Senior Men's Freestyle placement matches determine 2019 Trials qualifiers

By Mike | April 27, 2019, 3:58 p.m. (ET)

Photo by John Sachs.


The third, fifth and seventh place finishers were determined in Senior men’s freestyle and in Saturday morning’s session of the U.S. Open. The top seven placers at each weight qualify for the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament Raleigh, N.C., May

Below are the morning’s results.

2019 U.S. OPEN at South Point Arena, Las Vegas, Nev. Senior men’s freestyle results

57 kg

Third- Zane Richards (TMWC) dec Vito Arujau (TMWC) 8-2

Fifth- Darian Cruz (NYAC/LVAC) win by forfeit Nathan Tomasello (TMWC)

Seventh- Frank Perrelli (TMWC) dec Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm) 2-1


61 kg

Third -Joey Palmer (unattached) dec Tyler Graff (TMWC) 2-2

Fifth- Cory Clark (TMWC) dec Anthony Ramos (Sunkist Kids) 7-4

Seventh- Earl Hall (TMWC) dec Beau Bartlett (Sunkist Kids) 8-6


65 kg

Third- Jayson Ness (Minnesota Storm) fall Frank Molinaro (TMWC) 1:45

Fifth- Jaydin Eierman (TMWC) win by forfeit Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids)

Seventh- Kanen Storr (TMWC) win by forfeit BJ Futrell (TMWC)


70 kg

Third- Jason Nolf (NLWC) dec Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) 10-6

Fifth- Brandon Sorenson (TMWC) win by forfeit over Nazar Kulchytskyy (TMWC

Seventh- Jason Chamberlain (TMWC) TF Anthony Collica (TMWC) 11-0


74 kg

Third- Anthony Valencia (Sunkist Kids) dec. Logan Massa (Michigan) 4-4

Fifth- Brian Murphy (NYAC/NJRTC) TF Dan Vallimont (NYAC) 10-0

Seventh-Jared Frayer (TWMC) TF Quinton Godley (TMWC) 15-4


79 kg

Third- Nick Becker (AWA) TF Matthew Finesliver (BBWC) 11-0

Fifth- Geno Morelli (NLWC) TF Stacey Davis (TMWC) 17-5

Seventh- Ben Harvey (West Point) dec CJ Brucki (NJRTC) 10-4


86 kg

Third- Sammy Brooks (NYAC/HWC) dec Brett Pfarr (Minnesota Storm) 7-3

Fifth- Nate Jackson (NYAC/NJRTC) win by forfeit Myles Martin (TMWC)

Seventh- Kenneth Courts (TMWC) win by forfeit Maxwell Dean (TMWC)


92 kg

Third- Michael Macchiavello (TMWC) win by medical forfeit TJ Dudley (TMWC)

Fifth- Kollin Moore (tOSU) TF Riley Lefever (NLWC) 15-4

Seventh- Timmy McCall (TMWC) dec Scottie Boykin (TMWC) 8-6


97 kg

Third- Danny Chaid (CRTC) dec Ty Walz (TMWC) 5-5

Fifth- Kevin Beazley (NYAC/CKWC) win by forfeit Michael Boykin (TMWC)

Seventh- Wynn Michalak (TMWC) dec Jeremiah Imonode (West Point RTC) 3-2


125 kg

Third- Dom Bradley (Sunkist Kids) dec Derek White (TMWC) 3-3

Fifth- Youssif Hemida (TWC) Fall Tate Orndorff (UVRTC) 1:14

Seventh- Garrett Ryan (Sunkist Kids) win by forfeit James Romero (Adams State)