Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Minnesota Storm Red win pools at Cadet Greco-Roman National Duals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | June 13, 2018, 9:50 p.m. (ET)
SPOKANE, Wash. – Winning their pool competition and advancing to the Gold/Silver pool at the Cadet National Duals in Greco-Roman on Wednesday were Illinois (Pool A), Washington (Pool B), Georgia (Pool C) and the Minnesota Storm Red (Pool D). Cadets are athletes 15-16 years old.

Two of the pool finals were dominant wins, as Illinois stopped Kansas, 51-22 and Washington put away Iowa, 57-19. Two of the pool finals were much closer, with Georgia edging Pennsylvania, 39-34, and Minnesota Storm Red getting past Oklahoma, 41-38.

Each of the second place teams also advanced to the Gold/Silver Pool: Kansas (Pool A), Iowa (Pool B), Pennsylvania (Pool C) and Oklahoma (Pool D).

Last year, Minnesota Storm emerged with a close 40-38 win over Illinois in the Greco-Roman finals, and both teams are still in the hunt to win the event this year.

The Greco-Roman competition concludes on Thursday, with the “color pool” competition beginning at 8:00 a.m. The final session begins at 1:00 p.m. with the conclusion of the pool competition, followed by the finals placement matches.

The men’s freestyle tournament is set for Friday and Saturday.

Fans can enjoy all of the action live on TrackWrestling’s broadcast.

At Spokane, Wash., June 13

Greco-Roman results

A Pool Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Kansas
3rd Place - Minnesota Storm Blue
4th Place - Indiana
5th Place - New Jersey
6th Place - Montana
7th Place - Texas
8th Place - North Carolina Red

1st Place Match - Illinois defeated Kansas 51-22.
2nd Place Wrestleback – Kansas defeated Minnesota Storm Blue, 48-30
3rd Place Match - Minnesota Storm Blue defeated Indiana 44-34.
5th Place Match - New Jersey defeated Montana 59-18.
7th Place Match - Texas defeated North Carolina Red 61-1.

B Pool Results
1st Place - Washington
2nd Place - Iowa
3rd Place - Wisconsin
4th Place - Missouri
5th Place - Idaho Red
6th Place - Oregon Red
7th Place - Colorado 2
1st Place Match - Washington defeated Iowa 57-19.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Iowa defeated Wisconsin 66-14.
3rd Place Match - Wisconsin defeated Missouri 41-40.
5th Place Match - Idaho Red defeated Oregon Red 62-22.

C Pool Results
1st Place - Georgia
2nd Place - Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Washington Blue
4th Place - California
5th Place - Florida
6th Place - North Carolina Blue

1st Place Match - Georgia defeated Pennsylvania 39-34.
3rd Place Match - Washington Blue defeated California 44-38.
5th Place Match - Florida defeated North Carolina Blue 52-17.

D Pool Results
1st Place - Minnesota Storm Red
2nd Place - Oklahoma
3rd Place - Colorado
4th Place - Oregon Blue
5th Place - Utah
6th Place - Idaho Blue

1st Place Match - Minnesota Storm Red defeated Oklahoma 41-38.
3rd Place Match - Colorado defeated Oregon Blue 44-21.
5th Place Match - Utah defeated Idaho Blue 70-10.