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Volk, Wiley, and Shumate double up, Illinois wins seventh-straight team title at USMC 16U Greco-Roman Nationals

By JD Rader, USA Wrestling | July 18, 2019, 6:23 p.m. (ET)

Seth Shumate of Ohio locks up a reverse lift. Shumate won titles in both freestyle and Greco-Roman this week. Photo by John Sachs,

Jore Volk of Minnesota, John Wiley of Oklahoma, and Seth Shumate of Ohio have doubled up as both freestyle and Greco-Roman 16U National champions. 

Volk was the first to do so when he defeated Benjamin Aranda of Illinois 4-1 in the 100 lbs. final. After giving out a step out point, Volk scored his four points on a body lock throw from the quad pod position.

After finishing second last year, Wiley became the second wrestler to double up when he beat Cody Chittum of Tennessee 4-1 in the finals. Wiley had a somewhat close title run when compared to the other champions. After tech falling his first two opponents, Wiley won 10-8, 4-3, 4-3, and then 4-1 in the finals.

Shumate was the third and final wrestler to win both styles. Shumate did so in dominate fashion. After either tech falling or pinning his two opponents, Shumate needed just 1:10 to defeat Isaiah Anderson of Washington 10-0 in the finals. 

Gage Cook of Washington prevented Kolby Franklin of Pennsylvania from winning both freestyle and Greco-Roman this year as well as winning back-to-back Greco-Roman titles at 220 lbs. After getting up 6-0 early, Cook was able to hold off enough of Franklin’s attacks to win 6-4. All in the same sequence, Shumate used a big lateral drop, a big reverse lift, and two gut wrenches to score his 10 points.

At 220 lbs. and 285 lbs., wrestlers stopped both freestyle champions from doubling up and from going back-to-back as Greco-Roman champions in 2018 and 2019.

Gage Cook of Washington defeated freestyle champion and 2018 Greco-Roman champion Kolby Franklin of Pennsylvania 6-4 in the 220 lbs. finals. Cook used a big four-point body lock throw to score first and then never lost the lead.

At 285 lbs., Jacob Barns of Oregon also used a four-point body lock throw in the first period to pin freestyle champion and 2018 Greco-Roman champion Hayden Copass of Illinois. 

Robert Weston of Georgia was named the Outstanding Wrestler. At 152 lbs., Weston either tech falled or pinned every opponent and didn’t give up a point. In the finals, Weston got Simma put down on passivity and rattled off five gut wrenches to win 11-0.

At 88 lbs., Caleb Thoennes of Minnesota had a dominate tournament and impressive week of his own. The Greco-Roman champion outscored his opponents 45-1 this tournament and was a double All-American.

Christian Tanefeu of North Dakota gave the Tanefeu family their second national title of the weekend when he defeated Kyle Rice of Idaho in the 106 lbs. finals. Christian’s twin brother, Wilfried, won the freestyle 113 lbs. title on Monday.

At 170 lbs., Gavin Nelson of Minnesota took out UWW Cadet World Team Trials champion Tate Picklo of Oklahoma 7-6. Picklo stormed back after being getting down 7-0 in the first period, but the deficit was too much to make up.

As they have the past seven years, Illinois won the 16U Greco-Roman team title. It wasn’t without contest however. California finished just five team points behind Illinois and had two more champions. Illinois finished with 14 All-Americans whereas California only had 11.

Georgia, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania rounded out the top five teams.

At Fargo, N.D., July 12 - 19

16U Greco-Roman results

1st - Caleb Thoennes (Minnesota) DEC Hunter Taylor (Kansas), 6-0
3rd - Grigor Cholakyan (California) DEC Alan Koehler (Minnesota), 6-4
5th - Kolby Warren (Missouri) TF Cael Alderman (Kansas), 11-0 3:39
7th - Kyison Garcia (Utah) TF Cosmo Damiani (New York), 11-0 2:00

1st - Ray ray Harris (California) TF Cael Hughes (Oklahoma), 14-3 3:39
3rd - DJ Gillett (Oregon) TF Coleman Nogle (Maryland), 12-1 2:34
5th - Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) DEC Christopher Martino (Idaho), 5-4
7th - Carson Wagner (Pennsylvania) DEC Joey Showalter (Wisconsin), 9-6

1st - Jore Volk (Minnesota) DEC Benjamin Aranda (Illinois), 4-1
3rd - Kannon Webster (Illinois) DEC Beau Mantanona (California), 4-3
5th - Kai Owen (Florida) TF Keith Smith (Nebraska), 12-12
7th - Brayden Sonnentag (Wisconsin) DEC Trason Oehme (South Dakota), 5-3

1st - Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota) DEC Kyle Rice (Idaho), 7-4
3rd - Zeth Romney (California) DEC Greyson Clark (Wisconsin), 11-9
5th - Horacio Godinez (Washington) DEC Joseph Fernau (Illinois), 4-0
7th - Jacob Van dee (Pennsylvania) TF Marlon Yarbrough (Ohio), 14-4 1:40

1st - Brock Bobzien (California) TF Isaiah kainoa Medina (California), 10-0 0:40
3rd - Stevie Barnes (Iowa) DEC Trae Mcdaniel (Tennessee), 6-3
5th - Gabe Whisenhunt (Oregon) FOR Dante Rigal (New York)
7th - Damian Mendez (Kansas) DEC Abraham Hinrichsen (Illinois), 8-6

