IRTC stars Martinez, Richards, Rice sweep Senior-level bouts to benefit Illinois Regional Training Center over weekend

By Illinois Regional Training Center | Oct. 10, 2018, 12:52 p.m. (ET)
It was a night to remember for wrestling fans in the Chicagoland Area at the Poeta Training Center. With great food and a packed house, the high school matches did not disappoint.

State Finalists, State Champions, National Champions, NCAA Champions and World Champions took the stage and gave the rowdy crowd a great show.

The Senior-level matches were a great showcase of international talent.

The feature match of night provided a ton of action. Isaiah Martinez (IRTC/TMWC) and Richie Lewis (Lehigh WC) went after it right out of the gate with thunderous hand fighting and a potent high tempo. After an exchange of pushouts Martinez started to take control as he scored his first takedown on the edge to go up 3-1. After the takedown, Martinez started to really take control. A couple takedowns and a gut wrench later, Martinez sealed the deal when he clamped onto a bodylock and put Lewis to his back for the fall.

NCAA Champion and Lehigh WC athlete Darian Cruz and IRTC/TMWC’s Zane Richard took to the stage next. It was the IRTC athlete scoring first with a passivity point quickly followed by a takedown into a turn. Cruz came back with a takedown on the edge followed by a cement mixer style front headlock but it wasn’t enough as Richards took home the victory by a score of 5-4.

The first senior level match pitted 2 U23 World Teammates in NYAC’s Randon Miranda vs IRTC/NYAC’s Travis Rice. It was Rice who jumped out to an early lead with a caution for passivity and then a scramble at the 2 minute mark left the score 5-2 Rice. Miranda struck again with a takedown on the edge to close the gap to 5-4. With under :30 seconds to go, Rice got to Miranda’s body and finished a beautiful body lock to secure a 7-4 victory for the IRTC.

Senior Level Matches
Travis Rice WBD 7-4 Randon Miranda
Zane Richards WBD 5-4 Darian Cruz
Isaiah Martinez WBF Richie Lewis

Dream Team Matches
Travis Ford Melton WBD Vinny Zerbin (OT)
Alex Cramer WBD Nick Stemmet
Dominic Zaccone WBMD Anthony Molton
Luke Odom WBD Danny Pucino
Phillip Moomey WBD Fabian Lopez
Matt Ramos WBD Noah Surtin