Burroughs pumped up to beat Chamizo in tomorrow’s Main Event at Beat the Streets Benefit

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | May 16, 2018, 6:45 p.m. (ET)
Jordan Burroughs and Frank Chamizo flex on the scale. (Photo by Bin Lin)

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Jordan Burroughs, who is competing in his eighth Beat the Street Benefit on Thursday, was asked to talk during the press conference held at the New York Athletic Club today.

Early in his speech about his facing Frank Chamizo, the two-time World champion and Olympic medalist star he is facing in a “Super Match” as the Main Event of the evening at Pier 17/Seaport District, Burroughs was telling a story about a similar match earlier in the year.

“In January, we were watching the collegiate season, and Seth Gross and Bryce Meredith had a Super Match in collegiate wrestling this year. After watching that and the excitement that it built, and seeing those guys…

He stopped speaking suddenly and looked towards the door with a death stare, then broke out in a big smile.

Chamizo, showing up unfashionably late, had just walked into the room. They stared each other down before Burroughs went back to finishing his sentence. The media and guests broke into excited laughter.

It was clear to everyone. This is serious business. Burroughs continued.

“Who can I compete against in the world that would create an exciting matchup? It was this man right here. I thought about it. I tweeted it. He responded to it. I talked to Mike (Novogratz) a few weeks ago and we decided to make it happen,” Burroughs said.

Burroughs spoke directly to Chamizo to finish his speech.

“Frank, I am looking forward to it. I am a big fan of yours, today and in the past. We will start over again being big fans on Friday. Tomorrow will be a great matchup,” said Burroughs.

Chamizo took over the podium, wearing a goofy Bad Boy Chamizo shirt with a big number 74 on his back (for the weight class). He was much more subdued than in his social media presence, when speaking through interpreter Christina Hargrove.

“Tomorrow, I hope all of you guys are entertained… when I beat Jordan. Thank you for bringing me out here. I am very excited to be here with the best wrestlers in the country. Thank you very much and we will see you all tomorrow,” said Chamizo.

It has been like that all year on social media, Burroughs and Chamizo challenging each other to a showdown. Mike Novogratz and the gang at Beat the Streets had the vision to make it happen, and we are only hours away from one of the most anticipated matches in a long time.

Chamizo has moved up to 74 kg, after winning the World title last year at 70 kg. He has won a World title at 65 kg as well, and now seeks a third World title at a third weight class. He wants what Burroughs has, the World champion belt at 74 kg.

The brash Chamizo persona did come out during the traditional Beat the Streets press conference “weigh-in,” where the “fighting weight” of the athletes are announced using an old-fashioned scale. Chamizo yanked off his shirt and came to the scale shirtless. When his weight of 171 pounds was announced, he immediately flexed to the audience.

Burroughs did the same, shedding his team warmup as he approached, stepping onto the scale and flexing immediately, weighing it at 174 pounds. The athletes immediately got close, chest-to-chest, with an extended staredown. Chamizo stopped staring first, they slapped each other’s hand, and went their own way.

Afterwards, Burroughs expressed a deep desire to win this match, to get the better of Chamizo. So why is he so pumped up about this?

“It is just because of who he is. He is a polarizing figure in the wrestling community. He is excited about the matchup. He is high on himself, thinks highly of his wrestling abilities and he is a two-time World champion. It is a very rare occasion when you get two reigning World champions against each other. In that situation, the wrestling community is excited. I am excited because of who he is and what he brings to the table, and just challenging myself,” said Burroughs.

Burroughs wants nothing better than to add Chamizo’s name to the long list of past World or Olympic champions he has beaten along the way to his record-setting career.

“Whenever I get a chance to put a World champion under my belt, in terms of the weight category, it is big time for me. It is a big time matchup and I am looking forward to it.”

A native of New Jersey, Burroughs expects a vocal home crowd in his favor, including many family and friends who have crossed the river to come into downtown Manhattan to support him.

”We have 18 people. It will be a lot of fun. Some people, they may have never seen me wrestle in person, but they ask, ‘Who is this guy you are wrestling? I’ve seen him talk crap about you on Instagram.’ So I am going to be there. It is going to be fun. Everyone is excited about it. I am pumped. It is time. I am tired of talking about it. I am ready to wrestle,” said Burroughs.

This might be an exhibition bout which will help raise more than a million dollars for youth wrestling in the New York area. For sure, Beat the Streets is a fun event which the athletes enjoy. There were a lot of smiles during the pre-event press conference from athletes, coaches, media and others there.

But this is very serious to all the wrestlers, and Jordan Burroughs is pumped up and motivated. If you can’t be at Pier 17 in the Seaport District tomorrow, make sure to watch it on FloWrestling. You won’t want to miss Burroughs-Chamizo, or any of the other amazing matches.