Illinois claims both the Freestyle and Greco-Roman Schoolboy/girl National Dual titles

By Koral Sugiyama, USA Wrestling | June 10, 2018, 5:17 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Team Illinois pose with their championship plaque by Illinois Wrestling

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Illinois topped off a great weekend with another championship win. The young men take home both the 2018 Schoolboy/girl Freestyle and Greco-Roman National Dual Champions title.

Once again, Illinois met Team Michigan Blue in the finals and defeated them 55-25.

Illinois had 13 hands raised while Team Michigan Blue won the remaining five.

Illinois started off strong by receiving bonus points right off the bat when Aj Heeg (119) defended a gut-wrench and stuck his opponent. Illinois’ second pin of the final dual did not come until Jordan Blew (102) ended the match with a cradle.

Illinois dominated the dual with tech-falls, earning a total of 9 from Ryder Hunkings (130), Jared Gumila (136), Brad Gillum (149), Ethan Spacht (71), Kannon Webster (90), Joseph Fernau (97), Ethan Stiles (106), Jayden Colon (110), and David Mayora (114).

Michigan Blue claimed only one pin by Nolan Wertenen (77) when he knee-picked his opponent to his back.

Three Michigan Blue athletes won their matches by tech-fall: Josh Barr (125), Logan Badge (250), and Dylan Gilcher (87).

Pennsylvania Blue avenged their loss from their Greco-Roman bronze-medal dual on Friday. Today, Pennsylvania Blue faced Minnesota Blue in the freestyle bronze-medal dual and defeated them 45-35. Five falls were collected by Pennsylvania Blue: Owen Vietmeier (165), Nick Marabell (187), Dalton Perry (77), Dagen Condomitti (106), and Taylor Weaver (114). The team also received two tech-falls by Grant Mackay (136) and Pierson Manville (97).

Oklahoma Blue defeated Team Washington, 39-37 for fifth place. Team Ohio defeated New Jersey ,44-33 for seventh place.



At Indianapolis, Ind., June 10

Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Michigan Blue
3rd Place - Pennsylvania Blue
4th Place - Minnesota Blue
5th Place - Oklahoma Blue
6th Place - Team Washington
7th Place - Team Ohio
8th Place - New Jersey


1st Place - Illinois defeated Michigan Blue 55-25.

119 Aj Heeg (Illinois) over Micah Hanau (Michigan Blue) Fall 2:59

125 Josh Barr (Michigan Blue) over Kole Brower (Illinois) TF 12-2

130 Ryder Hunkins (Illinois) over Ralph Thompson (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

136 Jared Gumila (Illinois) over Cole Hopkins (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

149 Brad Gillum (Illinois) over Max Callahan (Michigan Blue) TF 13-2

165 Owen Jacobson (Illinois) over Bryce Simmons (Michigan Blue) Dec 16-13

187 Nathan Wemstrom (Illinois) over Joshua Boggan (Michigan Blue) Dec 9-8

250 Logan Badge (Michigan Blue) over Ryan Boersma (Illinois) TF 10-0

71 Ethan Spacht (Illinois) over Caleb Wieand (Michigan Blue) TF 11-0

77 Nolan Wertenen (Michigan Blue) over Dominic Schiavone (Illinois) Fall 3:14

83 Drew Heethuis (Michigan Blue) over Will Baysinger (Illinois) Dec 7-5

87 Dylan Gilcher (Michigan Blue) over Eddie Enright (Illinois) TF 12-2

90 Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Caden Horwath (Michigan Blue) TF 17-6

97 Joseph Fernau (Illinois) over Jacob Halsey (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

102 Jordan Blew (Illinois) over Owen Payne (Michigan Blue) Fall 2:40

106 Ethan Stiles (Illinois) over Evan Herriman (Michigan Blue) TF 12-2

110 Jayden Colon (Illinois) over Aaron Lucio (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

114 David Mayora (Illinois) over Connor Owens (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0


3rd Place - Pennsylvania Blue defeated Minnesota Blue 45-35

119 Dane Niemi (Minnesota Blue) over Nicholas Salerno (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

125 Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota Blue) over Jared Keslar (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:30

