeah Gould Bristol, TN (Team Tennessee) VPO1 Jackie Mcnichols Bristol, TN (Team Tennessee), 2-1
7th - Josie Bartishofski (Team Wisconsin) TF Carly Valleroy (Team Missouri), 15-4

53 kg
1st – Felicity Taylor (Iowa) df. Vayle Baker (Pennsylvania), two matches to none
Round one: Taylor dec. Baker, 6-3
Round two: Taylor dec. Baker, 2-1

3rd - Charlotte Fowler (Team Kentucky) dec. Victoria Gutierrez (Team Georgia), 10-6
5th - Rita Morales (Team Hawaii) df. Tateum Park (Team Iowa), fall 2:31
7th - Amber Pair (Team Oregon) df. Mary Nichols (Team Pennsylvania), fall 5:57

55 kg
1st – Dominique Parrish (California) df. Areana Villaescusa (Arizona), two matches to one
Round one: Villaescusa dec. Parrish, 4-0
Round two: Parrish dec. Villaescusa, 6-5
Round three: Parrish dec. Villaescusa, 10-2

3rd - Alisha Howk (Team Wisconsin) TF Kasey Baynon (Team Georgia), 10-0
5th - Chelsea Dionisio (Team North Dakota) TF Isabella Badon (Team Tennessee), 10-0
7th – Alina Kinsey (Montana)

57 kg
1st – Arian Carpio (Arizona) df. Allison Petix (Tennessee), two matches to none
Round one: Carpio dec. Petix, 4-0
Round two: Carpio dec. Petix, 6-2

3rd - Cameron Guerin (Team Washington) TF Koral Sugiyama (Team Kentucky), 12-2
5th - Robin Yunis (Team Tennessee) df. Sierra Powell (Team Virginia), fall 3:00
7th - Shaina Murray (Team Pennsylvania) TF Katelynn Gunderson (Team Wisconsin), 12-0

59 kg
1st – Abby Nette (Georgia) df. Lauren Mason (California), two matches to none
Round one: Nette TF Mason, 10-0
Round two: Nette TF Mason, 10-0

3rd - Xochitl Mota-pettis (Team Texas) TF Kaylee Moore (Team Washington), 14-4
5th - Marissa Gallegos (Team Colorado) df. Cara Romeike (Team North Dakota), fall 5:57
7th - Kassidy Block (Team Michigan) dec. Miyuki Pugrad (Team Missouri), fall 1:02

62 kg
1st – Kayla Miracle (Iowa) df. Desiree Zavala (Washington), two matches to none
Round one: Miracle TF Zavala, 11-1
Round two: Miracle TF Zavala, 12-2

3rd - Alara Boyd (Team Indiana) dec. Alexandria Liles (Team Texas), 5-2
5th - Bridgette Duty (Team Kentucky) TF Michelle Camacho (Team California), 14-4
7th - Brianna Csontos (Team New York) dec. Gabrielle Garcia (Team Hawaii), 4-4

65 kg
1st – Maya Nelson (Colorado) df. Ashlynn Ortega (Colorado), two matches to none
Round one: Nelson dec. Ortega, 6-1
Round two: Nelson TF Ortega, 12-0

3rd - Cierra Foster (Team Oklahoma) df. Cara Broadus (Team Connecticut), fall 1:08
5th - Mckenzie Cook (Team Alaska) df. Destiny Lyng (Team Oklahoma), fall 5:49
7th - Grace Kristoff (Team Illinois) TF Logan Mize (Team Texas), 14-3

68 kg
1st – Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) df. Jayden Laurent (Wisconsin), two matches to none
Round one: Kilty TF Laurent, 11-0
Round two: Kilty TF Laurent, 12-2

3rd - Kayla Marano (Team Georgia) dec. Skylar Grote (Team New Jersey), 10-2
5th - Tatum Sparks (Team Montana) df. Lena Flanagan (Team Washington), fall 2:43
7th - Alma Mendoza (Team Colorado) df. Ophelia Lara (Team Georgia), fall 1:51

72 kg
1st – Alyvia Fiske (California) df. Jerzie Estrada (California), two matches to none
Round one: Fiske df. Estrada, fall 3:56
Round two: Fiske dec. Estrada, 4-0

3rd - Dymond Guilford (Team Missouri) TF Joye Levendusky (Team New York), 10-0
5th - Anna Naylor (Team Kentucky) TF Myranda Velazquez (Team North Dakota), 14-4
7th - Jewell Gonzalez (Team New Jersey) df. Morgan Mayginnes (Team Kansas), fall 0:56

76 kg
1st – Precious Bell df. Emily Cue (Colorado), two matches to one
Round one: Bell dec. Cue, 7-0
Round two: Cue df. Bell, fall 2:01
Round three: Bell dec. Bell, 10-4

3rd - Andrea Sennett (Team Illinois) df. Kenya-lee Sloan (Team Kentucky), fall 2:40
5th - Paige Baynes (Team Texas) df. Yelena Makoyed (Team California), forfeit
7th - Hannah Gladden (Team Georgia) TF Maria Enriquez (Team Montana), 10-0