Four wrestlers attempt to earn double titles in women's freestyle

By Mike Willis | July 17, 2019, 12:16 p.m. (ET)

Sage Mortimer is one of four women going for Junior titles after already winning the Cadet tournament. Photo by John Sachs.

Four wrestlers will attempt to double up on their National titles today. These women won Cadet titles on Sunday and will now try to add a Junior title to their trophy cases.

At 100 pounds, Sage Mortimer of Utah will be in the first championship match this afternoon. She’ll square off with Ruayana Sahagun of Michigan. Mortimer won a Cadet title last year and was a Junior runner-up. Additionally she was the first woman to earn All-American honors in Greco-Roman.

Kennedy Blades of Illinois, the No. 1 wrestler in the country at 164 pounds, will wrestle the No. 2 wrestler in the country Tristan Kelly of Colorado for the opportunity to double up. Blades was the Outstanding Wrestler of the Cadet tournament.

Missouri’s Faith Cole will have a tough task in trying to dethrone three-time Junior National champion Emily Shilson of Minnesota in the 106 pound finals. Shilson is a 2018 Cadet World champion.

The final wrestler going for two titles is Jenifer Soto of California. She will also face an extremely credentialed wrestler in Tiare Ikei of Hawaii. Ikei won the Senior U.S. Open this April and finished third in the 2018 Cadet World Championships.

Six of the seven No. 1 ranked wrestlers in the country won their semifinals matches. The lone upset came at 200 pounds where Angela Buenrrostro took out 2019 Cadet champion, Olivia Brown of Oklahoma, 10-0.

The finals will start at 2:00 p.m. CST and will be streamed on Flowrestling.

Semifinal Results


Sage Mortimer (Utah) VSU Amanda Newcomb (Kansas), 12-0 0:47

Rayana Sahagun (Michigan) VPO1 Jessica Corredor (Florida), 8-8


Emily Shilson (Minnesota) TF Jenavi Alejandro (Nevada), 10-0 0:20

Faith Cole (Missouri) TF Tehani Soares (Nevada), 12-2 5:31


Josie Bartishofski (Wisconsin) DEC Nichole Moore (Kansas), 6-4

Montana Delawder (Pennsylvania) FALL Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado), 6-6 3:41


Tiare Ikei (Hawaii) TF Camille Fournier (Texas), 14-4 4:30

Jennifer Soto (California) DEC Molly Williams (Washington), 8-3


Gabrielle Skidmore (Wisconsin) FALL Payton Stroud (Washington), 6-1 5:53

Nanea Estrella (Hawaii) VIN Leilah Castro (Ohio), 11-3 3:17


Xochitl Mota-pettis (Texas) DEC Amor Tuttle (Minnesota), 6-1

Lana Perez (Hawaii) FALL Sydney Harper (Texas), 8-2 1:13


Kaylee Moore (Washington) DEC Emma Walker (Tennessee), 12-10

Viktorya Torres (Washington) DEC Louisa Schwab (Illinois), 5-2


Alara Boyd (Indiana) TF Esther Han (Missouri), 10-0 1:18

Morgan Norris (Nevada) FALL Aine Drury (California), 10-3 4:16


Mckenzie Cook (Alaska) DEC Ivy Kraght (Washington), 5-1

Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) TF Annie n. Hua (California), 12-0 2:06


Tiffani Baublitz (Pennsylvania) FALL Alexandria Sanford (Washington), 4-0 1:33

Kiley Hubby (Washington) DEC Brooke-lynn Rush (Missouri), 9-2


Kennedy Blades (Illinois) FALL Mckenzie Samuels (New York), 4-0 0:38

Tristan Kelly (Colorado) TF Jennifer Curry (Arizona), 13-0 0:48


Kelani Corbett (Hawaii) FALL Joanna Jones (New York), 4-0 3:16

Elisa Robinson (Kansas) FALL Jaycee Foeller (Missouri), 8-6 3:59


Gabrielle Hamilton (Illinois) DEC Juliannah Bolli (California), 11-5

Angela Buenrrostro (California) TF Olivia Brown (Oklahoma), 10-0 1:16


Gabrielle Holloway (Texas) VSU1 Jasmine Guerrero (California), 12-2 6:00

Isabeau Shalack (Illinois) FALL Hannah Francis (Texas), 2-0 1:57