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Shilson, Shore and Kilty punch tickets to second Cadet World Championships

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | May 13, 2018, 3:43 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Olivia Shore (left) battles Taryn Martin in Cadet World Team Trials. Photo by Stuart Spears.

IRVING, Texas – The 2018 Women’s Nationals wrapped up on Sunday afternoon with the finals of the 2018 UWW women’s freestyle World Team Trials at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

Among the many impressive storylines of the day was 2016 Cadet World bronze medalist Macey Kilty, who earned a spot on her second World Team of the weekend.

Yesterday, Kilty secured the Junior World spot at 68 kg, and today she won the chance to represent the U.S. at 69 kg at the Cadet World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, in July, when she picked up two-consecutive wins over Kennedy Blades in the best-of-three finals series.

Kilty will return to the Cadet World Championships for the second time.

Also returning to the World stage are 2017 Cadet World Team members Emily Shilson of Minnesota and Olivia Shore of Ohio.

2017 Cadet World silver medalist Shilson dominated her way to a World Team spot, rolling through Ava Bayless of Pennsylvania in the 43 kg finals. Shilson put together two quick tech falls to punch her ticket to Croatia.

Shore outlasted Ohio teammate Taryn Martin in a pair of tight bouts at 46 kg. Shore was able to shut down Martin in the first match, 4-0, but had to rally late in the second match to secure the World Team position.

Three other wrestlers ended their series in only two matches.

Tiare Ikei of Hawaii dominated at 49 kg, sticking Peyton Prussin in 1:28 in their first meet up before rolling out a 10-0 tech fall to win the weight.

At 52 kg, Cheyenne Bowman shut out Kaylee Moore with a 12-0 tech fall and followed up the performance with a strong 13-4 decision.

To win the spot at 65 kg, Kiana Pugh of Wisconsin pulled out an 8-5 win against Aine Drury in their first battle. In the second match, Pugh put Drury to her back and got the fall in 1:53.

Two weights went to three matches, including 61 kg and 73 kg.

At 61 kg, Morgan Norris of Nevada emerged with the World bid after losing the first match in the series by tech fall to Ashton Cadman. Forced to come back and win two matches, Norris pulled out a 4-0 win, followed by a second-period pin in the finale.

Colorado’s Tristan Kelly took the crown at 73 kg, defeating Katja Osteen in the first and third bouts. Both of Kelly’s wins came in the form of falls, sticking Osteen in 2:15 in the first match and in 1:03 in the third match. Osteen won the second bout with a 5-2 decision.

Since 40 kg was a round-robin bracket, only one match was wrestled in the finals, which was won by Nevada native Sterling Dias, who picked up a decisive win over Melissa Lee, 6-2, to make her first World Team.

Only one match was also wrestled at 53 kg as 2017 Cadet Fargo champion Leilah Castro, who won her first match against Kierstien Bush, had her hand raised due to a medical forfeit in the second bout.

The Cadet World Championships are set for July 2-8 in Zagreb, Croatia.

at Irving, Texas

UWW Cadet World Team Trials

Final results
40 kg
1st – Sterling Dias (Team Nevada) dec. Melissa Lee (Team California), 6-2
2nd - Melissa F. Lee (Team California)
3rd - Sydney Petzinger (Team New Jersey)
4th Karina Torres (Team Wisconsin)
5th Madeline rearick (Team Indiana)

43 kg
1st - Emily Shilson (Team Minnesota) def. Ava Bayless (Team Pennsylvania), two matches to none
Bout one – Shilson TF Bayless, 10-0
Bout two – Shilson TF Bayless, 10-0

3rd - Taylor Wilson (Team Washington) TF Samantha Miller (Team Ohio), 11-1
5th - Abbygale Duke (Team New York) fall Jessica Corredor  (Team Florida), 2:51
7th - Griselda Cuevas (Team Washington)

46 kg
1st - Olivia Shore (Team Ohio) def. Taryn Martin (Team Ohio), two matches to none
Bout one – Shore dec. Martin, 4-0
Bout two – Shore dec. Martin, 4-3

3rd - Sage Mortimer (Team Utah) TF Rayana Sahagun (Team Michigan), 10-0
5th - Chelsy Mendoza (Team California) dec. Alejandra Corral Aiea, HI (Team Hawaii), 7-4
7th - Allicia Mahoe (Team Hawaii) fall Shea Reisel (Team Illinois), 3:56

