Men and women freestyle National Team members competing at Medved International in Belarus, Sept. 14-16

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Sept. 11, 2018, 12:22 p.m. (ET)
2015 World bronze medalist Becka Leathers is among 12 National Team members competing in Belarus this weekend. Photo by Tony Rotundo.

MINSK, Belarus – All 12 members of the U.S. delegation of men’s and women’s freestyle wrestlers competing at the respected Alexander Medved International this weekend are members of USA Wrestling’s 2018-19 National Team.

The group includes eight men’s freestyle stars and four women’s freestyle stars, all who are ranked in the top three of their weight class in the United States.

The competition will be held September 14-16. This is a UWW ranking series event in both men’s and women’s freestyle.

Among the athletes on the tour is 2015 World bronze medalist Becka Leathers (Chapel Hill, N.C./Titan Mercury WC/Tarheel WC) at 57 kg. Joining her among the four women on the tour are 2012 Olympian Kelsey Campbell (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) at 59 kg and 2016 Olympian Haley Augello (Chapel Hill, N.C./Sunkist Kids/Tarheel WC) at 53 kg. The women’s team is rounded out with two-time World Team member and two-time Junior World champion Victoria Anthony (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) at 50 kg.

Leathers, Augello and Anthony were Final X runners-up and ranked No. 2 on the national team, while Campbell is ranked No. 3. All four were women’s college national champions, with Anthony winning four titles, Augello three and Leathers and Campbell one each.

Five of the men’s freestyle athletes in Belarus were runners-up at Final X and hold No. 2 national rankings: Joe Colon (Fresno, Calif./Titan Mercury WC/Valley RTC) at 61 kg , Joey McKenna (Towaco, N.J./Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) at 65 kg, Isaiah Martinez (Champaign, Ill./Titan Mercury WC/Illini WC) at 74 kg, Hayden Zillmer (Crosby, Minn./Minnesota Storm) at 92 kg and Kyven Gadson (Ames, Iowa/Sunkist Kids/Cyclone WC) at 97 kg

The No. 3 ranked men on the tour include Nico Megaludis (State College, Pa. (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC) at 61 kg, Alex Dieringer (Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC/Cowboy WC) at 79 kg and Ty Walz (Blacksburg, Va. (Titan Mercury WC/SERTC) at 97 kg

This group of men’s freestylers have a combined seven NCAA Div. I titles: Dieringer (3x at Oklahoma State), Martinez (2x at Illinois), Megaludis (1x at Penn State) and Gadson (1x at Iowa State).

Colon and Gadson competed at the Ziolkowski Memorial in Poland last weekend.

Minsk is seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone.

At Minsk, Belarus, Sept. 14-16

Men’s Freestyle roster

61 kg: Joe Colon, Fresno, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC/Valley RTC)g
61kg: Nico Megaludis, State College, Pa. (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
65kg: Joey McKenna, Towaco, N.J. (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC)
74kg: Isaiah Martinez, Champaign, Ill. (Titan Mercury WC/Illini WC)
79kg; Alex Dieringer, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC/Cowboy WC)
92kg: Hayden Zillmer, Crosby, Minn. (Minnesota Storm)
97kg: Ty Walz, Blacksburg, Va. (Titan Mercury WC/SERTC)
97 kg: Kyven Gadson, Ames, Iowa (Sunkist Kids/Cyclone WC)
Manager of Freestyle Programs Joe Russell, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Women’s Freestyle roster
50kg: Victoria Anthony, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids)
53kg: Haley Augello, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Sunkist Kids/Tarheel WC)
57kg: Becka Leathers. Chapel Hill, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC/Tarheel WC)
59kg: Kelsey Campbell, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids)

Team Leader: Paul Kieblesz, Middle Village, N.Y.
Medical: Randy Aldret, Lafayette, La.
Referee: Josh Kuisle, Wells, Minn.

Event Schedule (+7 hrs. U.S. Eastern time)

Friday, September 14
10:30 a.m. – Qualification rounds (FS 57k, 65k, 74k, 86k, 97k W 50k, 55k, 59k, 65k, 72k)
5:00 p.m. – Opening Ceremonies
6:00 p.m. – Semifinals (FS 57k, 65k, 74k, 86k, 97k W 50k, 55k, 59k, 65k, 72k)

Friday, September 15
10:30 a.m. – Qualification rounds (FS 61k, 70k, 79k, 92k, 125k W 53k, 57k, 62k, 68k, 76k)
10:30 a.m. – Repechage (FS 57k, 65k, 74k, 86k, 97k W 50k, 55k, 59k, 65k, 72k)
3:30 p.m. – Semifinals (FS 61k, 70k, 79k, 92k, 125k W 53k, 57k, 62k, 68k, 76k)
3:30 p.m. – Finals (FS 57k, 65k, 74k, 86k, 97k W 50k, 55k, 59k, 65k, 72k)

Sunday, September 16
10:30 a.m. – Repechage (FS 61k, 70k, 79k, 92k, 125k W 53k, 57k, 62k, 68k, 76k)
3:00 p.m. – Finals (FS 61k, 70k, 79k, 92k, 125k W 53k, 57k, 62k, 68k, 76k)