US Open week ends with Western Junior freestyle, with great action from youth to high school girls and boys

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | April 28, 2019, 8:46 p.m. (ET)
There was some high-flying action during the Western Junior Regionals in freestyle today, including this amazing score with both athletes off the mat. Photo by Robbert Wijtman.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A highly successful 2019 Open Wrestling Championships concluded in the South Point Arena with the Western Junior freestyle championships.

Action was held for both girls and boys, from the 8U age group through high school competition. In the Girls High School division and the Boys Junior division, numerous nationally ranked athletes were showcased.

A huge finals showdown in the Girls High School division came at 152 pounds, where No. 3 ranked Amit Elor of California scored a 2:51 pin over No. 8 ranked Jerzie Estrada of Colorado. The bronze medalist in that weight was No. 7 ranked McKenzie Cook of Alaska.

At 132, No. 14 ranked Viktorya Torres of Washington won a 9-0 criteria decision over No. 7 London Houston of Washington.

The 122 weight had nationally ranked girls in the top three, with No. 14 Kelly Escamilla of California getting gold, No. 14 Holly Beaudoin of Washington taking silver and No. 6 Phoenix Dubose of Washington in third.

Nanea Estrella of Hawaii, ranked No. 5, won at 127 pounds with a 10-0 technical fall over Carolina Moreno of Arizona. The bronze bout in that weight was between two tough Missouri girls, as No. 8 Nonnie Justice beat Justice Seely by technical fall.

Other ranked girls who won Western titles were No. 2 Sage Mortimer of Utah at 106, No. 2 Louisa Schwab of Illinois at 138, No. 15 Marlynne Deede of Utah at 164 and No. 13 Jasmine Clark of California at 180.

Among the Junior boys, Jakason Burks of Nevada, No. 3 in the national TrackWrestling rankings, defeated Tristan Lujan of California in the finals, 9-0.

Ranked by Trackwrestling at 182, Rocky Elam of Missouri was the 182 pound champion, beating Zachary Peterson of Minnesota in the finals with an 11-0 technical fall.

The 160 finals featured No. 13 ranked Luke Surber of Oklahoma, who scored a 10-0 technical fall over highly respected Cael Valencia of California.

Champions were crowned in the 16U boys division, Middle School girls division, 14 U boys division, 12 U girls division, 12U boys division, 10U boys division, 9U girls division and the 8U boys division.

At Las Vegas, Nev.

High School Girls

1st Place - Nizhoni Tallman-Olney of Washington

1st Place Match - Sage Mortimer (Utah) won by fall over Tianna Fernandez (Hawaii) (Fall 1:28)
3rd Place Match - Sophia Redwine (Oregon) won by decision over Tehani Soares (Nevada) (Dec 9-2)

1st Place Match - Autumn Poland (Alaska) won by decision over Hannah Hall (Florida) (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place Match - Makayla Rydbeck (California) won by fall over Yesenia DeGuire (California) (Fall 2:05)

1st Place - Kiana Shew of Canada
2nd Place - Carson Adams of Alaska
3rd Place - Morayma Montes of Texas

1st Place Match - Kelly Escamilla (California) won by decision over Holly Beaudoin (Washington) (Dec 12-4)
3rd Place Match - Phoenix Dubose (Washington) won by tech fall over Nadine Quijada (California) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Nanea Estrella (Hawaii) won by tech fall over Moreno Carolina (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Nonnie Justice (Missouri) won by tech fall over Justice Seely (Missouri) (TF 13-2)

1st Place Match - Viktorya Torres (Washington) won by decision over London Houston (Washington) (Dec 9-9)
3rd Place Match - Tiera Jimerson (California) won by fall over Mia Olmos (California) (Fall 4:51)

1st Place Match - Louisa Schwab (Illinois) won by tech fall over Tess Kinne (Missouri) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Araya Boday (Washington) won by fall over Julianna Moreno (California) (Fall 2:54)

1st Place Match - Jazzmine Seely (Missouri) won by decision over Desarae Matheny (Alaska) (Dec 13-5)
3rd Place Match - Miranda Wesolowski (Illinois) won by fall over Stephanie Mould (Canada) (Fall 0:41)

1st Place Match - Amit Elor (California) won by fall over Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) (Fall 2:51)
3rd Place Match - McKenzie Cook (Alaska) won by fall over Jason Foster (Texas) (Fall 2:57)

