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Guerin and Guilford win German Grand Prix golds, and Conder and Hendey reach Sunday’s finals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Feb. 23, 2019, 9:26 p.m. (ET)

Photos of Cameron Guerin (left) and Dymond Guilford (right).

DORMAGEN, Germany – Two American women wrestlers won gold medals, and two others reached the gold-medal finals to be held Sunday at the 2019 Grand Prix of Germany.

The individual champions were Elite Accelerator Program athlete Cameron Guerin (Yakima, Wash./TMWC/EAP) at 55 kg/121 lbs. and WCWA national champion Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif./Missouri Baptist WC) at 72 kg/158.5 lbs. Both wrestled in weight classes which were round robins, and organizers chose to complete those weight classes today.

Guerin finished 3-1 in a five-athlete round robin and won the weight class by tiebreaker procedure, as none of the athletes completed the day unbeaten. Guerin won her first three bouts over foreign opponents, beating Jeannie Kessler of Austria, 10-1, then got a technical falls over Anastastia Blayvas of Germany and Florine Schedler of Austria.

In her final round robin bout, Guerin was pinned by American Areana Villaescusa in 4:52. Guerin and Blayvas both went 3-1, and Guerin beat her head-to-head to take the gold. Villeaescusa went 2-2 and finished fourth.

Guilford, who won a WCWA title for Missouri Baptist a few weeks ago, won all three of her matches. Included in her victories was a 10-0 technical fall over Andrea Sennett (Wheeling, Ill./McKendree Bearcat Wrestling), who finished 2-1 and got the silver medal.

Making gold-medal finals in their weight classes were four-time U.S. World Team member Whitney Conder (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army WCAP) at 50 kg/110 lbs. and Amanda Hendey (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC) at 65 kg/143 lbs.

Conder won two of her three bouts against U.S. opponents, stopping Amy Fearnside 7-2 in the quarterfinals and Victoria Anthony, 7-3 in the semifinals. Conder had beaten Anthony in Final X to make the 2018 World Team. Conder will battle Katharina Baumgartner of Germany in the finals.

Hendey had a strong day. She opened with a tight 7-6 win over Gabriella Sleisz of Hungary, then got past Sara Da Col of Italy, 7-4. In the semifinals, she defeated 2018 Cadet World champion Macey Kilty of the USA, 10-8. Her finals opponent is past World medalist Braxton Stone of Canada.

Five  U.S. wrestlers who lost in the semifinals will have bronze-medal bouts on Sunday: Anthony, Kilty, plus Brenda Reyna (Mount Vernon, Wash./Titan Mercury WC/McKendree Bearcat WC) at 59 kg/130 lbs.,, Maya Nelson (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) at 62 kg/136 lbs. and Julia Salata (Bristol, Tenn./NYAC) at 65 kg/143 lbs.

Four other Americans are in the repechage on Sunday morning: Amy Fearnside (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC) at 50 kg/110 lbs., Jacarra Winchester (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC) at 57 kg/125 lbs.. Mallory Velte (Burnaby, B.C., Canada/TMWC) at 62 kg/136 lbs. and Alexandria Glaude (West Sacramento, Calif./TMWC/McKendree Bearcat WC) at 68 kg/149.5 lbs.

The eight remaining weight classes will finish on Sunday morning, with a session starting at 9:30 a.m. local time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time.

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At Dormagen, Germany

Completed weight classes

55 kg/121 lbs.
Gold - Cameron Guerin (USA)
Silver - Anastasia Blayvas (Germany)
Bronze - Jeannie Kessler (Austria)

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
Gold - Dymond Guilford (USA)
Silver Andrea Sennett (USA)
Bronze - Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia)

U.S. women’s freestyle performances on Saturday

50 kg/110 lbs. – Victoria Anthony (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids)
WIN Natasha Fox (Canada), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Felicia Gallo (France), tech. fall 11-0
LOSS Whitney Conder (USA), 7-3
Bronze bout – vs. winner of Amy Fearnside (USA) v. Ayaulym Tuganbayeva (Kazakhstan)

50 kg/110 lbs. – Whitney Conder (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army WCAP)
WIN Ayaulym Tuganbayeva (Kazakhstan), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Amy Fearnside (USA), 7-2
WIN Victoria Anthony (USA), 7-3
Gold Medal bout – Katharina Baumgartner (Germany)

50 kg/110 lbs. – Amy Fearnside (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC)
WIN Lisa Ersel (Germany), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Whitney Conder (USA), 7-2
Repechage - Vs. Ayaulym Tuganbayeva (Kazakhstan)

50 kg/110 lbs. – Erin Golston (Colorado Springs, Colo./NYAC)
WIN Carolin Kitiratchky (Germany), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Emmanuela Liuzzi (Italy), 4-3

53 kg/117 lbs. – Tiare Ikei (Honolulu, Hawaii/EAP)
LOSS Ellen Risterer (Germany), 4-0

