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USA Wrestling announces partnership with Pure&Clean Sports to assist in improving athlete safety

Sept. 26, 2018, 2:45 p.m. (ET)

USA Wrestling is proud to announce that Pure&Clean Sports is supporting all USA Wrestling athletes, coaches, clinics and tournaments through 2024. The sponsorship designates Pure&Clean Sports as the Official Mat & Facilities Cleanser of USA Wrestling.

Pure&Clean Sports Mat Cleanser and Disinfectant are scientifically designed to keep athletes on the mat. Many disinfectants and mat cleaners on the market today can kill bacteria, but they can also be toxic and harmful to humans. Pure&Clean Sports products are highly effective without risking athlete safety. The products are used by some of wrestling’s top athletes and coaches including John Smith, J’den Cox, and Kyle Dake. Since being used at college wrestling’s premier event in the last couple years we have a proven record of success.

Skin issues are a challenge for athletes at any age or level of competition. Pure&Clean Sports believes that if you’re not healthy, you’re not at your best. The innovative products of Pure&Clean Sports help keep athletes healthy so they can train and compete the way they want to. Athletes deserve the best opportunity to perform, and P&C Sports products were designed for athletes by athletes.

“Wrestlers work too hard to sit on the sidelines with a skin issue,” said Ryan Freeman, Vice President of Marketing at Pure&Clean. “All of our products are made using hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, highly effective ingredient representing the leading edge of infection control products in the marketplace today.”

Pure&Clean Sports has created the #ReadTheLabel Challenge to bring awareness to the dangerous chemicals used on most wrestling surfaces today. Many products carry dangerous warnings that the majority of consumers do not normally notice. These products can also require special handling, eye protection, chemical resistant gloves, and protective clothing. Pure&Clean Sports products do not have these dangers, nor do they require special handling.

Pure&Clean Sports’s active ingredient, hypochlorous Acid, is a weak acid (similar pH to intact skin). It is a naturally occurring substance in the human body and it is the same chemical that white blood cells produce to fight infection and kill bacteria. The overwhelming impediment to its widespread use has been shelf stability.

Pure&Clean Sports solved that issue and now holds a unique place as one of the only agents known that is:

1. P&C Sports Mat Cleanser - Nontoxic to the delicate cells that heal our wounds while still proving highly effective against the issues that keep wrestlers off the mat.

2. P&C Sports Disinfectant/Sanitizer - A Disinfectant/Sanitizer lethal to labeled bacteria and viruses that threaten our health without compromising the safety of those who use it or practice around it.

“We are a company that has seen great success working in the medical world to cure chronic wounds and reduce infection rates. However, growing up as a wrestling family our passion belongs to the sport of wrestling,” said Trent Freeman, Founder and CEO of Pure&Clean. “We see a big need for a product that doesn’t harm our athletes by breaking down intact skin. By reducing skin issues, we can improve athlete safety and remove barriers in the sport of wrestling. By working with great organizations like USA Wrestling, we will make an impact on the future of wrestling.”

About Pure&Clean Sports
Pure&Clean Sports is a company built by athletes for athletes. Our mission is to make sure athletes are on the mat where they belong. They work hard every day to compete at the highest level, but too often skin infections get in their way. We want to put an end to the rising threat of skin infections and help sports grow all over the world. For more information on what we believe as a company please visit or