Howk takes fifth, USA women's freestyle finishes seventh at Junior World Championships

Sept. 21, 2018, 1:48 p.m. (ET)

TRNAVA, Slovakia – Alisha Howk fell in her bronze-medal match at 53 kg on Friday night at the Junior World Championships in Trnava, Slovakia.

Howk fell to Enkhtsetseg Batbaatar of Mongolia in an 11-0 technical fall. Howk wrapped up her first Junior World Championships with a fifth-place finish.

It was her second time representing the U.S. at an age-group World Championships as she was a 2017 Cadet World Team member last summer.

Japan won the team title with 215 points and six World champions. Behind them was Russia with 160 points, and China rounded out the top-three with 127 points.

The United States took seventh as a team, putting up 48 points and winning one medal, coming from Macey Kilty’s second-place finish on Thursday.

The 2018 Junior World Championships continue with men’s freestyle competition on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. local time (4:30 a.m. ET). Fans can watch live on

at Trnava, Slovakia

Team standings
1. Japan - 215
2. Russia - 160
3. China – 127
4. Ukraine – 73
5. Mongolia – 67
6. India – 58
7. USA – 48
8. Kazakhstan – 47
9. Uzbekistan – 40
10. Sweden – 34

Finals results

50 kg
GOLD - Yui Susaki of JAPAN
SILVER - Ellen Riesterer of GERMANY
BRONZE - Veronika Gurskaya of RUSSIA
BRONZE - Marina Zakshevskaya of KAZAKHSTAN

1st - Yui Susaki (JAPAN) TF Ellen Riesterer (GERMANY), 10-0
3rd - Veronika Gurskaya (RUSSIA) fall Yumei Zhong (CHINA), 2:49
3rd - Marina Zakshevskaya (KAZAKHSTAN) TF Emanuela Liuzzi (ITALY), 12-0

53 kg
GOLD - Umi Imai of JAPAN
SILVER - Aktenge Keunimjaeva of UZBEKISTAN
BRONZE - Mariia Tiumerekova of RUSSIA
BRONZE - Enkhtsetseg Batbaatar of MONGOLIA

1st - Umi Imai (JAPAN) TF Aktenge Keunimjaeva (UZBEKISTAN), 10-0
3rd - Mariia Tiumerekova (RUSSIA) dec. Alicja Czyzowicz (POLAND), 5-2
3rd - Enkhtsetseg Batbaatar (MONGOLIA) TF Alisha Howk (UNITED STATES), 11-0

55 kg
GOLD - Saki Igarashi of JAPAN
SILVER - Khaliunaa Bayaraa of MONGOLIA
BRONZE - Jiajing Hou of CHINA
BRONZE - Ekaterina Verbina of RUSSIA

1st - Saki Igarashi (JAPAN) TF Khaliunaa Bayaraa (MONGOLIA), 10-0
3rd - Jiajing Hou (CHINA) dec. Eunyoung Park (KOREA), 7-4
3rd - Ekaterina Verbina (RUSSIA) TF Anju Anju (INDIA), 12-2

57 kg
1st Place - Andoriahanako Sawa of JAPAN
2nd Place - Qi Zhang of CHINA
3rd Place - Mansi Mansi of INDIA
3rd Place - Sara Johanna Lindborg of SWEDEN

1st - Andoriahanako Sawa (JAPAN) TF Qi Zhang (CHINA) (Fall 2:20)
3rd - Mansi Mansi (INDIA) dec. Hannah Fay Taylor (CANADA) (Dec 2-1)
3rd - Sara Johanna Lindborg (SWEDEN) dec. Viktoriia Vaulina (RUSSIA) (Dec 3-0)

59 kg
GOLD - Anastasia Nichita of MOLDOVA
SILVER - Sae Nanjo of JAPAN
BRONZE - Anshu Anshu of INDIA
BRONZE - Tetiana Rizhko of UKRAINE

1st - Anastasia Nichita (MOLDOVA) dec. Sae Nanjo (JAPAN), 5-4
3rd - Anshu Anshu (INDIA) dec. Alina Kazymova (RUSSIA), 11-5
3rd - Tetiana Rizhko (UKRAINE) TF Yekaterina Firstova (KAZAKHSTAN), 13-0

62 kg
1st Place - Atena Kodama of JAPAN
2nd Place - Nabira Esenbaeva of UZBEKISTAN
3rd Place - Daria Bobrulko of RUSSIA
3rd Place - Aurora Campagna of ITALY

1st - Atena Kodama (JAPAN) win by forfeit Nabira Esenbaeva (UZBEKISTAN) (FF)
3rd - Daria Bobrulko (RUSSIA) dec. Xinyuan Sun (CHINA) (Dec 9-1)
3rd - Aurora Campagna (ITALY) dec. Irina Kuznetsova (KAZAKHSTAN) (Dec 6-1)