1st Place Match - Marlynne Deede (Utah) won by fall over Marta Jasperson (Wisconsin) (Fall 1:05)
3rd Place Match - Jodie Hartlein (California) won by tech fall over Amanda Wylie (Alaska) (TF 15-3)

1st Place Match - Jasmin Clarke (California) won by fall over Payton Irish (Washington) (Fall 2:20)
3rd Place Match - Kamilla Montengro (Nevada) won by fall over Stefany Valencia (Arizona) (Fall 0:43)

1st Place - Persephone Sandoval of Montana

1st Place - Chanel Siva of Washington
2nd Place - Persephone Sandoval of Montana
3rd Place - Catlynn Norris of Wyoming

Junior Boys

1st Place - Cael Keck of Missouri
2nd Place - Cian Lasker of Nevada

1st Place Match - Zack Mattin (Ohio) won by decision over Ethan Perryman (California) (Dec 18-17)
3rd Place Match - Ethan Woods (Nevada) won by tech fall over Andrew Dalrymple (Alaska) (TF 16-6)

1st Place Match - Jett Strickenberger (Colorado) won by tech fall over Aedyn Concepcion (Alaska) (TF 16-6)
3rd Place Match - Tristan Mascarenas (New Mexico) won by tech fall over Jeremy Bockert (Alaska) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Jakason Burks (Nebraska) won by decision over Tristan Lujan (California) (Dec 9-0)
3rd Place Match - Raul-Wito Jimenez (California) won by decision over Angelo Lozado (Colorado) (Dec 12-9)

1st Place Match - Chase Randall (Washington) won by tech fall over Timothy Levine (California) (TF 14-2)
3rd Place Match - Johnathon Ortegon (Texas) won by fall over Richard Castro-Sandoval (California) (Fall 2:09)

1st Place Match - Trey Crawford (Missouri) won by fall over Benjamin Alanis (Arizona) (Fall 1:15)
3rd Place Match - Henry Porter (California) won by tech fall over Jason Miranda (California) (TF 11-0)

1st Place Match - Ryder Ramsey (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Oscar Aranda (California) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Kobe Ames (Alaska) won by decision over Luke Sloan (Texas) (Dec 14-7)

1st Place Match - Jagger Condomitti (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Bryce Nickel (Arizona) (Fall 2:13)
3rd Place Match – Gabe Hawthorne (Washington) or Chance McLane (Montana)

1st Place Match - Luka Wick (California) won by tech fall over Wade Mitchell (Iowa) (TF 11-0)
3rd Place Match - Chase Saldate (California) won by fall over Evan Killgore (Arizona) (Fall 1:54)

1st Place Match - Luke Surber (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Cael Valencia (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Justus Scott (Nevada) won by injury default over Joe Roberts (Illinois) (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place Match - Isaiah Alford (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Alexander Hernandez (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Gavin Kane (Georgia) won by tech fall over Matthew Rodgers (Alabama) (TF 13-2)

1st Place Match - Rocky Elam (Missouri) won by tech fall over Zachary Peterson (Minnesota) (TF 11-0)
3rd Place Match – Ryan Neu (Wisconsin) or Levi Hopkins (Alaska)

1st Place Match - Santos Cantu (Oregon) won by tech fall over Darius Mynar (Hawaii) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Xavier Doolin (Missouri) won by fall over Kash Anderson (Idaho) (Fall 0:25)

1st Place Match - Rowan Morgan (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Brandon Leon (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Dustyn Camacho (Washington) won by fall over Falemalama Weggen (Washington) (Fall 3:45)

1st Place Match - Spencer Trenary (Iowa) won by tech fall over Arjot Gill (Canada) (TF 16-5)
3rd Place Match - Ben Roe (California) won by injury default over Braxton Mikesell (Washington) (Inj. 0:00)

16U Boys

1st Place Match - Kyison Garcia (Utah) won by tech fall over Jesse Loges (Nebraska) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Grigor Cholakyan (California) won by tech fall over Ryan Wilson (Washington) (TF 13-0)

1st Place Match - Dj Gillett (Oregon) won by tech fall over Xavier Castillo (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Bryce Luna (California) won by decision over James Armstrong (Arizona) (Dec 8-2)

