Illinois defeats Team Michigan Blue, 49-30 to win Schoolboy/girl National Greco-Roman Duals

By Koral Sugiyama, USA Wrestling | June 08, 2018, 6:13 p.m. (ET)

Photo by Pete Isais

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – After falling to third place at last year’s tournament, Illinois burst into cheers after they beat Team Michigan Blue 49-30 and became the 2018 Schoolboy/girl National Greco-Roman Duals Champions.  

In the final face-off, Illinois won twelve matches, while Team Michigan Blue only captured six wins.

Three Illinois athletes won by fall in the final dual – Ethan Spacht (71), Kannon Webster (90), and Jayden Colon (110). Five Illinois boys defeated their opponent via technical fall – Kole Brower (125), Will Baysinger (83), Josseph Fernau (97), Jordan Blew (102), and David Mayora (114).

Two Team Michigan Blue athletes put their opponents to their backs – Joshua Boggan (187) and Evan Herriman (106). Two more athletes from Team Michigan Blue won by technical fall – Logan Badge (250) and Nolan Wertanen (77).

Minnesota Blue defeated Pennsylvania Blue, 42-35. Both teams claimed nine wins, but it was bonus points that decided the bronze-medal dual meet. Minnesota Blue earned three falls by Anthony Moe Tucker (250), Logan Swensen (71), and Brendan Howes (102). Minnesota Blue secured technical falls by Tyler Wells (83), Zach Silvis (87), and Zach Hanson (90).

Team Washington defeated Minnesota Red, 56-24 for fifth. California Gold defeated Team Nebraska 42-38 for seventh place.

The Schoolboy/girl National Freestyle Duals kick off tomorrow at 8 a.m. EDT. You can watch the event on Trackcast.



At Indianapolis, Ind., June 8


Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)

1st Place – Illinois

2nd Place – Michigan Blue

3rd Place – Minnesota Blue

4th Place – Pennsylvania Blue

5th Place – Team Washington

6th Place – Minnesota Red

7th Place – California Gold

8th Place – Team Nebraska


1st Place - Illinois defeated Michigan Blue 49-30.                    

125      Kole Brower (Illinois) over Remy Cotton (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

130      Ralph Thompson (Michigan Blue) over Ryder Hunkins (Illinois) Dec 17-12

136      Brayden Stauffenberg (Illinois) over Cole Hopkins (Michigan Blue) Dec 14-5

149      Brad Gillum (Illinois) over Max Callahan (Michigan Blue) Dec 8-1

165      Owen Jacobson (Illinois) over Bryce Simmons (Michigan Blue) Dec 7-1

187      Joshua Boggan (Michigan Blue) over Nathan Wemstrom (Illinois) Fall 3:44

250      Logan Badge (Michigan Blue) over Ryan Boersma (Illinois) TF 10-0

71        Ethan Spacht (Illinois) over Caleb Weiand (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:45

77        Nolan Wertanen (Michigan Blue) over Dominic Schiavone (Illinois) TF 10-0

83        Will Baysinger (Illinois) over Drew Heethuis (Michigan Blue) TF 17-4

87        Dylan Gilcher (Michigan Blue) over Colin Young (Illinois) Dec 8-4

90        Kannon Webster (Illinois) over Caden Horwath (Michigan Blue) Fall 3:11

97        Joseph Fernau (Illinois) over Jacob Halsey (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

102      Jordan Blew (Illinois) over Owen Payne (Michigan Blue) TF 16-4

106      Evan Herriman (Michigan Blue) over Ethan Stiles (Illinois) Fall 0:32

110      Jayden Colon (Illinois) over Aaron Lucio (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:38

114      David Mayora (Illinois) over Micah Hanau (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0

119      AJ Heeg (Illinois) over Connor Owens (Michigan Blue) Dec 10-5


3rd Place - Minnesota Blue defeated Pennsylvania Blue 42-35.

