Ramos wins silver, Goodsite and Clark take bronze in No-Gi at the Grappling Worlds in Kazakhstan

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Sept. 08, 2018, 1:43 p.m. (ET)
Steven Ramos action photo by Robbert Wijtman.

ASTANA, Kazakhstan – Led by a silver medal from Steven Ramos (Nyack, N.Y./Essential) at 77 kg, the United States won three medals in the Senior No-Gi division at the UWW Grappling World Championships on Saturday.

Ramos lost a controversial overtime decision to Dymtro Netkachev of Ukraine, 2-2 in the finals. With the bout tied at 2-2 late in the match, referees awarded Netkachev two points for a takedown with 19 seconds on the clock. U.S. coach Eddy Ellis challenged the call, contending not only didn’t Netkachev not score, but Ramos should have been awarded points for a near submission. The jury decided to wipe away Netkachev’s points, ending the bout at 2-2 in regulation.

In overtime, Ramos won the coin toss and chose the back mount position. He was unable to secure a submission in the one-minute period, and Netkachev was awarded the match for surviving the extra session.

Ramos opened his day with a submission over Azamat Bakytov of Kazakhstan in 2:26. He powered into the finals with a pair of 5-2 wins, defeating Tomas Smirnovas of Lithuania in the quarterfinals and Azambek Shamshiev of Kyrgyzstan in the semifinals.

Ramos, who wrestled in college for NC State, was competing in his second straight Grappling World Championships, placing fifth last year at 77 kg in No-Gi. He had a 6-5 win over Netkachev in the first round of last year’s Veterans Worlds.

Capturing bronze medals for the USA were Kalin Goodsite (Riverside, Calif./Alliance MMA) at 62 kg and Travis Clark (Fort Worth, Texas/All American Wrestling Club) at Over 100 kg.

Goodsite scored a 2-2 criteria decision over Ueda Naoki of Japan in his bronze-medal match. Goodsite had a great start, stopping Fuad Mammadov of Azerbaijain with a guillotine submission in 3:11, then stopping Denys Nykonets of Ukraine, 6-0 in the quarterfinals. His only loss came in the semifinals, to Akhmed Iasaev of Russia, 7-2.

Goodsite, who wrestled for Arizona State in college, was competing in his first Grappling World Championships.

Clark looked strong in his bronze-medal bout, stopping Sebastian Maceiejewski of Poland, 6-1 to claim the medal. Clark opened with a 7-3 win over Umidjon Nurov of Uzbekistan in the quarterfinals, then lost to eventual champion Hamzat Stambulov of Russia, 11-1 in the semifinals.

It was the third medal of the week for Clark, who also won Veterans World gold medals in No-Gi and Gi Grappling on the two previous days. Clark was also a USA Wrestling Masters Greco-Roman national champion this year. He is a successful high school wrestling coach in Texas.

The U.S. just missed out on more medals, as four U.S. team members qualified for bronze-medal matches and lost, coming home with fifth place.

The fifth-place finishers included three men, Luis Quinones (Los Angeles, Calif./10th Planet HQ) at 66 kg, John Morgan (Huntington Beach, Calif./Hyper Modern Jiu Jitsu) at 71 kg and Jeff Anderson (Zeeland, Mich./Chicago WC) at 100 kg, plus a woman, Breanna Stikkelman (Simi Valley, Calif./Street Sports) at 58 kg.

Last year, Stikkelman won a Gi gold medal and No-Gi silver medal at the Grappling Worlds. She also competed earlier this week at the Alysh Belt Wrestling World Championships in Kyrgyzstan.

Morgan won a Veterans gold in No-Gi and Anderson won a Veterans gold in Gi earlier in the week. Quinones, who lost his bronze medal bout by criteria, improved on his performance from last year’s Grappling Worlds.

According to FloGrappling, the USA was in a tie for fourth with Kyrgyzstan with 25 team points. The top three nations were Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The USA increased its medal haul from last year, when the team came home with two medals in the No-Gi competition.

The UWW Grappling World Championships conclude on Sunday with the Senior Gi division.

The entire tournament is being streamed live on FloGrappling. Astana is 10 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time zone.

At Astana, Kazakhstan, September 8

U.S. Senior Men's No-Gi Grappling results

62 kg - Kalin Goodsite, Riverside, Calif. (Alliance MMA), bronze medal
WIN Fuad Mammadov (Azerbaijan), submission, guillotine, 3:11
WIN Denys Nykonets (Ukraine), 6-0
LOSS Akhmed Iasaev (Russia), 7-2
WIN Ueda Naoki (Japan), 2-2

66 kg - Luis Quinones, Los Angeles, Calif. (10th Planet HQ), fifth place
WIN Martini Davide Baggieri (Italy), submission, Kimora 1:59
WIN Laimonas Stanikas (Lithuania), 9-2
LOSS Gairbeg Ibragimov (Russia), submission, ankle lock 2:55
LOSS Iuri Cherkaliuk (Ukraine), 3-3

