Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania Blue, Michigan Blue win their pools at Schoolboy Freestyle National Duals

By USA Wrestling | June 09, 2018, 7:05 p.m. (ET)
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. The first day of freestyle action has been completed at the Schoolboy/girl National Duals on Saturday. Schoolboys are athletes 13-14 years old.

Four teams won their pool competition and advanced into the Gold/Silver Pool which will be concluded on Friday: Team Washington (Pool A), Illinois (Pool B), Pennsylvania Blue (Pool C), Michigan Blue (Pool D).

Also advancing into the Gold/Silver Pool were the four teams which finished second in their pool competition: Team Ohio (Pool A), Minnesota Blue (Pool B), New Jersey (Pool C), Oklahoma Blue (Pool C).

The results from the Gold/Silver Pool on Sunday will determine the top eight teams in the tournament.

Last year, Team Illinois defeated Team Georgia Blue 38-35 in the freestyle finals dual. For third for in the freestyle duals, Team Washing overpowered Oklahoma Red 40-28.

All the action from the four days of the Schoolboy/girl National Duals is being streamed live and on demand on Trackwrestling.

Session Three of freestyle will be held at 8:00 a.m., with three rounds of action. The freestyle finals are scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m.

at Indianapolis, Ind. June 9

Freestyle results

Pool A Results
1st Place - Team Washington
2nd Place - Team Ohio
3rd Place - Florida
4th Place - Iowa
5th Place - Indiana Gold
6th Place - Team Kansas Red
7th Place - New York
8th Place - Team Alabama
1st Place Match
Team Washington defeated Team Ohio 43-36.
2nd Place Wrestleback
Team Ohio defeated Florida 0-0.
3rd Place Match
Florida defeated Iowa 42-40.
5th Place Match
Indiana Gold defeated Team Kansas Red 47-31.
7th Place Match
New York defeated Team Alabama 66-17.

Pool B Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Minnesota Blue
3rd Place - California Gold
4th Place - Oklahoma Red
5th Place - Michigan Red
6th Place - Team Maryland
7th Place - Team Tennessee
8th Place - North Carolina
1st Place Match
Illinois defeated Minnesota Blue 47-32.
2nd Place Wrestleback
Minnesota Blue defeated California Gold 0-0.
3rd Place Match
California Gold defeated Oklahoma Red 56-26.
5th Place Match
Michigan Red defeated Team Maryland 43-42.
7th Place Match
Team Tennessee defeated North Carolina 60-20.

Pool C Results
1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue
2nd Place - New Jersey
3rd Place - Team Missouri
4th Place - Wisconsin
5th Place - Colorado Red
6th Place - Utah
7th Place - Team Texas
8th Place - Team Nevada
1st Place Match
Pennsylvania Blue defeated New Jersey 55-22.
2nd Place Wrestleback
New Jersey defeated Team Missouri 0-0.
3rd Place Match
Team Missouri defeated Wisconsin 41-37.
5th Place Match
Colorado Red defeated Utah 46-35.
7th Place Match
Team Texas defeated Team Nevada 51-29.

Pool D Results
1st Place - Michigan Blue
2nd Place - Oklahoma Blue
3rd Place - Team Georgia Blue
4th Place - Minnesota Red
5th Place - Team Idaho
6th Place - Team Nebraska
7th Place - Team South Carolina
8th Place - Team Arkansas
1st Place Match
Michigan Blue defeated Team Georgia Blue 49-26.
2nd Place Wrestleback
Oklahoma Blue defeated Team Georgia Blue 59-21.
3rd Place Match
Oklahoma Blue defeated Minnesota Red 62-17.
5th Place Match
Team Idaho defeated Team Nebraska 42-39.
7th Place Match
Team South Carolina defeated Team Arkansas 37-25.