49 kg
1st - Tiare Ikei (Team Hawaii) def. Peyton Prussin (Team Nevada), two matches to none
Bout one – Ikei pin Prussin, 1:28
Bout two – Ikei TF Prussin, 10-0

3rd - Samara Chavez (Team Texas) dec Tilynne Vasquez (Team Montana), 15-14
5th - Kenzie Cormier (Team Washington) TF Josie Bartishofski (Team Wisconsin), 12-2
7th - Nichole Moore (Team Kansas) dec. Montana Delawder (Team Pennsylvania), 9-2

53 kg
1st - Leilah Castro (Team Ohio) def. Kierstien Bush (Team Utah), two matches to none
Bout one – Castro pin Bush
Bout two – Castro win by medical forfeit

3rd - Alexys Zepeda (Team Oregon) dec. Alana Vivas (Team Hawaii), 7-4
5th - Ashley Gooman (Team Hawaii) TF London Houston (Team Washington), 10-0
7th - Skye Realin (Team Hawaii) dec. Camille Fournier (Team Texas), 14-11

57 kg
1st - Cheyenne Bowman (Team California) def. Kaylee Moore (Team Washington), two matches to none
Bout one – Bowman TF Moore, 12-0
Bout two – Bowman def. Moore, 13-4

3rd - Mia Macaluso (Team New York) fall Sophia Smith (Team Pennsylvania), 0:11
5th - Payton Stroud (Team Washington) dec. Mya Kretzer (Team Kansas), 9-0
7th - Melanie Mendoza (Team California) TF Mary Harrell (Team Missouri), 12-2

61 kg
1st - Morgan Norris (Team Nevada) def. Ashton Cadman (Team Wisconsin)
Bout one – Cadman TF Norris, 10-0
Bout two – Norris dec. Cadman, 4-0
Bout three – Norris pin Cadman, 3:15

3rd - Dalia Garibay (Team California) dec. Louisa Schwab (Team Illinois), 3-1
5th - Paige Respicio (Team Hawaii) fall Mattison Parker (Team Texas), 3:10
7th - Sarah Conner (Team Oregon) TF Mary Lopez (Team California), 10-0

65 kg
1st - Kiana Pugh (Team Wisconsin) def. Aine Drury (Team California), two matches to none
Bout one – Pugh dec. Drury, 8-5
Bout two – Pugh fall Drury, 1:53

3rd - Alara Boyd (Team Indiana) dec. Hunter Robinson (Team Texas), 4-3
5th - Lexie Basham (Team Texas) win by injury default Nia Miranda (Team Texas)
7th - Emmily Patneaud (Team California) fall Jazzmine Seely (Team Missouri), 0:52

69 kg
1st - Macey Kilty (Team Wisconsin) def. Kennedy Blades (Team Illinois), two matches to none
Bout one – Kilty dec. Blades, 4-2
Bout two – Kilty dec. Blades, 6-2

3rd - Kelani Corbett (Team Hawaii) TF Sariah Stewart (Team New York), 10-0
5th - Jillian Bruno (Team Pennsylvania) fall Kai Poux (Team New York), 1:06
7th - Lourdes Torres (Team Washington) dec. Kiley Hubby (Team Washington), 6-6

73 kg
Tristan Kelly (Team Colorado) vs. Katja Osteen (Team California)
Bout one – Kelly pin Osteen, 2:15
Bout two – Osteen dec. Kelly, 5-2
Bout three – Kelly pin Osteen, 1:03

3rd - Marlynne Deede (Team Utah) dec. Natalie Kemp (Team Wisconsin), 10-6
5th - Jasmine Hale (Team Indiana) dec. Nicole Wanga (Team Maryland), 8-2
7th - Marta Jasperson (Team Wisconsin) TF Kaitlyn Goodman (Team Washington), 14-4

78 kg
1st - Elisa Robinson (Team Kansas) pin Jasmin Clarke (Team California), 1:51
3rd - Ashley Lekas (Team Texas) fall Katie Moore (Team New York), 1:24
5th - Sierra Mason (Team Washington) fall Iman Thomas (Team Texas), 1:23
7th - Angelina Archuleta (Team Texas) win by injury default Jane Allen (Team Tennessee)

84 kg
1st - Jaycee Foeller (Team Missouri) TF Gabrielle Hamilton (Team Illinois), 13-1
3rd - Isabeau Shalack (Team Illinois) fall Jayleen Sekona (Team Alaska), 2-0 1:36
5th - Catherine Palmieri (Team Tennessee) fall Olivia Rondeau (Team Maryland), 3:21
7th – Saige Cook (Team North Carolina)