1st - Nicolar Rivera (Wisconsin) TF Kayd Craig (Idaho), 12-2 3:13
3rd - Joey Cape (Illinois) DEC Hunter Garvin (Iowa), 11-8
5th - Richard Fedalen (Maryland) DEC David Panone (Georgia), 9-6
7th - Q'veli Quintanilla (Washington) TF AJ Smith (Minnesota), 15-4 2:00

1st - Ramon Ramos (Arizona) TF Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin), 13-2 2:53
3rd - Colin Roberts (Ohio) DEC Kaleb Larkin (Arizona), 4-3
5th - Conor Goucher (Washington) FALL Ethan Fernandez (New Jersey), 12-2 3:58
7th - Nicco Ruiz (California) DEC Maximilian Leete (Massachusetts), 3-2

1st - Michael Kilic (Georgia) DEC Jack Milos (Illinois), 8-5
3rd - Ivan Morris (Colorado) FALL Jaden New (Alabama), 4-1 1:57
5th - Kyle Boeke (Minnesota) TF Kyle Dutton (Missouri), 12-2 1:18
7th - Robert Avila (Iowa) TF Mateo De la pena (Washington), 11-1 3:37

1st - John Wiley (Oklahoma) DEC Cody Chittum (Tennessee), 4-1
3rd - Garrison Dendy (Georgia) DEC Nick Hamilton (Iowa), 5-3
5th - Matthew Bianchi (Wisconsin) DEC James Johnston (Michigan), 12-11
7th - Daniel Cardenas (Colorado) TF Preston Owens (Idaho), 11-0 1:33

1st - Robert Perez iii (California) DEC Matthew Singleton (Georgia), 7-2
3rd - Paniro Johnson (Pennsylvania) DEC Cj Hamblin (Washington), 8-6
5th - Matthew Rodriguez (California) DEC Jared Stricker (Wisconsin), 7-3
7th - Cael Berg (Minnesota) TF David Capron (Illinois), 11-0 1:19

1st - Robert Weston (Georgia) TF Jared Simma (Kansas), 11-0 1:42
3rd - Kamdyn Munro (Georgia) DEC Caden Ernd (Illinois), 9-5
5th - David Brooks (Missouri) FALL Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota), 4-0 0:36
7th - Derek Matthews (Idaho) TF Robert Major (Illinois), 12-1 2:34

1st - Bradley Gillum (Illinois) DEC Adam Ahrendsen (Iowa), 6-3
3rd - Nicholas Hall (Delaware) FALL Colton Lindquist (Alaska), 6-2 1:59
5th - Fernando Villaescusa (Arizona) DEC Kaleb Smith (Idaho), 12-3
7th - Dawson Mathews (Georgia) FALL Gunner Endicott (Ohio), 5-4 1:35

1st - Gavin Nelson (Minnesota) DEC Tate Picklo (Oklahoma), 7-6
3rd - Leonard Pinto (Pennsylvania) DEC Evan Canoyer (Nebraska), 14-7
5th - Damion Schunke (South Dakota) DEC Andrew Wenzel (Illinois), 2-1
7th - Michael Altomer (New York) FALL Thomas Stewart (Maryland), 4-4 1:25

1st - Nicholas Feldman (Pennsylvania) DEC Jack Darrah (Missouri), 4-1
3rd - Owen Warren (South Dakota) DEC Wyatt Voelker (Iowa), 16-12
5th - Michael Tal-shahar (Florida) TF Branson Britten (Texas), 10-0 1:26
7th - Isaiah Huus (North Dakota) TF Maxwell Gourley (Pennsylvania), 12-0 2:31

1st - Seth Shumate (Ohio) TF Isaiah Anderson (Washington), 10-0 1:10
3rd - Evan Bates (Indiana) DEC Tom Culp (Illinois), 14-10
5th - Andrew Blackburn-forst (Illinois) DEC Jordan Hilford (California), 12-8
7th - Leighton Jones (Indiana) DEC Corbin Phelps (Texas), 11-4

1st - Gage Cook (Washington) DEC Kolby Franklin (Pennsylvania), 6-4
3rd - Chase Horne (Georgia) DEC Dustin Swanson (Pennsylvania), 9-0
5th - Jaren Rohde (Wisconsin) FALL Riley Ucker (Ohio), 8-0 3:06
7th - Juan Mora (California) DEC Chase Thompson (Florida), 3-1

1st - Jacob Barnes (Oregon) FALL Hayden Copass (Illinois), 4-0 0:31
3rd - James Howard (Tennessee) DEC Griffin Liddle (Iowa), 11-1 2:38
5th - Michael Fanz (Missouri) FOR Gavin Layton (Minnesota)
7th - Jacob Moore (Arizona) DEC Ryan Elrod (Ohio), 4-2

Outstanding Wrestler - Robert Weston (Georgia), 152 lbs.
Most Falls - Mendez (Kansas) 4 falls at 113 lbs.

Team Standings

1. Illinois 64
2. California 59
3. Georgia 46
4. Minnesota 42
5. Pennsylvania 37
6. Iowa 35
7. Wisconsin 34
8. Washington 31
9. Idaho 23
10. Missouri 22