125      Jared Keslar (Pennsylvania Blue) over Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota Blue) Dec 9-5

130      Jacob Reinardy (Minnesota Blue) over Jack Wehmeyer (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 9-4

136      Jake Jones (Pennsylvania Blue) over AJ Smith (Minnesota Blue) TF 17-4

149      Gavin Nelson (Minnesota Blue) over Enzo Morlacci (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 9-0

165      Anthony Tuttle (Minnesota Blue) over Owen Veitmeier (Pennsylvania Blue) Dec 6-1

187      Nick Marabell (Pennsylvania Blue) over Danny Graham (Minnesota Blue) TF 14-4

250      Anthony Moe Tucker (Minnesota Blue) over Gunner Treibley (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 2:55

71        Logan Swensen (Minnesota Blue) over Nathan Desmond (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:31

77        Dalton Perry (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jack Nelson (Minnesota Blue) Fall 0:24

83        Tyler Wells (Minnesota Blue) over Jackson Matthews (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 12-0

87        Zach Silvis (Minnesota Blue) over Jaden Pepe (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 11-0

90        Zach Hanson (Minnesota Blue) over Luke Simcox (Pennsylvania Blue) TF 10-0

97        Mason Gibson (Pennsylvania Blue) over Parker Janssen (Minnesota Blue) TF 10-0

102      Brendan Howes (Minnesota Blue) over Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania Blue) Fall 0:58

106      Suds Dubler (Pennsylvania Blue) over Davin Rose (Minnesota Blue) Dec 10-6

110      Dagen Condomitti (Pennsylvania Blue) over Jed Wester (Minnesota Blue) Dec 13-11

114      Taylor Weaver (Pennsylvania Blue) over Cole Glazier (Minnesota Blue) TF 10-0

119      Cael Nicolella (Pennsylvania Blue) over Max Johnson (Minnesota Blue) Dec 8-4


5th Place - Team Washington defeated Minnesota Red 56-24.

125      George Trujillo Jr (Team Washington) over Jude Link (Minnesota Red) Dec 17-9

130      Diego Clemen (Team Washington) over Joseph Forsberg (Minnesota Red) Fall 3:53

136      Thor Michaelson (Team Washington) over Brady Kasprick (Minnesota Red) TF 11-1

149      Seth Dawkins (Team Washington) over Derrick McMillen (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0

165      Keaton Haas (Minnesota Red) over Dayne Camacho (Team Washington) Fall 0:39

187      Rocco Clark (Team Washington) over Thomas Dineen (Minnesota Red) TF 12-0

250      Carson Linstad (Team Washington) over Will Sather (Minnesota Red) TF 11-0

71        Elijah Cater (Team Washington) over Mason Mills (Minnesota Red) TF 11-1

77        Joshua Neiwert (Team Washington) over Simon Kruse (Minnesota Red) TF 12-2

83        Caleb Thoennes (Minnesota Red) over Dustin Baxter (Team Washington) TF 10-0

87        Mitchell Neiner (Team Washington) over Leonard Tukhlynovych (Minnesota Red) Dec 8-6

90        Jaden Sanchez (Team Washington) over Colton Bornholdt (Minnesota Red) TF 14-4

97        Horacio Godinez (Team Washington) over Travis Smith (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0

102      Jacob Hubby (Team Washington) over Kain Sanders (Minnesota Red) Inj 2:22

106      Kyler Wong (Minnesota Red) over Lars Michaelson (Team Washington) TF 12-1

110      Mateo De La Pena (Team Washington) over YJ Eveillard (Minnesota Red) Dec 18-12

114      Nathan Gregory (Team Washington) over Gavin Rockstroh (Minnesota Red) Dec 10-3

119      Seth Newby (Minnesota Red) over Payton Brooks (Team Washington) Dec 11-9


7th Place - California Gold defeated Team Nebraska 42-38.

