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Three U.S. U17 wrestlers advance at Klippan Lady Open in Sweden, with 14 U.S. Seniors getting their draw

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Feb. 15, 2019, 4:47 p.m. (ET)

KLIPPAN, Sweden – The first day of competition has completed at the respected Klippan Lady Open, as three U.S. U17 athletes have advanced to Saturday morning’s competition.

2018 Cadet national champion Kennedy Blades (Broadview, Ill./Wyoming Seminary) completed Friday without a loss, after winning her first match by injury default at 68 kg. Blades will face Julia Fridlund of Sweden on Saturday morning, to complete the Pool A competition at her weight class.

Her sister Korina Blades (Broadview, Ill./Wyoming Seminary) split her two bouts sat 57 kg, pinning Hedda Kvale of Norway but dropping a 6-2 bout to Othelie Hoie of Norway. She will face Carolin Kvist of Sweden in the morning as she finishes her matches in Pool A.

The Blades sisters come off a successful Flatz Open in Austria, where Kennedy won a gold and Korina won a silver in the U17 division.

Alexandra Szkotnicki (Riva, Md.) dropped her first two bouts at 43 kg, and has another match against Karin Uematsu of Japan to complete her weight class round robin.

The other U.S. U17 athlete in action, Grace Pauls of Middletown, N.Y. lost twice at 61 kg and has been eliminated.

A group of 14 U.S. women athletes, who are competing in the Senior division, have received their draws for their tournament, which begins on Saturday afternoon. The U.S. women include a mix of experienced competitors and young talents who are starting to break through at the highest level.

Two Women’s National Team members are entered, Cody Pfau (Colorado Springs, Colo./Titan Mercury WC) at 53 kg and Julia Salata (Bristol, Tenn./New York AC) at 65 kg. Both have tough opening matches.

Salata, who was second in Final X in 2018, will face 2010 World bronze medalist Henna Johansson of Sweden in her first bout.

Pfau, who is third on the U.S. Women’s National Team at 53 kg, opens with 2016 Pan American champion Samantha Stewart of Canada.

Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif./Missouri Baptist), who was the 2019 WCWA national champion at 170 pounds a week ago, is entering at 76 kg. Guilford will open against 2018 U23 World champion Paliha of China.

Two young Elite Accelerator Program (EAP) athletes, training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, will compete in the Senior division, Tiare Ikei (Honolulu, Hawaii/EAP) at 53 kg and Cameron Guerin (Yakima, Wash./Titan Mercury WC/EAP at 55 kg.

The event is being broadcast live. Klippan is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone

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At Klippan, Sweden

U.S. U17 women’s performance on Friday

43 kg- Alexandra Szkotnicki, Riva, Md.
LOSS Luchana Bekbaulova (Russia), tech. fall 12-2
LOSS Justine Vigouroux (France), 10-6
Vs. Karin Uematsu (Japan)

57 kg- Korina Blades, Broadview, Ill. (Wyoming Seminary)
LOSS Othelie Hoie (Norway), 6-2
WIN Hedda Kvale (Norway), pin 0:47
Vs. Carolin Kvist (Sweden)

61 kg- Grace Pauls, Middletown, N.Y.
LOSS Tatiana Kabanova (Russia), tech. fall 12-0
LOSS Petra Ahlen (Sweden), tech. fall 11-0

69 kg- Kennedy Blades, Broadview, Ill. (Wyoming Seminary)
WIN Elin Widmark (Sweden), injury default
Vs. Julia Fridlund (Sweden)

U.S. Senior first round draws

53 kg- Tiare Ikei, Honolulu, Hawaii (EAP)
Vs. Jessica Lavers-McBain (Australia), 3rd in 2016 and 2017 Commonwealth Championships, 2016 and 2017 Oceania champion

53 kg- Cody Pfau, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC)
Vs. Samantha Stewart (Canada), 2016 Pan American champion, 2nd in 2016 University Worlds, 3rd in 2014 University Worlds

55kg- Vayle-Rae Baker, Benton, Pa. (Wyoming Seminary)
Vs. Sena Nagamoto (Japan), 2nd in 2017 Cadet Worlds, 2018 Asian Junior champion, 3rd in 2018 Japan Championships,

55 kg- Cameron Guerin, Yakima, Wash. (Titan Mercury WC/EAP)
Vs. Deng Juan (China), no information

55 kg- Alisha Howk, River Falls, Wis. (Sunkist Kids)
Vs. Diana Weicker (Canada), 3rd in 2018 World Championships, 2018 Commonwealth champion,

57 kg- Arian Carpio, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids)
Vs. Riko Takayama (Japan), 3rd in 2018 Cadet Worlds

59 kg- Morgan Norris, Sparks, Nev.
Vs. Emma Johnsson (Sweden), no information

59 kg- Lauren Louive, Iowa City, Iowa (New York AC/Hawkeye WC)
Vs. Svetlana Lipatova (Russia), 3rd in 2016 University Worlds, 5th in 2018 Senior Worlds

62 kg- Brianna Csontos, Amissville, Va. (Titan Mercury WC)
Vs. Jessica Brouillette (Canada), 3rd in 2016 University Worlds, 2018 Senior World Team, 2019 Schultz Memorial champion

62 kg- Alexandria Liles, Allen, Texas (unattached)
Vs. Katarzyna Madrowska (Poland), 3rd in 2018 University Worlds, 5th in 2018 U23 Worlds, 2nd in 2012 Cadet Worlds

65 kg- Kiana Pugh, Mosninee, Wis.
Vs. Luzie Manzke (Germany), 3rd in 2018 University Worlds, 5th in 2017 U23 Worlds

65 kg- Julia Salata, Bristol, Tenn. (New York AC)
Vs. Henna Johansson (Sweden), 2010 World bronze medalist, 5th in 2014 Worlds, 10th in 2012 and 2016 Olympics

72 kg- Marlynne Deede, Springville, Utah
Vs. Jenny Fransson (Sweden), 2012 World champion, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist,

76 kg - Dymond Guilford, Lancaster, Calif. (Missouri Baptist)
Vs. Paliha (China), 2018 U23 World champion, 5th in 2017 Senior Worlds, 2017 Asian champion

Remaining Schedule (six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone)

Saturday, February 16

9:00 a.m. – Completion of U17 tournament
1:00 p.m. – Senior preliminaries
5:00 p.m. – Senior preliminaries

Sunday, February 17

10:00 a.m. – Completion of Senior preliminaries
1:00 p.m. – Senior finals