130 Jacob Reinardy (Minnesota Blue) over Jack Wehmeyer (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 9-5

136 Grant Mackay (Pennsylvania Blue) over Hudson Mann (Minnesota Blue) TF 10-0

149 Gavin Nelson (Minnesota Blue) over Enzo Morlacci (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 2:29

165 Owen Veitmeier (Pennsylvania Blue) over Antony Tuttle (Minnesota Blue) Fall 0:53

187 Nick Marabell (Pennsylvania Blue) over Danny Graham (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:06

250 Anthony Moe tucker (Minnesota Blue) over Gunner Treibley (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 1:27

71 Nathan Desmond (Pennsylvania Blue) over Logan Swensen (Minnesota Blue) Dec 4-0

77 Dalton Perry (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jack Nelson (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:19

83 Tyler Wells (Minnesota Blue) over Ethan Lebin (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 12-2

87 Zach Silvis (Minnesota Blue) over Tyler Kasak (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 5-2

90 Zach Hanson (Minnesota Blue) over Luke Simcox (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

97 Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania Blue) over Drayden Morton (Minnesota Blue) TF 10-0

102 Levi Haines (Pennsylvania Blue) over Brendan Howes (Minnesota Blue) Dec 10-6

106 Dagen Condomitti (Pennsylvania Blue) over Kyler Wong (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:22

110 Dylan Evans (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jed Wester (Minnesota Blue) Dec 14-5

114 Taylor Weaver (Pennsylvania Blue) over Cole Glazier (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:42


5th Place - Oklahoma Blue defeated Team Washington 39-37

119 Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Blue) over Payton Brooks (Team Washington) TF 12-2

125 George Trujillo (Team Washington) over Kj Evans (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-2

130 Jakeb Snyder (Oklahoma Blue) over Diego Clemen (Team Washington) TF 10-0

136 Thor Michaelson (Team Washington) over Ethan White (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:30

149 Seth Dawkins (Team Washington) over Andrew Powell (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 3:09

165 Coal Madison (Oklahoma Blue) over Dayne Camacho (Team Washington) Fall 0:51

187 Rocco Clark iii (Team Washington) over Eric King (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:17

250 Lane Williams (Oklahoma Blue) over Carson Linstad (Team Washington) Dec 5-3

71 Clayton Giddens (Oklahoma Blue) over Ryan Wilson (Team Washington) TF 10-0

77 Cael Hughes (Oklahoma Blue) over Joshua Neiwert (Team Washington) TF 10-0

83 Ishmael Guerrero (Oklahoma Blue) over Dustin Baxter (Team Washington) TF 10-0

87 Mitchell Neiner (Team Washington) over Jude Randall (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0

90 Jaden Sanchez (Team Washington) over Brayden Potts (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-0

97 Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) over Jerimiah Zuniga (Team Washington) TF 10-0