1st Place Match - Carson Laughery (Texas) won by tech fall over Ethan Freund (Washington) (TF 13-2)
3rd Place Match - Keith Smith (Nebraska) won by decision over Teegan Vasquez (Montana) (Dec 10-10)

1st Place Match - Andre Gonzales (California) won by decision over Dario Lemus (California) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match - Clarence Moore (California) won by decision over Greyson Clark (Wisconsin) (Dec 8-3)

1st Place Match - Brady Hankin (Colorado) won by tech fall over Fernando Barreto (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Max Black (Colorado) won by tech fall over Sean Solis (California) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Gavin Drexler (Wisconsin) won by decision over Kaleb Larkin (Arizona) (Dec 4-4)
3rd Place Match - Hunter Garvin (Iowa) won by tech fall over Nash Singleton (Oregon) (TF 15-4)

1st Place Match - Ramon Ramos (Arizona) won by decision over Kal Miller (Missouri) (Dec 10-5)
3rd Place Match - Nicco Ruiz (California) won by decision over Ayden Garver (Oregon) (Dec 12-4)

1st Place Match - Mitchell Mesenbrink (Wisconsin) won by decision over Chase DeBlaere (Minnesota) (Dec 13-4)
3rd Place Match - Daniel Cardenas (Colorado) won by tech fall over Devyn Che (California) (TF 12-0)

1st Place Match - Cody Chittum (Tennessee) won by decision over Nick Hamilton (Iowa) (Dec 10-6)
3rd Place Match - Charlie Evans (Oregon) won by tech fall over Evan Bennett (Ohio) (TF 12-2)

1st Place Match - Cj Hamblin (Washington) won by tech fall over Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Colby Meek (Oregon) won by decision over Dylan Catlin (Wyoming) (Dec 12-4)

1st Place Match - Tyler Lillard (Ohio) won by decision over Jared Simma (Kansas) (Dec 10-4)
3rd Place Match - Matthew Rodriguez (California) won by decision over Mannix Morgan (Minnesota) (Dec 6-2)

1st Place Match - Jake Prudek (California) won by tech fall over Dylan Ruane (Colorado) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Hayden Walters (Oregon) won by decision over Caleb Uhlenhopp (Nevada) (Dec 6-4)

1st Place Match - Branson Britten (Texas) won by forfeit over Harley Andrews (Oklahoma) (FF)
3rd Place Match - William White (Illinois) won by tech fall over Jose Rosales (Colorado) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Talmage Carman (Utah) won by decision over Sean Michel (Alaska) (Dec 10-1)
3rd Place Match - Javen Jovero (California) won by fall over Carson Sasse (Washington) (Fall 0:50)

1st Place Match - Jrdan Hilford (California) won by decision over Matthew Weinert (Washington) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match - Corbin Phelps (Texas) won by fall over Noah Duran (California) (Fall 0:17)

1st Place Match - Gage `12gage` Cook (Washington) won by fall over Sofian Hammou (Washington) (Fall 0:47)
3rd Place Match - Jonathan Lee (Oregon) won by decision over Edgar Espinoza (Arizona) (Dec 8-1)

1st Place - Jacob Moore of Arizona
2nd Place - Kris Eddens-Perreira of Arizona
3rd Place - Wyatt Baier of Arizona
4th Place - Noah Alvarado of Arizona


1st Place - Gabriella Gomez of Illinois
2nd Place - Elizabeth Brunson of Nevada
3rd Place - Emeri Mortimer of Utah

1st Place - Audrey Jimenez of Arizona
2nd Place - Emma Albanese of Nevada
3rd Place - Jamiezon Garcia of Alaska

1st Place Match - Mia Zuniga (Washington) won by decision over Juliana Alejandro (Nevada) (Dec 8-4)
3rd Place Match - Abbeygael Cabuag (California) won by tech fall over Kayce Dudoit (Hawaii) (TF 15-4)

1st Place Match - Zao Estrada (California) won by tech fall over Eden Hernandez (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Kiely Tabaldo (California) won by tech fall over Megan Valdez (California) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Shelby Moore (Washington) won by tech fall over Emma Villa (Washington) (TF 12-1)
3rd Place Match – Mia Furman (Idaho) won by fall over Lili Montenegro (Washington) (Fall 1:51)