53 kg/117 lbs. – Ainslie Lane (Bixby, Okla./Aries Wrestling Club)
LOSS Samantha Stewart (Canada), 6-0

55 kg/121 lbs. – Cameron Guerin (Yakima, Wash./TMWC/EAP), gold medal
WIN Jeannie Kessler (Austria), 10-1
WIN Anastastia Blayvas (Germany), tech. fall 15-3
WIN Florine Schedler (Austria), 10-0
LOSS Areana Villaescusa (USA), pin 4:52

55 kg/121 lbs. – Areana Villaescusa (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army WCAP), 4th place
WIN Florine Schedler (Austria), 7-0
LOSS Jeanie Kessler (Austria), 2-2
WIN Cameron Guerin (USA), pin 4:52
LOSS Anastastia Blayvas (Germany), 2-1

57 kg/125 lbs.. – Jacarra Winchester (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC)
WIN Kelsey Campbell (USA), 2-0
LOSS Adekuoroye Odunayo (Nigeria), tech. fall 12-0
Repechage - Vs. Elena Brugger (Germany)

57 kg/125 lbs. – Kelsey Campbell (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids)
LOSS Jacarra Winchester (USA), 2-0

57 kg/125 lbs. – Arian Carpio (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids)
WIN Anne Nurnberger (Germany), 9-6
LOSS Anna Szell (Hungary), 10-0

59 kg/130 lbs. – Lauren Louive (Iowa City, Iowa/Hawkeye WC)
LOSS Andrea Grasruck (Germany), 11-6
LOSS Debora Lawnitzak (Germany), 8-8

59 kg/130 lbs. – Brenda Reyna (Mount Vernon, Wash./Titan Mercury WC/McKendree Bearcat WC)
WIN Reka Bacsfaiova (Slovakia), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Diana Kayumova (Kazakhstan), 11-4
LOSS Andrea Gasruck (Germany), 8-5
Bronze Medal bout - Debora Lawnitzak (Germany)

62 kg/136 lbs. – Brianna Csontos (Amissville, Va./TMWC/NYCRTC)
LOSS Elena Esposito (Italy), tech. fall 11-0

62 kg/136 lbs. – Maya Nelson (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids)
WIN Maria Juhaszova (Slovakia), 6-0
WIN Aima Termitassova (Kazakhstan), 3-1
LOSS Johanna Mattson (Sweden), 3-1
Bronze medal bout – vs. winner of Auroroa Campagne (Italy) vs. Marwa Amri (Tunisia)

62 kg/136 lbs. – Mallory Velte (Burnaby, B.C., Canada/TMWC)
LOSS Luisa Niemesch (Germany), 1-1
Repechage - Vs. Luzie Manske (Germany)

65 kg/143 lbs. – Amanda Hendey (Colorado Springs, Colo./TMWC)
WIN Gabriella Sleisz (Hungary), 7-6
WIN Sara Da Col (Italy), 7-4
WIN Macey Kilty (USA), 10-8
Gold-Medal Match – Braxton Stone (Canada)

65 kg/143 lbs. – Macey Kilty (River Falls, Wisc./Sunkist Kids)
WIN Pauline Lecarpentier (France), 4-0
LOSS Amanda Hendey (USA), 10-8
Bronze medal bout – Vs. winner of Gabrielle Sleisz (Hungary) vs. Sara Da Col (Italy),

65 kg/143 lbs. – Kiana Pugh (Mosinee, Wisc./Mosinee WC)
LOSS Julia Salata (USA), tech fall 12-1

65 kg/143 lbs. – Julia Salata (Bristol, Tenn./NYAC)
WIN Kiana Pugh (USA), tech. fall 12-1
LOSS Braxton Stone (Canada), 10-4
Bronze medal bout – Vs. Nerea Pampin Blanco (Spain)

68 kg/149.5 lbs. – Alexandria Glaude (West Sacramento, Calif./TMWC/McKendree Bearcat WC)
LOSS Olivia Dibacco (Canada), 7-0
Repechage - Vs. Anna Schell (Germany)

68 kg/149.5 lbs. – Randyll Beltz (Colorado Springs, Colo., U.S. Army WCAP)
LOSS Nadine Weinauge (Germany), 2-0

68 kg/149.5 lbs. – Lena Flanagan (Tacoma, Wash./Team Washington)
LOSS Maria Selmaier (Germany), tech. fall 12-1

72 kg/158.5 lbs. – Andrea Sennett (Wheeling, Ill./McKendree Bearcat Wrestling), silver medal
WIN Frances Lohnhardt (Germany), 2-0
LOSS Dymond Guilford (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia), tech fall 10-0

72 kg/158.5 lbs.. – Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif./Missouri Baptist WC), gold medal
WIN Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia), 9-4
WIN Andrea Sennett (USA), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Frances Lohnhardt (Germany), tech. fall 10-0

Schedule (six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time)

Sunday, Feb. 24
9:30 a.m. – Repechage and medal rounds