102 Cameron Steed (Oklahoma Blue) over Q`veli Quintanilla (Team Washington) Dec 14-6

106 Reyden Huizar (Team Washington) over Layton Schneider (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-0

110 Cole Brooks (Oklahoma Blue) over Mitchell Helgert (Team Washington) Dec 15-11

114 Nathan Gregory (Team Washington) over Jake Mccain (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 9-3

Team Washington: threw head gear -1         

Oklahoma Blue: athlete taunting -1


7th Place - Team Ohio defeated New Jersey 44-33

119 Nate Burnett (Team Ohio) over Holden Garcia (New Jersey) Dec 8-1

125 Nick Hart (Team Ohio) over Tyler Barrett (New Jersey) TF 10-0

130 James Scavuzzo (Team Ohio) over Stephen Malia (New Jersey) TF 10-0

136 Dakota Morris (New Jersey) over Luke Vanadia (Team Ohio) TF 12-0

149 Dylan Russo (Team Ohio) over Stephen Oneil (New Jersey) Dec 9-4

165 David Pierson (New Jersey) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

187 Jim Mullens (New Jersey) over Logan Shephard (Team Ohio) TF 14-4

250 Remy Brancato (New Jersey) over Jackson Berardi (Team Ohio) Dec 6-0

71 Javann Yarbrough (Team Ohio) over Jake Talarico (New Jersey) Fall 1:55

77 Ryan Bennett (Team Ohio) over Jake Bastarrika (New Jersey) Dec 11-8

83 Cody Cuerbo (Team Ohio) over Alessandro Nini (New Jersey) TF 10-0

87 Patrick Reineke (Team Ohio) over Brady Conlin (New Jersey) Dec 12-7

90 Max Hermes (Team Ohio) over Connor Collins (New Jersey) TF 10-0

97 Sam Cartella (Team Ohio) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

102 Garrett Totten (New Jersey) over Alexander Munn (Team Ohio) TF 12-1

106 Chris Bacchioni (New Jersey) over Manuel Scordos (Team Ohio) TF 10-0

110 Riley Halal (New Jersey) over Joey Vazsonyi (Team Ohio) TF 12-2

114 Dy`vaire Vandyke (Team Ohio) over Joe Fongaro (New Jersey) Dec 8-2


Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place - Minnesota Red defeated Florida 44-35.
3rd Place - Team Missouri defeated Wisconsin 39-38.
5th Place - California Gold defeated Team Georgia Blue 46-37.
7th Place - Iowa defeated Oklahoma Red 57-25.

Red/Blue Pool Results
1st Place - Indiana Gold defeated Team Kansas Red 0-0.
3rd Place - Utah defeated Colorado Red 40-40.
5th Place - Team Nebraska defeated Team Maryland 43-35.
7th Place - Team Idaho defeated Michigan Red 47-28.

Purple Pool Results
1st Place - New York defeated Team Texas 41-39.
3rd Place - Colorado Blue defeated Team Tennessee 42-35.
5th Place - Team Kansas Blue defeated Delaware 53-16.
7th Place - Team Arkansas defeated Team South Carolina 0-0.

Yellow Pool Results
1st Place - Team Nevada defeated Indiana Blue 43-39.
3rd Place - Pennsylvania Red defeated Team Alabama 47-23.
5th Place - Team Georgia Red defeated North Carolina 41-30.

Pool A Results
1st Place - Team Washington defeated Team Ohio 43-36.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Team Ohio defeated Florida 0-0.
3rd Place - Florida defeated Iowa 42-40.
5th Place - Indiana Gold defeated Team Kansas Red 47-31.
7th Place - New York defeated Team Alabama 66-17.

Pool B Results

1st Place - Illinois defeated Minnesota Blue 47-32.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Minnesota Blue defeated California Gold 0-0.
3rd Place - California Gold defeated Oklahoma Red 56-26.
5th Place - Michigan Red defeated Team Maryland 43-42.
7th Place - Team Tennessee defeated North Carolina 60-20.

Pool C Results
1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue defeated New Jersey 55-22.
2nd Place Wrestleback - New Jersey defeated Team Missouri 0-0.
3rd Place - Team Missouri defeated Wisconsin 41-37.
5th Place - Colorado Red defeated Utah 46-35.
7th Place - Team Texas defeated Team Nevada 51-29.

Pool D Results
1st Place - Michigan Blue defeated Team Georgia Blue 49-26.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Oklahoma Blue defeated Team Georgia Blue 59-21.
3rd Place - Oklahoma Blue defeated Minnesota Red 62-17.
5th Place - Team Idaho defeated Team Nebraska 42-39.
7th Place - Team South Carolina defeated Team Arkansas 37-25.