71 kg - John Morgan, Huntington Beach, Calif. (Hyper Modern Jiu Jitsu), fifth place
LOSS Jakub Witkowski (Poland), submission, guillotine, 2:23
LOSS Cristian Iulian Iorga (Romania), 3-2

77 kg - Steven Ramos, Nyack, N.Y. (Essential), silver medal
WIN Azamat Bakytov (Kazakhstan), submission, 2:26
WIN Tomas Smirnovas (Lithuania), 5-2
WIN Azambek Shamshiev (Kyrgyzstan), 5-2
LOSS Dymtro Netkachev (Ukraine), 2-2, ot

84 kg – Mike Kelly. Hebron, Ill. (Old School Wrestling)
LOSS Herman Horodetskyi (Ukraine), submission, Rear Naked Choke 2:23

92 kg - Carlos Soto, West Lafayette, Ind. (Impact Indiana)
LOSS Cublesan Mirsea (Romania), 6-1

100 kg – Jeff Anderson, Zeeland, Mich. (Chicago WC), fifth place
LOSS Kamil Umiski (Poland), forfeit
LOSS Alexis Fontes (France), 5-0

100+ kg - Travis Clark, Fort Worth, Texas (All American Wrestling Club), bronze medal
WIN Umidjon Nurov (Uzbekistan), 7-3
LOSS Hamzat Stambulov (Russia), 11-1
WIN Sebastian Maceiejewski (Poland), 6-1

U.S. Senior Women’s No Gi Grappling results

53 kg – Jessica Phillippus, Glenwood, Iowa (Impact Indiana)
LOSS Anna Augustyn-Mitkowska (Poland), 6-3

58 kg - Breanna Stikkelman, Simi Valley, Calif. (Street Sports), 5th place
WIN Julie Renouvel (France), submission, Kimora 4:55
WIN Minerva Montero (Spain), 3-2
LOSS Olga Vladimirova (Russia), 5-4
LOSS Kateryna Shakalova (Ukraine), 10-0

Men's No-Gi Medalists

62 kg -
Gold - Joao Ricardo Bordignon Miyao (Brazil)
Silver - Akhmed Iasaev (Russia)
Bronze - Kalin Goodsite (USA)
Bronze - Nathaniel Vince Ortiz (Philippines)

66 kg
Gold - Gairbeg Ibragimov (Russia)
Silver - Alroy Tomer (Israel)
Bronze - Iurii Cherkaliuk (Ukraine)
Bronze - Erkul Uulu Manasbek (Kyrgyzstan)

71 kg
Gold - Ainutdin Zainalkhanov (Russia)
Silver - Jakub Witkowski (Poland)
Bronze - Bakbengen Usenov (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze - Cristian Iulian Iorga` (Romania)

77 kg
Gold - Dmytro Netkachev (Ukraine)
Silver - Steven Ramos (USA)
Bronze - Azamat Bakytov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze - Emanoely Omer (Israel)

84 kg
Gold - Shamil Magomedov (Russia)
Silver - Yusup Baysultanov (France)
Bronze - Herman Horodetskyi (Ukraine)
Bronze - Daniel Skibiski (Poland)

92 kg
Gold - Abu Gudanatov (Russia)
Silver - Beksultan Omurzakov (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze - Yaroslav Isichko (Ukraine)
Bronze - Igilik Serkibayev (Kazakhstan)

100 kg
Gold - Abdurahman Bilarov (Russia)
Silver - Kamil Umiski (Poland)
Bronze - Andrii Haleta (Ukraine)
Bronze - Alexis Fontes (France)

Over 100 kg
Gold - Hamzat Stambulov (Russia)
Silver - Viktor Mateiko (Ukraine)
Bronze - Travis Clark (USA)
Bronze - Denis Sokol (Lithuania)

Women’s No-Gi Medalists

53 kg
Gold - Naiomi Anaiansi (Spain)
Silver - Svitlana Skrypnyk (Ukraine)
Bronze - Anna Augustyn-mitkowska (Poland)
Bronze - Anastasia Tonelli (Italy)

58 kg
Gold - Barbara Cariani (Italy)
Silver - Olga Vladimirova (Russia)
Bronze - Kateryna Shakalova (Ukraine)
Bronze - Weronika Zygmunt (Poland)

64 kg
Gold - Irina Gromova (Russia)
Silver - Ingrid Pavese (Italy)
Bronze - Barchynai Uzgenbaeva (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze - Tetiana Hrynko (Ukraine)

71 kg
Gold - Rimma Anufrieva (RUS)
Silver - Irene Mungai (ITA)
Bronze - Lena Sushko (UKR)

Over 71 kg
Gold - Daria Nikolaeva (RUS)
Silver - Halyna Kovalska (UKR)
Bronze - Chloe Barre (FRA)