2018 U.S. women's freestyle Junior World Team decided in Texas

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | May 12, 2018, 5:24 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Macey Kilty won the 68 kg bracket of the Junior Women’s Freestyle World Team Trials. Photo by Ray Shoaf, wrestlingtexas.com.

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IRVING, Texas – Ten young ladies had their hands raised in victory on Saturday morning as the 2018 U.S. women’s freestyle Junior World Team was decided at the 2018 Women’s Nationals at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

There are three past World medalists returning to the World stage this September in Trnava, Slovakia.

At 50 kg, 2015 Cadet World silver medalist and 2016 Cadet World bronze medalist Alleida Martinez will be the representative after she defeated Felicity Taylor in the finals series.

Martinez took the first bout 3-1, but Taylor forced the series to the third when she defeated Martinez on criteria, 3-3, in the second match. Martinez walked away with her third age-group World Team spot when she denied Taylor with a 5-2 win.

2015 Cadet World champion and 2016 Cadet World silver medalist Ronna Heaton claimed the a spot on the Junior World Team for the second-consecutive year after she held off fellow 2017 Junior World Team member Cameron Guerin in the finals at 55 kg.

Heaton dominated the first bout in the series with a 12-1 technical fall before Guerin forced it to a third match with an 8-8 win on criteria. In the rubber match, Heaton led Guerin 5-1 at the time of a second-period pin.

Macey Kilty, a 2016 Cadet World bronze medalist, secured her bid to the Junior World Championships, defeating 2015 Cadet World bronze medalist Kayla Marano in the 68 kg gold-medal matches. Kilty trailed early in both matches but was able to overcome, putting up 8-2 and 12-4 decisions, respectively.

Three members of the 2018 squad have already been to the World Championships but have not yet medaled, including Alisha Howk, Brenda Reyna and Alexandria Liles.

Howk and Liles were members of the 2017 Cadet World Team, while Reyna represented the U.S. at the 2016 Junior World Championships.

In a lopsided series against 2017 Cadet World teammate Vayle Baker, Howk earned the spot at 53 kg, winning with a pin in 44 seconds and an 8-2 decision.

At 59 kg, Reyna made her second Junior World Team, besting 2015 Fargo champion Teniya Alo in two matches, 15-4 and 8-6.

Liles, who was also on the 2015 Cadet World Team, teched Brianna Csontos, 12-1, before getting a second-period pin in the final match to win at 62 kg.

Making their first trips to the World Championships are Alex Hedrick at 57 kg, Jayden Laurent at 65 kg, Alyvia Fiske at 72 kg and Dymond Guilford at 76 kg.

At 57 kg, 2018 Senior U.S. Open champion Alex Hedrick battled Michaela Beck in a rematch of the U.S. Open finals. Hedrick defeated the 2018 Senior Pan American bronze medalist with a fall in 4:27 and a 6-1 decision.

2018 Bill Farrell International gold medalist Laurent knocked off two-time Cadet World Team member Ashlynn Ortega in straight matches, both in dominant fashion. Laurent, who took third at the Senior U.S. Open, tallied a pin in the first bout and an 11-0 tech in the second.

A top-four 2018 U.S. Open finisher and 2018 U23 World Team Trials runner-up, Fiske defeated Andrea Sennett at 72 kg with a pin and a tech fall.

In a battle of college All-Americans, Dymond Guilford emerged victorious against Mariah Harris, who finished third at the U.S. Open, after a wild 12-10 match. The second match was also action-packed as Guilford picked up a 6-0 win.

The tournament continues with UWW Cadet World Team Trials, starting this afternoon at 4 p.m. CT live on Flowrestling.org.

at Irving, Texas

UWW Junior World Team Trials

Final results
50 kg
1st - Alleida Martinez (Team California) def. Felicity Taylor (Team Iowa), two matches to one
Bout one – Martinez dec. Taylor, 3-1
Bout two – Taylor dec. Martinez, 3-3
Bout three – Martinez dec. Taylor, 5-2

3rd: Maria Vidales (Team Georgia) dec. Peyton Prussin (Team Nevada), 11-8
5th: Charlotte Fowler (Team Kentucky) dec. Brooke Thurber (Team Wisconsin), 6-5
7th: Nina Pham (Team Washington) dec. Carly Valleroy (Team Missouri), 14-6

53 kg
1st - Alisha Howk (Team Wisconsin) def. Vayle Baker (Team Pennsylvania), two matches to none
Bout one – Howk pin Baker, 0:44
Bout two – Howk dec. Baker, 8-2

