USA beats Team Skane club of Sweden, 38-22, in Greco-Roman dual meet in Klippan, Sweden

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 31, 2018, 5:18 p.m. (ET)
Nick Boykin of the USA hits a throw during the international Greco-Roman training camp in Klippan, Sweden. Photo by Cornelia Nielsen, Team Skane Brottning Facebook page.

KLIPPAN, Sweden – The United States won eight of the 13 matches contested to defeat the Team Skane club of Sweden, 38-22, in a Greco-Roman dual meet on Wednesday night.

The USA won the first six matches of the dual meet to open up a 27-0 lead which could not be closed. Scoring pins for the USA were Logan Hatch at 66 kg and Britton Holmes at 70 kg, while technical falls were registered by Tyler Curd at 104 kg, David Stepanian at 60 kg and Noah Wachsmuth at 70 kg. Dominic Damon won his 65 kg match by injury default.

Team Skane won five of the next seven matches to make the score closer, but was unable to catch up. Winning for the United States in the second half of the meet were Ryan Cummings, who secured a technical fall at 72 kg and Nick Boykin, who also had a technical fall at 104 kg.

“I thought every wrestler left their heart on the mat tonight and the results show that, also.We have one more day of camp to keep improving before the Malarcupen tournament in Vasteras, Sweden this Saturday.We went into this dual meet with a young lineup but they all fought to give themselves a chance to win,” said U.S. coach Rob Hermann.

Wednesday, October 31, in Klippan, Sweden

104Kg –Tyler Curd (USA) tech. fall Linus Persson (Sweden), 8-0, 1:28
60Kg Cadet - David Stepanian (USA) tech. fall Fabian Frisk (Sweden), 8-0, 2:28
65Kg Cadet - Dominic Damon (USA) inj. dft. Samuel Trellid (Sweden), 3:20
66Kg Cadet - Logan Hatch (USA) pin Max Scharfenort (Sweden), 5:53
70 Kg Cadet –Noah Wachsmuth (USA) tech. fall Zacharis Gustafson (Sweden), 8-0, 0:44
70Kg - Britton Holmes (USA) pin Fabian Mazdrin (Sweden), 1:12
71Kg - Algot Kallman (Sweden) dec. Timmy Thompson (USA), 7-6
72Kg - Erik Persson (Sweden) tech. fall Zach Tolver (USA), 8-0, 2:57
72Kg - Ryan Cummings (USA) tech. fall Alex Beck (Sweden), 15-4, 2:25
77Kg - Lukas Ahlgren (Sweden) tech. fall Nathen Grimes (USA), 10-2, 3:57
80Kg - August Eriksson (Sweden) pin Finley Allen (USA), 2:27
82Kg - Anton Olsson (Sweden) tech. fall Tommy Dantzler (USA), 14-5, 5:13
104Kg –Nick Boykin (USA) tech. fall Linus Persson (Sweden), 12-4, 5:00