Shilson and Hamilton repeat, while Dias and Macaluso earn double titles at the USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals

By Koral Sugiyama, USA Wrestling | March 24, 2019, 12:04 a.m. (ET)

Two-time Junior folkstyle national champion, Gabrielle Hamilton of Illinois goes to work on top against two-time Cadet folkstyle national champion in the 200 pound finals bout at the 2019 USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals.
Photo by Dana Strange, Wrestling Texas

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.—Out of the four returning national champions at the 2019 US Marine Corps Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals, only two made it out alive.

The highly decorated, Emily Shilson of Minnesota (106), is taking home her fourth folkstyle national title this weekend. The multiple-time boys-state qualifier swept through the tournament by securing three falls, a decision, and a technical fall. She is also a Cadet World champion and Youth Olympic Games champion in freestyle and is ranked No. 1 in the nation among high school girls.

The only other repeat champion of the night was Gabriella Hamilton of Illinois (200). Hamilton pinned her way into the finals before winning by decision over the two-time Cadet folkstyle champion Olivia Brown of Oklahoma.

Two Cadet folkstyle champions from the previous day came out victorious. Sterling Dias of Nevada, #4 at 100 pounds for the National Girls High School Rankings, and Sofia Macaluso of New York (127), #17 at 122 pounds.

Many of the finals featured highly ranked athletes. At 180 lbs., Elisa Robinson of Kansas, who is ranked No. 1 in the nation at this weight class, beat Kelani Corbett of Hawaii, who is ranked #2 at 164. The final score was 7-2 for Robinson.

At 138 lbs. Lexie Basham of Texas, who is ranked No. 2 in the nation,  Dalia Garibay of California, who is ranked No. 3 in the nation, pinned , in 3:13.

Other individual Junior Folkstyle National champions were Jaslynn Gallegos of Colorado (112), Peyton Prussin of Nevada (117), Leilah Castro of Ohio (122) , Viktorya Torres of Washington (132), Francesca LoPresti of California (144), Kaylynn Albrecht of Texas (152), Jerzie Estrada of Colorado (164) and Lillian McCoy of California (225). All have high national rankings and have been successful in past USA Wrestling events.

Returning champion and the #3 nationally ranked wrestler at 106 pounds, Samara Chavez of Texas was forced into the consolation bracket after losing her semifinals bout to Amani Jones of Georgia, who is ranked #12 at 106 pounds. Chavez finished fourth after losing to #6 nationally ranked Cristelle Rodriguez of California in the bronze bout.

Last year’s champion and the #1 ranked-wrestler at 127 pounds, Xochitl Mota-Pettis of Texas (132), also fell short in her semifinal’s match to #14 Viktorya Torres of Washington. Mota-Pettis finished on a good note, and won her third-place match.

It is fair to say that this year's Girls Folkstyle Nationals was one of the most competitive ever, with numerous nationally ranked athletes in every weight class. There is no doubt that this event will play a big factor in the next national ranking.

The youth tournament and Junior Folkstyle Duals will conclude the tournament tomorrow at the Cox Center.

Wrestling starts at 9 a.m. sharp and you can tune into FloWrestling to watch.

2019 USMC Girls Junior Folkstyle Nationals
At Oklahoma City, Okla., March 23

1st-Sterling Dias (NV) dec  Dianna Holmes (GA), 8-4
3rd- Julianne Moccia (MD) fall Lizette Rodriguez (CA), 0:45
5th-Kendra Ryan (MI) dec Samantha Miller (OH), 8-6
7th-Elizabeth Dosado (VA) fall Rayana Sahagun (MI), 2:14

106 lbs
1st-Emily Shilson (MN) tech fall Amani Jones (GA), 15-0
3rd-Cristelle Rodriguez (CA) dec Samara Chavez (TX), 4-2
5th-Jenavi Alejandro (NV) dec Johanna Palshan (MI), 4-2
7th-Leah Gaitan (CA) dec Emily Mendez (WA), 10-0

112 lbs
1st-Jaslynn Gallegos (CO) fall Amanda McAleavey (TX), 1:51
3rd-Nichole Moore (KS) dec Catherine Bertrand (GA), 2-1
5th-Allison Hynes (OK) dec Anya Knappenberger (MD), 2-0
7th-Marissa Ritchie (CA) fall Victoria Nunez (TX), 4:54

