#WomensWednesday: Test your Women’s Wrestling IQ with 50 trivia questions

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | April 03, 2019, 4:25 p.m. (ET)
Although women’s wrestling may be the fastest growing sport in the nation at many levels, the sport has a rich history in the United States.

USA Wrestling started its active involvement in the sport in the late 1980’s, and it has been part of its history for over three decades. Over that time, there have been some wonderful milestones in wrestling for women and girls which has added to its legacy in our nation.

We have pulled together 50 trivia questions about women’s and girls’ wrestling, some perhaps easy, some for sure difficult. Test yourself on how much women’s wrestling history you know. Here is how we will grade your test.

45+ correct answers – Genius
35-44 correct answers – You Know Your Stuff
25-34 correct answers – You Are Paying Attention
15-24 correct answers – You Are Learning
0-14 correct answers – You Are Just Beginning.

Q1: Who was the first U.S. athlete to win a Senior World Medal in women’s wrestling?

Q2: Who was the first four-time WCWA college national champion?

Q3: Who has won the most Senior World medals in USA history?

Q4: Who was the first woman elected to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Q5: Who was the first U.S. woman to win an Olympic medal in wrestling?

Q5: Who were the two volunteer Olympic coaches for that historic 2004 U.S. Women’s Olympic Wrestling Team?

Q6: Where was USA Wrestling’s first UWW Cadet Nationals (now U17) held?

Q7: Who was the first U.S. African-American woman to win a Senior World title?

Q8: What U.S. World Champion in women’s wrestling competed on three U.S. Olympic judo teams?

Q9: Who was the first U.S. woman to win an Olympic gold medal?

Q10: Who was the first Junior Nationals champion in women’s freestyle (held in Fargo)?

Q11: Which two colleges have won the most WCWA women’s college national titles, and how many have they won?

Q12: Who was the first U.S. woman to win a Senior World gold medal?.

Q13: Who was the only U.S. woman to win a silver medal at the Olympic Games?

Q14: Who is the most recent four-time WCWA women’s college national champion?

Q15: What U.S. pioneer women’s wrestler won four World silver medals, but no golds or bronzes?

Q16: Name the first NAIA Women’s National Invitational individual champion?

Q17: Who was the first girl to win a high school state title competing against boys?

Q18: Who was the first Hawaii girls state high school wrestling champion?

Q19: Who are the two U.S. women who won two UWW Junior World gold medals (ages 17-20)?

Q20: Name the two U.S. women who have won four Senior World gold medals.

Q21: Which U.S. women’s star is the only U.S. wrestler to win the respected Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix in Russia three times?

Q22: Name the first winner of the Tricia Saunders High School Excellence Award, presented by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Q23: Only seven colleges have ever won a women’s college national team title. Name them.

Q24: Name the first NCAA Div. I college to start a women’s college varsity wrestling team.

Q25: How many women have won a Senior World title for the United States? (extra points if you can name them all…)

Q25: Name the only U.S. woman to win a Junior World title, a University World title and a Senior World title.

Q26: Name the only person who has ever served as USA Wrestling’s head National Women’s Coach.

Q27: Who was the first U.S. woman to win a U23 World medal?

Q28: What year did the United States win its only team title in women’s wrestling at the Senior World Championships?

Q29: Name the four U.S. women who competed on the first U.S. Women’s Olympic Team in 2004 in Athens, Greece.

Q30: Who was the second woman to be inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Q31: Name the only girl who became a Junior Nationals All-American in Greco-Roman competing against boys?

Q32: Name the two U.S. women who won two University World gold medals.

Q33: Who was the first U.S. girl to win a UWW Cadet World gold medal? (now called U17).

Q34: Who was the first four-time California girls state high school champion?

Q35: Name the four U.S. women who swept the gold medals in the first Pan American Games which featured women’s wrestling?.

Q36: Who was the first U.S. woman to win a Junior World title in wrestling (ages 17-20)?

Q37: Who was the first three-time Women’s College Nationals individual champion?

Q38: Name the three two-time Olympians for the United States in women’s freestyle.

Q39: Name the U.S. woman who won a Senior World medal in women’s freestyle who also won a UWW World medal in Beach Wrestling?

Q40: Name the U.S. woman who has been inducted into the United World Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Q41: Name the college which created the first women’s varsity wrestling program.

Q42: Name the U.S. woman who won three straight World or Olympic gold medals.

Q43: Name the two-time World bronze medalist in women’s wrestling who has created a non-profit organization which focuses on building women’s wrestling.

Q44: Name the year that the United States won seven women’s freestyle World medals in the seven weights, claiming a medal in every weight class.

Q45: Name the three U.S. Women who have won World gold medals while competing on U.S. soil.

Q46: Name the three U.S. women who made Olympic teams who competed on a men’s varsity college wrestling team.

Q47: Name the U.S. woman who competed for the USA in the Olympics, and who won Canadian College women’s national wrestling titles for two different universities.

Q48: Name the mother and daughter who have won World medals for the United States at either the Senior or age-group levels.

Q49: Name the college which won the first Women’s College Nationals team title in 2004.

Q50: Name the first TheMat.com/ASICS Girls High School Wrestler of the Year. (hint, she made an Olympic team later)..

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