1st Place Match - Amber Perkins (Nevada) won by fall over Chloe Herrick (Missouri) (Fall 3:51)
3rd Place Match – Taylor Miess (Colorado) won by fall over Angelina Doral (Nevada) (3:25)

1st Place Match - Haley Ward (Missouri) won by decision over Alyssa Randles (Idaho) (Dec 10-2)
3rd Place Match – Piper Cadden (Arizona) won by decision over Andee Anderson (Arizona) (Dec 12-8)

1st Place - Alejandra O`Brien of Wyoming

14U Boys

1st Place Match - Mack Mauger (Idaho) won by tech fall over Layne Kleimann (Utah) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Edwin Sierra (Arizona) won by tech fall over Cody Dyches (Utah) (TF 14-3)

1st Place Match - Christian Castillo (Arizona) won by tech fall over Gage Singleton (Oregon) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Cooper Hilton (Tennessee) won by tech fall over Elijah Cater (Washington) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Isaiah Quintero (California) won by tech fall over Elias Navida (California) (TF 13-2)
3rd Place Match - Clayton Giddens (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Bowen Brunson (Idaho) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Kolter Burton (Idaho) won by injury default over Alex Diederich (Minnesota) (Inj. 0:25)
3rd Place Match - Billy Townson (California) won by decision over Dustin Baxter (Washington) (Dec 8-0)

1st Place Match - Coby Merrill (California) won by tech fall over Daniel Zepeda (California) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Garrett Reece (Colorado) won by tech fall over Treygen Morin (Idaho) (TF 12-2)

1st Place Match - Elyle Francisco (Alaska) won by decision over Matthew Beem (Iowa) (Dec 6-5)
3rd Place Match - Moses Mirabal (California) won by tech fall over Austin Laudenbach (Minnesota) (TF 11-1)

1st Place Match - Adrian Meza (Arizona) won by tech fall over Duncan Christensen (Virginia) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Caleb Park (California) won by decision over Thomas Dalton (Wyoming) (Dec 4-2)

1st Place Match - EJ Parco (California) won by decision over Jude Randall (Oklahoma) (Dec 8-4)
3rd Place Match - Jacob Schmadeke (Arizona) won by tech fall over Hudson Rogers (Idaho) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Kyler Larkin (Arizona) won by decision over Cody Merrill (California) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match - Tanner Barker (Missouri) won by tech fall over Keaton Mayernik (Washington) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Jace Roller (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Brandon Eusebio (California) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Atridad Feizi (California) won by fall over Landon Drury (Washington) (Fall 1:05)

1st Place Match - Pierson Manville (Minnesota) won by tech fall over Dante Hutchings (Colorado) (TF 12-1)
3rd Place Match - Layton Schneider (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Oscar Williams (California) (TF 17-6)

1st Place Match - Erik McCown (California) won by fall over Talon McCollom (Oklahoma) (Fall 1:17)
3rd Place Match - Ryan Badgett (California) won by decision over Cayaen Smith (Utah) (Dec 16-10)

1st Place Match - Smokey McClure (Washington) won by tech fall over Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Isaias Jimenez (Arizona) won by fall over Hunter Richardson (Alaska) (Fall 1:04)

1st Place Match - Riggin Boger (Utah) won by tech fall over Judah Bishop (Washington) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Ryland Whitworth (California) won by fall over Nick Womack (California) (Fall 1:27)

1st Place Match - Justin Rademacher (Oregon) won by fall over Jason Prudek (California) (Fall 0:41)
3rd Place Match - Kaleb Cordova (Arizona) won by tech fall over Will Harmon (Utah) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Hudson Davis (Oregon) won by tech fall over Melvin Whitehead (Nevada) (TF 13-3)
3rd Place Match - Alex Morris (Nebraska) won by fall over Jesse Jimenez (California) (Fall 0:28)

1st Place - Hunter Tibodeau of Washington
2nd Place - Achilles Clarke of California

1st Place - Brock Sullivan of Missouri
2nd Place - Sampson Stillwell of Missouri
3rd Place - Cayden Matherly of Arizona
4th Place - Sergio Miranda of Arizona


1st Place Match - Ali Svancara (Idaho) won by fall over Blayne Jex (Oregon) (Fall 0:22)
3rd Place Match - Khyla Lipumano (Arizona) won by tech fall over Kaylia Maltos (Washington) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Athea Valenzuela (Arizona) won by decision over Madison Worden (Nevada) (Dec 11-4)
3rd Place Match – Cadyence Watters (Wyoming) or Grace Lousenhiser (Alaska)

