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Hildebrandt and Gray ranked No. 1 in latest UWW World Ranking Series standings

By JD Rader, USA Wrestling | May 08, 2019, 1:34 p.m. (ET)

Sarah Hildebrandt has her arm raised in victory over Diana Weicker of Canada in the 2018 World semifinals. Photo by Robbert Wijtman.

United World Wrestling has released its latest World Rankings Series standings. The U.S. has 13 wrestlers in the top 20 with 2018 World finalist Sarah Hildebrandt and four-time World champion Adeline Gray sitting at No. 1.

UWW World Ranking Series standings are based off a point system that includes the previous year’s World Championships, the current year’s Continental Championships, and four Ranking Series events.

Two Rankings Series events have already taken place: the Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin and the Dan Kolov – Nikola Petrov. The remaining two Ranking Series events before the World Championships are the Sassari City Matteo Pellicone Memorial in Sassari, Italy, May 23-25 and the Yasar Dogu in Istanbul, Turkey, July 11-14.

The standings are used to provide the top four seeds at the World Championships.

Hildebrandt is the only non-returning World champion to hold the top spot. She currently has 86 Ranking Series points at 53 kg, 26 points ahead of No. 2 Haruna Okuno of Japan. Hildebrandt has earned her points by medaling at every Ranking Series opportunity so far.

Adeline Gray sits atop the 76 kg standings with 78 points, putting her just two points ahead of Yasemin Adar of Turkey. Gray defeated Adar 13-1 in the gold medal match at last year’s World Championships.

The 11 other wrestlers who have scored UWW Ranking Series points and are in May’s top 20 standings include:

50 kg
No. 7 Victoria Anthony – 22 points
No. 15 Erin Golston – 16 points
No. 19 Whitney Conder – 14 points

55 kg
No. 8 Jacarra Winchester – 20 points
No. 13 Alexandra Hedrick – 18 points

57 kg
No. 19 Jacarra Winchester – 16 points

62 kg
No. 3 Mallory Velte – 43 points

65 kg
No. 4 Forrest Molinari – 40 points
No. 14 Julia Salata – 18 points

68 kg
No. 2 Tamyra Mensah-Stock – 59 points

72 kg
No. 13 Erin Clodgo – 16 points
No. 16 Rachel Watters – 16 points
No. 18 Tamyra Mensah-Stock – 14 points

Points are allocated to athletes in the weight category in which they compete and are not transferable across weights. This is why Winchester and Mensah-Stock appear in multiple weights.

There are eight criteria, starting with ranking in the previous year’s Senior World Championships, to determine ranking when athletes have the same number of points.

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