3rd: Sierra Powell (Team Virginia) fall Kierstien Bush (Team California), 1:47
5th: Rory Coscia (Team California) fall Madison Angelito (Team Kentucky), 1:00
7th: Allissa Maldonado (Team Illinois) TF Annamarie Crixell (Team Texas), 19-9

55 kg
1st - Ronna Heaton (Team South Dakota) def. Cameron Guerin (Team Washington), two matches to one
Bout one – Heaton TF Guerin, 12-1
Bout two – Guerin dec. Heaton, 8-8
Bout three – Heaton pin Guerin, 4:55

3rd: Amanda Walker (Team Pennsylvania) dec. Lauren Mason (Team California), 8-7
5th: Macy Higa (Team Hawaii) TF Andrea Schlabach (Team Ohio), 10-0
7th: Zoe Nowicki (Team Michigan) fall Gabrielle Skidmore (Team Wisconsin), 2:47

57 kg
1st - Alexandra Hedrick (Team California) def. Michaela Beck (Team New York), two matches to none
Bout one – Hedrick fall Beck, 4:27
Bout two – Hedrick dec. Beck, 6-1

3rd: Ainslie Lane (Team Oklahoma) fall Xochitl Mota-pettis (Team Texas), 5:26
5th: Cheyenne Sisenstein (Team Pennsylvania) fall Payton Stroud (Team Washington), 4:54
7th: Rosalani Ikei (Team Hawaii) dec. Mya Kretzer (Team Kansas), 12-8

59 kg
1st - Brenda Reyna (Team Illinois) def. Teniya Alo (Team Hawaii), two matches to none
Bout one – Reyna TF Alo, 15-4
Bout two – Reyna dec. Alo, 8-6

3rd: Kaylee Moore (Team Washington) dec. Allison Petix (Team Tennessee), 10-9
5th: Shaina Murray (Team Pennsylvania) TF Morgan Norris (Team Nevada), 10-0
7th: Jenna Garcia (Team California) fall Julia Vidallon (Team Virginia), 2:56

62 kg
1st - Alexandria Liles (Team Texas) def. Brianna Csontos (Team Virginia), two matches to none
Bout one – Liles TF Csontos, 12-1
Bout two – Liles pin Csontos, 5:40

3rd: Abnelis Yambo (Team Florida) fall Kaden Campbell (Team Colorado), 3:17
5th: Bridgette Duty (Team Kentucky) TF Marlee Smith (Team Pennsylvania), 12-0
7th: Gabrielle Garcia (Team Hawaii) fall Michelle Camacho  (Team Illinois), 0:37

65 kg
1st - Jayden Laurent (Team Wisconsin) def. Ashlynn Ortega (Team Pennsylvania), two matches to none
Bout one – Laurent pin Ortega, 4:52
Bout two – Laurent TF Ortega, 11-0

3rd: Cara j Broadus (Team Connecticut) TF Hannah Ramos (Team Wisconsin), 15-4
5th: Cierra Foster (Team Oklahoma) fall Aine Drury (Team California), 3:00
7th: Angela Peralta (Team Hawaii) dec. Ana Luciano (Team Florida), 5-3

68 kg
1st - Macey Kilty (Team Wisconsin) def. Kayla Marano (Team Georgia), two matches to none
Bout one – Kilty dec. Marano, 8-2
Bout two – Kilty dec. Marano, 12-4

3rd: Lena Flanagan (Team Washington) dec. Alexia Foca (Team Kentucky), 11-4
5th: Kaylynn Albrecht (Team Texas) fall Adelyhda Perez (Team Texas), 0:49
7th: Chloe Rogers (Team Washington) dec. Mckenzie Cook (Team Alaska), 10-7

72 kg
1st - Alyvia Fiske (Team California) def. Andrea Sennett (Team Illinois), two matches to none
Bout one – Fiske fall Sennett, 1:36
Bout two – Fiske TF Sennett, 10-0

3rd: Jerzie Estrada (Team Colorado) fall Kelani Corbett (Team Hawaii), 4:57
5th: Grace Kristoff (Team Illinois) dec. Alexis Gomez (Team Illinois), 6-3
7th: Mahealani Ramirez (Team Hawaii) win by injury default over Lacey Jung (Team Wisconsin)

76 kg
Dymond Guilford (Team Missouri) def. Mariah Harris (Team Kentucky), two matches to none
Bout one – Guilford dec. Harris, 12-10
Bout two – Guilford dec. Harris, 6-0

3rd: Hailey Cancelleri (Team New York) dec. Elisa Robinson (Team Kansas), 7-0
5th: Kenya-lee Sloan (Team Tennessee) fall Jurnee Frazier (Team California), 2:15
7th: Shania Gowan (Team Florida) TF Tabitha Breitrick (Team Wisconsin), 10-0