1st Place - Kaydence Jeffreys of Alaska
2nd Place - Brooklyn Perez of Arizona
3rd Place - Mika Yoffee of Nevada
4th Place - Kezra McKenzie of Nevada

1st Place - Tai McBride of Wyoming
2nd Place - Libby Roberts of Washington
3rd Place - Azalea Fetters of Washington
4th Place - Hayle Talbot of Nevada

1st Place - Bella Williams of California
2nd Place - Emma Chacon of Arizona
3rd Place - Chelsey Patterson of Arizona
4th Place - Lillian Kraiter of Montana

1st Place - Isabella Marie Gonzales of California
2nd Place - Ellie Thomas of Washington
3rd Place - Harlie Velarde of Wyoming

1st Place - Jahlia Miguel of Hawaii
2nd Place - Anna Bozanic of California
3rd Place - Shylah Bridges of Hawaii
4th Place - Emily Gomez of Washington

1st Place - Sandilynn Tuinei-Paopao of Nevada
2nd Place - Paris Carlos of Arizona
3rd Place - Talitha Tolver of Alaska

12U Boys

1st Place Match - Carson Leonard (Idaho) won by tech fall over Gavin Pongsai (California) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Dylan Frothinger (Idaho) won by fall over Caden Brayfield (Missouri) (Fall 0:49)

1st Place Match - Samuel Sanchez (California) won by tech fall over Arno Vardanyan (California) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Brycen Dawley (Washington) won by decision over Hudson Chittum (Tennessee) (Dec 15-7)

1st Place Match - Dominic Thomas (Washington) won by tech fall over Dominic Bozanic (California) (TF 14-3)
3rd Place Match - Madden Skidmore (California) won by decision over Slater Hicks (California) (Dec 7-4)

1st Place Match - Talmage Mortimer (Utah) won by decision over Parker Hamilton (Washington) (Dec 14-10)
3rd Place Match - Josh Dickinson (Alaska) won by tech fall over Ryland Walters (Oregon) (TF 17-7)

1st Place Match - Austin Paris (Utah) won by tech fall over Gus Cardinal (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Gavin Weichelt (Colorado) won by decision over Mikey Fritz (Washington) (Dec 3-0)

1st Place Match - Hudson Loges (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Vinnie Gutierrez (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Christopher Creason (California) won by tech fall over Easton Dircks (Minnesota) (TF 16-3)

1st Place Match - Manuel Saldate (Nevada) won by tech fall over Joshua Requena (California) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Isaac Padilla (California) won by tech fall over Michael Dickinson (Alaska) (TF 14-4)

1st Place Match - Tigran Greyan (California) won by decision over Slava Shahbazyan (California) (Dec 2-2)
3rd Place Match - Jalen Concepcion (California) won by fall over Kaleo Garcia (California) (Fall 2:40)

1st Place Match - Adriano Perez (Washington) won by tech fall over Jaxson Godley (Oregon) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Liam Fox (Wyoming) won by fall over Ladd Holman (Utah) (Fall 0:57)

1st Place Match - Enzo Morales (Arizona) won by tech fall over Ashlee Gallegos (Nevada) (TF 13-2)
3rd Place Match - Ibraheem Farha (California) won by fall over George Valenzuela (Idaho) (Fall 2:15)

1st Place Match - Dominick Luna (California) won by tech fall over J.j Quijada (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Cort Catlin (Wyoming) won by tech fall over William Alt (Wyoming) (TF 18-6)

1st Place Match - Ethan Teague (Oklahoma) won by tech fall over Rudy Bautista (Texas) (TF 12-2)
3rd Place Match - Ryker Roundy (Utah) won by decision over Trayvn Boger (Utah) (Dec 5-3)

1st Place Match - Samuel Thomas (Washington) won by decision over Ty Carman (Utah) (Dec 6-6)
3rd Place Match - Zakaria Hammou (Washington) won by decision over Deacon Pickett (Nevada) (Dec 6-4)

1st Place - Rhys Cox of Oregon

10U Boys

1st Place Match - Jack Thrush (Arizona) won by tech fall over Hayden Fry (Washington) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Caleb Heyder (Utah) won by tech fall over Isaiah Toledo (Washington) (TF 14-2)

