#WomensWednesday: See 2011 bout: Adeline Gray vs. Kristie Davis, who combine for six World titles and 15 World medals

By USA Wrestling | May 08, 2019, 12:22 p.m. (ET)
When you check out the history of U.S. women's wrestling, two of the all-time greats are Kristie Davis and Adeline Gray. Although they are from different generations, there was a period when Davis was at the end of her career and Gray was coming onto the scene when they were at the same weight class at times.

Kristie Davis won two World gold medals and a record nine World medals during her Hall of Fame career. Adeline Gray, who is still in her prime, has won four World gold medals and six total World medals. Add them up and you have six World titles and 15 World medals between them.

From the USA Wrestling archives comes this June 14, 2011 match between these two heroes. It is from the 2011 World Team Trials, held in Oklahoma City, Okla. The match was the finals of the Challenge Tournament at 63 kg, with the winner advancing to face Elena Pirozhkova in the deciding best-of-three series.

This was during the era when athletes had to win two periods to get the victory. This match went the full three periods before a winner was determined.

Enjoy the action, as we also celebrate the amazing success that Davis and Gray have had in the sport.