65 kg
1st Place - Miyu Imai of JAPAN
2nd Place - Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan of MONGOLIA
3rd Place - Albina Khripkova of RUSSIA
3rd Place - Iryna Koliadenko of UKRAINE

1st - Miyu Imai (JAPAN) TF Delgermaa Enkhsaikhan (MONGOLIA) (TF 13-3)
3rd - Albina Khripkova (RUSSIA) dec. Veranika Eismant (BELARUS) (Dec 9-3)
3rd - Iryna Koliadenko (UKRAINE) fall Asli Demir (TURKEY) (Fall 1:08)

68 kg
GOLD - Khanum Velieva of RUSSIA
SILVER - Macey Ellen Kilty of UNITED STATES
BRONZE - Alina Rudnytska Levytska of UKRAINE
BRONZE - Miwa Morikawa of JAPAN

1st - Khanum Velieva (RUSSIA) dec. Macey Ellen Kilty (UNITED STATES), 7-0
3rd - Alina Rudnytska Levytska (UKRAINE) TF Yan Wang (CHINA), fall 3:42
3rd - Miwa Morikawa (JAPAN) won by tech fall over Hyeonyeong Park (KOREA), 10-0

72 kg
1st Place - Koumba Selene Fanta Larroque of FRANCE
2nd Place - Evgeniia Zakharchenko of RUSSIA
3rd Place - Naruha Matsuyuki of JAPAN
3rd Place - Fanwen Shen of CHINA

1st - Koumba Larroque (FRANCE) dec. Evgeniia Zakharchenko (RUSSIA) (Dec 6-0)
3rd - Naruha Matsuyuki (JAPAN) dec. Anastasiya Zimiankova (BELARUS) (Dec 3-1)
3rd - Fanwen Shen (CHINA) dec. Kamila Czeslawa Kulwicka (POLAND) (Dec 6-4)

76 kg
GOLD - Yuanyuan Huang of CHINA
SILVER - Elmira Khalaeva of RUSSIA
BRONZE - Denise Sabina Makota Stroem of SWEDEN
BRONZE - Yasuha Matsuyuki of JAPAN

1st - Yuanyuan Huang (CHINA) fall Elmira Khalaeva (RUSSIA), fall 1:33
3rd - Denise Stroem (SWEDEN) TF Inkara Zhanatayeva (KAZAKHSTAN), 10-0
3rd - Yasuha Matsuyuki (JAPAN) TF Anna Tislichenko (UKRAINE),10-0

U.S. women’s freestyle results

50 kg: Alleida Martinez (Selma, Calif./Titan Mercury WC) - SEVENTH
WIN Yazaman Majidli (Azerbaijan), fall 4:57
WIN Victoria Apalonik (Belarus), fall 2:34
LOSS Marina Zakshevskaya (Kazakhstan), fall 1:41

53 kg: Alisha Howk (River Falls, Wisc./Sunkist Kids) - FIFTH
WIN Nina Kollarova (Slovakia), fall 0:29
WIN Ellada Makhyaddinova (Kazakhstan), fall 2:09
LOSS Aktenge Keunimyaeva (Uzbekistan), 8-6
LOSS Enkhtsetseg Batbaatar (Mongolia), 11-0

55 kg: Ronna Heaton (Brookings, S.D./Sunkist Kids) – SEVENTH
WIN Anne Nuernberger (Germany), 8-2
LOSS Ekaterina Verbina (Russia), 11-4

57 kg: Alex Hedrick (Fair Oaks, Calif./Titan Mercury WC) – dnp/14th
LOSS Viktoria Vaulina (Russia), 10-0

59 kg: Brenda Reyna (Mount Vernon, Wash/Bearcat WC) – 11th
LOSS Hwan Sung (Korea), 6-6

62 kg: Alexandria Liles (Allen, Texas/Musky WC) – 12th
LOSS Hedda Strand (Norway), 3-3

65 kg: Jayden Laurent (Green Bay, Wisc./Musky WC) – 10th
LOSS Yue Zhang (China), fall 2:52

68 kg: Macey Kilty (River Falls, Wisc./Sunkist Kids WC) – SILVER
WIN Tindra Sjoeberg (Sweden), 12-0
WIN Alina Rudnytska (Ukraine), fall 0:50
WIN Yan Wang (China), 11-0
LOSS Khanum Velieva (Russia), 7-0

72 kg: Alyvia Fiske (Napa, Calif./Titan Mercury WC)
LOSS Zsuszanna Molnar (Slovakia), 1:04

76 kg: Dymond Guilford (Lancaster, Calif./Missouri Baptist) – 11th
LOSS Yahua Matsuyaki (Japan), fall 4:54