1st Place Match - Lucas Forman (Nevada) won by tech fall over Aizak Fetters (Washington) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Christopher Roos (California) won by fall over Regan Yundt (Alaska) (Fall 2:33)

1st Place Match - Arcadius Cruz (Washington) won by tech fall over Thales Silva (California) (TF 13-2)
3rd Place Match - Charlie Fritz (Washington) won by fall over Jack Holman (Utah) (Fall 0:16)

1st Place Match - Brand`n Edstrom (Idaho) won by fall over Pedro Pena (Arizona) (Fall 2:20)
3rd Place Match - Austin Schield (California) won by decision over Evan Marvin (Minnesota) (Dec 18-9)

1st Place Match - Michael Baxter (Washington) won by tech fall over Perry Fowler (Utah) (TF 14-2)
3rd Place Match - Carson Cobb (Alaska) won by fall over Jeremiah Oliva (Oregon) (Fall 0:18)

1st Place Match - Daniel Green (Montana) won by fall over Isaac Conner (Oregon) (Fall 0:40)
3rd Place Match - Kade Mclaughlin (Alaska) won by fall over Micah Woods (Nevada) (Fall 2:35)

1st Place Match - Gavin Wells (Washington) won by fall over Marcus Killgore (Arizona) (Fall 1:20)
3rd Place Match - Cael Staggs (Nevada) won by fall over Helmet Brenden Gomez (Washington) (Fall 0:54)

1st Place Match - Riker OHearon (Utah) won by tech fall over Hans Kamm (Oregon) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Aidan Godley (Oregon) won by tech fall over Kayden Hanlon (Nevada) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Shepard Stephens (Utah) won by tech fall over Steven Robles (Arizona) (TF 14-3)
3rd Place Match - Jesus Guzman (California) won by decision over Ben Dunlap (Alaska) (Dec 8-2)

1st Place Match - James Curoso (California) won by tech fall over Ivan Ivanov (Idaho) (TF 21-10)
3rd Place Match - Henrik Sperlazza (California) won by decision over Wyatt Rodarte (Washington) (Dec 8-1)

1st Place - Gabe Avila of Idaho
2nd Place - Jakob Grimm of Washington


1st Place - Suri Yoffee of Nevada
2nd Place - Cary Valdez of Hawaii

1st Place - Sophia Marie Gonzales of California
2nd Place - Kenadee Schoonover of Arizona
3rd Place - Maya Rodriguez of Arizona

1st Place - Angela Lopez of Arizona
2nd Place - Mikaella Bowens of California
3rd Place - Braylee Velarde of Wyoming

8U Boys

1st Place - Liam Barros of Nevada
2nd Place - Ty Roundy of Utah
3rd Place - Tyson Linnell of Utah
4th Place - Ryder Yates of Utah

1st Place Match - Carson Spires (Utah) won by tech fall over Kanin Kumfer (Alaska) (TF 22-11)
3rd Place Match - Paxton McEwen (Montana) won by decision over Mateo Martinez (Nevada) (Dec 16-7)

1st Place Match - Jackson Mills (Arizona) won by decision over Giovanni Garcia (Arizona) (Dec 10-5)
3rd Place Match - Xander Edstrom (Idaho) won by tech fall over Silas Valencia (Oregon) (TF 20-10)

1st Place Match - Asher Jex (Oregon) won by tech fall over Jarron Beltran Jr (Arizona) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Hayden Nozie (Arizona) won by tech fall over Peyton Cobb (Alaska) (TF 10-0)

1st Place - Bronx Hanlon of Nevada
2nd Place - Kellen Eva of Nevada
3rd Place - Uriah Zable of Washington
4th Place - Beaudin Murphy of Montana

1st Place Match - Manny Novelli (Alaska) won by tech fall over Dillan Taylor (Nevada) (TF 14-4)
3rd Place Match - Mason Ekle (Alaska) won by tech fall over Trevor Richardson (Washington) (TF 10-0)

1st Place Match - Henry McDoniel (Colorado) won by tech fall over Donovan Mckee (Nevada) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Aaron Garza (Arizona) won by tech fall over Brody Malott (Hawaii) (TF 18-7)

1st Place - Aiden Robideaux of Oregon
2nd Place - Raul Sandoval of California