117 lbs
1st-Peyton Prussin (NV) dec Jennifer Soto (CA), 8-5
3rd-Danielle Garcia (CA) fall Cayden Condit (CO), 0:34
5th-Camille Fournier (TX) dec Alisha Narvaez (CA), 8-5
7th-Autumn Flanigan (MO) fall Annette Enciso (TX), 0:38

122 lbs
1st-Leilah Castro (OH) dec Ainslie Lane (OK), 6-0
3rd-Adriana Lopez (CA) dec Monica Garcia (CA), 3-2
5th-Mary Harrell (MO) fall Autumn Teague (MI), 6-2
7th-Melanie Mendoza (CA) dec Riley Dalrymple (NY), 7-2

127 lbs
1st- Sofia Macaluso (NY) dec Amor Tuttle (MN), 9-3
3rd-Zoe Buteau (ME) dec Andrea Schlabach (OH), 7-2
5th- Tiera Jimerson (CA) dec Ashley Whetzal (VA), 4-3
7th-Nonnie Justice (MO) fall Alisha Van Scoy (SD), 4:15

132 lbs
1st-Viktorya Torres (WA) dec Mia Macaluso (NY), 5-0
3rd-Xochitl Mota-Pettis (TX) fall Emma Walker (TN), 4:04
5th-Taryn Martin (OH) dec Brigid Shannon (ID), 5-0
7th-Jordan Suarez (TX) fall Tristen Music (GA), 2:13

138 lbs.
1st - Lexie Basham (TX) fall Dalia Garibay (CA), 3:13.
3rd-Adelyda Perez (TX) Joanna Qui (CAL)
5th-Nanen Aguilar (CO) fall Jader Herzer (WI), 1:44
7th-Grace Pauls (NY) fall Hailie Beadles (CA), 4:40

144 lbs
1st-Francesca LoPresti (CA) dec Tiyahna Askew (GA), 6-5
3rd-Hunter Robinson (TX) dec Sydney Manos (IL), 3-2
5th-Vivian Hurn (TN) dec Victoria Hinijo (TX), 5-2
7th-Maicie Lockyer (CA) fall Destiny Bailey (NM), 4:29

152 lbs
1st-Kaylynn Albrecht (TX) dec Michelle Kamyshin (CA), 5-3
3rd-Sidney Sullens (GA) dec Chloe Wagner (MI), 10-2
5th-Morgan Mayginnes (KS) fall Destiny King (WI), 2:35
7th-Maddie Konopka (CA) fall Hannah Ricioli (CA), 0:38

164 lbs
1st-Jerzie Estrada (CO) fall Ashley Lekas (TX), 1:06
3rd-Alia Abushi (CA) inj. Ariana Pereira (CA)
5th-Marlynne Deede (UT) fall Kiya Jones (TX), 2:40
7th-Katie Moore (NY) fall Zammariea Brandon (TX), 0:42

180 lbs
1st-Elisa Robinson (KS) dec Kelani Corbett (HI), 7-2
3rd-Brianna Staebler (WI) dec Jasmin Clarke (CA), 1-0
5th-Faith Tuttle (MI) fall Kamilla Montengro (NV), 2:47
7th-Rayana Vigil (NM) fall Jaylen Hyman (MD), 1:58

200 lbs
1st-Gabrielle Hamilton (IL) dec Olivia Brown (OK), 10-2
3rd-Elliana Bommarito (MI) fall Aaliyahrai Stewart (TX), 0:38
5th-Isabeau Shalack (IL) dec Bianca Rosales (TX), 6-2
7th-Isela Mendez (CA) fall Amber Latta (TX), 0:45

225 lbs
1st-Lillian McCoy (CA) dec Taja Showers (VA), 4-2
3rd-Jasmine Guerrero (CA) fall Daya Powell (TX), 4:32
5th-Kathleen Janis (UT) fall Valerie Smith (TN), 3:59
7th-Lily Mills (TX) fall Ashley Tapp (TX), 1:41