125      Antrell Taylor (Team Nebraska) over Tye Monteiro (California Gold) TF 10-0

130      Ethan Birch (California Gold) over Tyler Antoniak (Team Nebraska) Dec 13-12

136      Cameron Graham (Team Nebraska) over Hayden Marino (California Gold) TF 13-2

149      Justin Davis (Team Nebraska) over Isaiah Garza (California Gold) TF 10-0

165      Stefan Bakiev (California Gold) over Noah Blair (Team Nebraska) Fall 1:36

187      Gabe Edwards (Team Nebraska) over Noah Duran (California Gold) Dec 14-9

250      TJ Takafua (California Gold) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

71        Miles Anderson (Team Nebraska) over Brayden Kuskie (California Gold) TF 12-0

77        Enrique Haynes (Team Nebraska) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

83        Kael Lauridsen (Team Nebraska) over Tyler Riley (California Gold) TF 10-0

87        Nathanael Gonzalez (California Gold) over Tristan Burbach (Team Nebraska) TF 11-0

90        Beau Mantanona (California Gold) over AJ Parrish (Team Nebraska) TF 10-0

97        Keith Smith (Team Nebraska) over Collin Guffey (California Gold) TF 10-0

102      Grant Moraski (Team Nebraska) over Atridad Feizi (California Gold) Fall 2:51

106      Casey Roberts (California Gold) over Drew Hollibaugh (Team Nebraska) TF 10-0

110      Eric Almarniez (California Gold) over Bryar Nadrchal (Team Nebraska) DQ

114      Brock Bobzien (California Gold) over Cody Cuda (Team Nebraska) Fall 0:32

119      Ammar Khan (California Gold) over Baylor Kaup (Team Nebraska) Fall 0:55


Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)

1st Place - Team Missouri defeated Oklahoma Red 46-33.

3rd Place - Florida defeated Utah 42-38.

5th Place - Team Idaho defeated Team Maryland 48-34.

7th Place -Wisconsin defeated Team Texas 49-38.


Red/Blue Pool Results

1st Place - Oklahoma Blue defeated Iowa 41-39.

3rd Place -Team Kansas Red defeated Team Georgia Blue 49-32.

5th Place - Colorado Red defeated Indiana Blue 54-30.

7th Place - North Carolina defeated Team Georgia Red 41-35.


Green/Yellow Pool Results

1st Place - Indiana Gold defeated New Jersey 41-41.

3rd Place - Team Nevada defeated Team Tennessee 59-22.

5th Place - Team Kansas Blue defeated Delaware 46-25.

7th Place - Michigan Red defeated Team Alabama 53-22.


Purple Pool Results

1st Place - New York

2nd Place - Team Ohio

3rd Place - Pennsylvania Red

4th Place - Colorado Blue


Round 1

New York defeated Colorado Blue 59-24.

Team Ohio defeated Pennsylvania Red 44-29.

Round 2

Pennsylvania Red defeated Colorado Blue 1-0.

New York defeated Team Ohio 1-0.

Round 3

Team Ohio defeated Colorado Blue 65-15.

New York defeated Pennsylvania Red 51-29


Pool A Results

1st Place - Illinois defeated California Gold 57-21.

2nd Place Wrestleback - California Gold defeated Florida 0-0.

3rd Place - Florida defeated Utah 45-37.

5th Place - Iowa defeated Indiana Gold 44-38.

7th Place - Team Kansas Red defeated Team Tennessee 65-12.


Pool B Results

1st Place - Michigan Blue defeated Minnesota Red 59-23.

2nd Place Wrestleback - Minnesota Red defeated Team Missouri 0-0.

3rd Place - Team Missouri defeated Oklahoma Blue 56-23.

5th Place - Team Texas defeated Team Georgia Blue 51-28.

7th Place - New Jersey defeated Team Nevada 51-30.


Pool C Results

1st Place - Pennsylvania Blue defeated Team Nebraska 59-24.

2nd Place Wrestleback - Team Nebraska defeated Wisconsin 0-0.

3rd Place - Wisconsin defeated Team Maryland 39-27.

5th Place - Colorado Red defeated Indiana Blue 61-24.

7th Place - Michigan Red defeated Team Kansas Blue 45-35.


Pool D Results

1st Place - Minnesota Blue defeated Team Washington 38-37.

2nd Place Wrestleback - Team Washington defeated Oklahoma Red 0-0.

3rd Place - Oklahoma Red defeated Team Idaho 56-25.

5th Place - North Carolina defeated Team Georgia Red 43-37.

7th Place - Team Alabama defeated Delaware 42-19.